Happy Tales: The Beginning

Why hello there, and welcome to Happy Tales!

I’ve always been an avid reader of healthy food blogs and have been toying with the idea of creating my own for quite some time. Recently on a run I decided that I should just go for it!

While running, I brainstormed about what I should call my blog, and my mind kept coming back to “happy tales.” My boyfriend and I adopted a puppy from the shelter back in October (I’ll talk more about how that happened later… we definitely did not plan on getting a dog that day, ha!) and we ended up naming her Happy.

The creation of this blog was a total spur of the moment decision, but I’m already super excited about the future posts and ideas I have, as well as finally having a way other than email/phone to share with my friends and family the things that I have been up to!

Here’s me, Allison — the girl behind the blog

Here’s the dog, Happy, the star of the show 🙂

And here’s our boy, Ryan, the always reliable and level-headed one

And there you have it. My first Happy Tales post. I hope you come back for more!



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4 responses to “Happy Tales: The Beginning

  1. Hi. Came here via Kath’s site. Always happy to see another Charlotte blogger! 🙂
    We adopted our pup from the Humane Society back in Feb. ’10 – and it was the best decision ever!


    • So neat that you live in Charlotte, too! I LOVE this city 🙂

      And I completely agree… adopting from the Charlotte Humane Society (even if it was a spontaneous decision) was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Happy has brought so much joy into our lives… I couldn’t imagine life without her!

  2. Rhonda

    Love your blog, Allison! I plan to pop in regularly to catch the latest happenings with you, Happy, and your boy! LOL Such a cute description of your little family! 🙂

    Wishing you guys a brand new year filled with many Happy moments… 🙂

    Love you bunches,

    • Thanks, Rhonda!! I’m so glad that you’re able to read it. I made it partly for you guys, it’s the perfect way to stay up to date with what Ryan and I are doing… whoever said it, said it right — pictures speak a thousand words!

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