Is there a jackhammer in here???

Anyone suffering from really bad headaches knows how debilitating they are. My dad actually suffers from migraines, and since I’ve been a senior in high school, I am pretty sure I have, too.

jackhammer image by Shadowracer26 at

"Mr. JackhammerMan, at your service. I will make your life MISERABLE!"

Needless to say, last night Mr. JackhammerMan came a’knockin and by the time I got home from work I was pretty much flat on the couch in pain. 9:30 came around and Ryan found me rolled up in a ball, trying to block the light and putting pressure on my head. I should’ve just moved my miserable self to bed, but I  was feeling so horrible that I couldn’t even make it off the couch. Thank goodness for Ryan. He always knows what to do when these stupid migraines hit

“Can you put pressure on my headddd” — “Sure, this good?”….

“Can you rub my arm”  — “Of course”…

“Wahhhhh can you make it stop?” –“I wish I could…”

Thankfully, Mr. JackhammarMan’s shift ended around 3AM and the rest of the night was spent getting the best sleep I ever had. And now that it’s morning, I feel totally back to normal. I was hoping to post my last recap of 2010 last night, but for obvious reasons, that did not happen. Look for it later today!

Anyone else out there know what it feels like to have a migraine? Anyone have any good (natural) remedies to fight (or even ward) them off?!



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2 responses to “Is there a jackhammer in here???

  1. I get really bad stress headaches…I have even gone to bed and would wake up and it wouldn’t leave. I have had to seriously wait it out. I am sorry you have to deal with this…they are awful.

  2. Rhonda

    Aw, Allison….. I’m so sorry you get such bad headaches… I just read your post and learned you were being plagued with a migraine….. hope you are feeling much better by now…. so glad Ryan is there to give you some comfort and help…. love you guys bunches….

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