To all the mommas (and the poppas)

Have no fear, all you mommas and poppas out there who are concerned about my safety with having this little bloggyblog. I’ve read up on how to be “blogsmart.”


There’ll be none of this “I’ll be here at X day at X time,” or any disclosure of superpersonal information about anyone close to me. And there will be zippo pictures of the outside of my apartment complex, workplace (there’s like 18 Y’s in Charlotte)… and street names and running routes will never go on here, either. So kick up your feet, rest easy, and enjoy the read (I promise, mom, I (and you!) shall remain safe).

Did/do any of you bloggers out there have concerned family about your blogs? My guess is they were at first apprehensive, but are now used to it. Any tidbits of advice I can share with my mom to ease her fears? I think my blog is the first she’s ever read, so she’s probably not used to seeing people disclose so many pictures/info about themselves on the world-wide web.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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2 responses to “To all the mommas (and the poppas)

  1. I always thought about that…I just make sure to not let people know where I go until afterwards..or atleast I try to.

    My mom doesn’t read my blog. Just tell her you don’t disclose info until it has already happened. After you go to dinner at say tgi Fridays tell us all about it!

    As for the emergency kit…I gave it to 4 people… 2 are post tampon days, one hasn’t started and the other only uses pads…if I ever do another one I definitely will add those…I always seem to not have them!

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