Bringing in the New Year!

It’s officially 2011!  It still doesn’t really feel like it to me, though. I think it’ll hit once I get to work on Monday and write the date a bajillion times as I record peoples’ blood pressures.

aaand we're off to celebrate!

Ryan and I started off our night at Zack’s house. There was a nice spread of food to munch on while  we caught up on stories about our Christmas vacations. Ryan brought over his homemade chili– always a hit– and I added some homemade potato chips and airpopped popcorn to the spread.

nom nom nom

Zack’s raspberry punch was quite the dangerous concontion. I immediately started feeling it’s effects. Buuut this could be due to the fact that I haven’t had large amounts of alcohol in a long time. Oh how times have changed since college, ha!

Watch out! Danger zone. Blurred vision ahead.

Fun drinking games were played…

Circle of Death -- always a party favorite!

Later, we stopped by Gretchen and Lopez’ for a bit. She always throws the best parties!

This kitchen = Heaven. Amazing stove, amazing fridge... and yummy food.

Me and Sara

After socializing with some or Ryan’s coworkers at Gretchen’s party, we headed over to a bar for .2 seconds to meet up with Gail, Rachel, Jon and his girlfriend, Sarah. We weren’t feeling the vibe of the bar so we all decided to head over to Jon’s house for the final countdown and balldrop! Did anyone else get to see this?! I was highly entertained my Jenny McCarthy’s coverage of the NYE countdown. If memory serves me right… she made out with some random dude on camera and later she seemed like she wanted to get away from the crowd sooo badly.  Oh New Years, you make people do crazy things.

Bring on the bubbly!

Yes, please!

Jon’s girlfriend, Sarah, just moved to Charlotte (they literally drove her stuff into town via U-haul earlier in the day) so she had all of her things over at Jon’s…including her ADORABLE little puppy! I am sure there will be many puppy-playdates in store for the near future.

Sarah and her pup, Izzy, know how to get down. Looks like Happy's got some catchin' up to do!

So cute!

Me and Gail. Love her!

I’m glad my New Years was more low-key this year… I think I have been fighting some sort of earache/throat thing, so the good night’s sleep was very much welcomed. I woke up this morning feeling in tiptop shape, and to me, that is a great start for the New Year!

Happy New Year!

Hope y’all had an equally enjoyable time bringing in the New Year!

PS. Does anyone else like the way 1.1.11 looks? It’s almost as cool as 10.10.10 (the day we found Happy). Almost.


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