New Year’s resolutions, goals, whatever you call ’em… I guess I have them, too

So I know I mentioned before that I don’t do resolutions. Well, I’ve been thinking…. and I think maybe I do. I just don’t call them that. I call them goals.

I am an avid list maker. In my planner I always list out things that I am going to do that day. And at the beginning of each work week, I sit down and write out the things that I need to get done for that week. In fact, my planner has pages that showcase the entire month, and off to the side I always write down the things/goals I have to do for the month. This makes it easy for me to remember to do things that I normally would have to wrack my brain to do, like remembering to get my car tuned up. When I finally hit that month, the note I wrote to myself four months earlier is at the top of the list, and my car stays happy and I remain on top of things. Anyway, I figure I might as well broaden my timespan and write a more general list for the New Year. Oh how I love setting goals for myself!

My to-do list/goals/resolutions (cringe) for 2011:

-Decorate our apartment with more artwork

-Take Happy to puppy obedience classes

-Teach Happy more tricks! She’s such a smartie and has so much potential! Gotta keep her on her toes 🙂

-Find new and fun books to read outside of school (anyone have any good suggestions!?)

-Run a marathon. I need to actually commit to one! I keep chickening out and do halfs instead. I cried at the end of my first half because I felt like it was such an accomplishment. Now don’t get me wrong, I still feel excited when I cross the finish line, but half’s have just become not that big of a challenge for me. I need to challenge myself. And I think a marathon is the next step.

-Work on increasing my flexibility. I definitely need to focus on gaining more flexibility in my hamstrings. They’ve always been tight, and I don’t want to risk getting an injury.

-Give yoga a try. And if that doesn’t work out for me, try Pilates!

-Sort through all of my clothes/things and donate them! And once all the sorting has gone down, remain clutter free!

-Experiment more in the kitchen 🙂

-Take some fun trips with Ryan (mountains, beach… ohhh can’t wait for spring/summer!)

-Stay up to date on all my doctor appointments. Being on a tight budget is hard, but health is so much more important than skimping!

-On that note, I need to order more contact lenses…

-Explore my spirituality/faith more. This one might actually be the hardest for me. I am not sure where I stand on this, and have never really “felt” anything while at Church when I was growing up. I grew up Episcopalian, but had some things happen in high school that really made me question my faith (a boy I dated for 2.5 years was killed in a car accident when I was a junior in HS. I think that was probably the biggest kicker). Anywho, I’ve always felt out of place  in a church setting.  Anyone else experience this? I am thinking yoga might help with this…. help me get more in touch with my spiritual side.

-Go hiking in the mountains with the Happster and Ryan

-Bring the the pup on runs with me once she turns 1 (or whenever the Vet gives me the “okay”). Can’t wait for this!

-Keep up with this new little blog of mine (I think I’ve told Ryan 100 times how much I am enjoying writing a blog… and it’s only like, day two.).

-Declutter my Gmail. Pretty sure that the tips from Kath at Kath Eats Real Food will help with that… (want help with this too? Check out Kath’s tips!)

-And of course, continue to keep in touch with mi familia and all of my friends (and hopefully make some new ones, too!)

I’m sure I have way more I could add, so I might be updating this later 🙂

So I know my blog doesn’t have any readers yet (except maybe my mom… but I doubt she knows how to comment. *I’ll explain commenting to you, mom, the next time we chat, you’ll love it!*) I’m going to propose a question anyway… What New Year’s resolutions have you made? Do you even do New Year’s resolutions? And if yes, are you good at keeping them?


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7 responses to “New Year’s resolutions, goals, whatever you call ’em… I guess I have them, too

  1. Hi,
    Great blog! I am also new to the whole blog scene, and took my inspiration from a friend a few weeks ago (who was probably growing tired of my ‘I want to write conversations’) and said ‘If you like writing – you should try blogging’.. I’m still in the infancy stage of what I want to write about and I’m still awkwardly trying to understand what style I have, and if I have one at all, so I’m using my blog to write about anything and everything and seeing how it evolves from there.
    I wanted my next post to be about my plans for 2011, and came across your blog in the process!…..
    If you’re looking for some good authors, I’ve read a couple by Mitch Albom which I enjoyed, especially ‘the 5 people you meet in heaven’..
    Happy reading, happy running and happy blogging!

    • So good to hear from you! I feel just like you… have no real direction with the blog, no real style… just kind of going with the flow! I’m really enjoying it though… Wish I would’ve done this years ago (esp while abroad!) Oh well… glad I’ve started now!

      I’ve heard great things about the book “The 5 People You Meet in Heaven”… I’m going to have to look into that one. Thanks for the tip!

      I’ll make sure to stop by your blog and check it out. Happy New Year!

  2. Hi,

    The book is definitely worth a read. My mother (who has kept a list of every book she’s read since she was a teen) lists it in her top 5.
    I believe they made a TV adaptation of it in The States.
    I bought the DVD for my mother last Christmas. It was widely available over with you, but American DVD’s don’t play on British DVD players!
    Through the mystical and wizardly ways of the internet, I managed to source a copy in The Netherlands and get it sent over to me in Wales just before the big day!

    Glad to see you’re enjoying blogging so much!
    Me too! It’s such a good release….

    • Huh, that’s really neat that the book is in your mom’s top 5! Do you by chance know of what her other top 5 are?! And yes! I am truly LOVING this blogging thing! I think with all of my picture taking, it is a great fit for me! I’m still trying to figure out my exact “niche” though… I feel like all of my posts are just so random! But perhaps “random” can be a niche in itself?

      • Hi Ricecakes (Hope you don’t mind – I’ve just read your latest blog!)

        Hope you’ve had a chance to pick up some other books..
        My Mam also recommends The Time Traveler’s wife, To Kill A mockingbird and The Book Thief.
        Her favourite book of all time is the Ragged Trousered Philanthropists. (And mine).. It’s a bit heavy going though, so if you’re looking for some light hearted reading after that, anything by Roald Dahl. He was my favourite author as a child and I still read him as an adult. My love of books and writing is probably because of him, and he’s originaly from Wales!
        Happy Blogging, don’t worry about being random… Random acts of blogging is definitely the way forward!

        • Aw, thank you so much for these recommendations! I’ve read To Kill a Mockingbird and absolutely loved it. It probably is in one of my top-five! And I’ve heard The Time Traveler’s Wife is a must read. I’ll definitely look into the others, too!

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