Can’t believe it’s the last day of 2010!

Crazy how fast this year went by, isn’t it? You know what else is crazy? The fact that it’s about 60 degrees outside today. And it’s the last day of December (but hey, I’m not complaining…made for a great last run of the year!)

I’m actually kind of sad that this year is over… it’s been one of my best years– so many great things happened! And because I am only now starting my blog, I kind of want to feature a recap post of all of the significant things that happened in 2010. Yes, yes…I think I will do that. So be on the lookout for the 2010 recap in the near future (maybe I’ll even get it up by the end of the weekend!)

I’m off to prepare for all of the fun festivities tonight! Ryan and I are going to a dinnerparty at Zach’s house, and then we’re all heading to a houseparty hosted by Gretchen and her awesome boyfriend, Lopez (and his roommate). Much fun is about to ensue, I’m sure!

I am leaving you with some pictures from my New Year’s Eve four years ago during my year abroad in Australia… here’s me ringing in good ‘ole 2007!

Hanging out at the Sydney Harbour, waiting for the fireworks show to start!

My "family" away from home that I toured New Zealand with during my Christmas break while abroad. I was one of two Americans on the trip. Didn't know a soul going in, and came out with a big 'ole family that I still keep in touch with to date!

Our view of the Sydney Harbour... breathtaking!

and let the fireworks show begin!

See you in the new year 🙂


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