Post-Holiday blues…? Not this year!

Well today is Jan 5th, and usually I am feeling the post-holiday blues by now. Butttttt… so far this year, I’m not! And I am so thankful for that!

You see, every year I look forward to the days that fall between October 31st and January 1st. I love the buildup to the holidays. Each and every one of them. It doesn’t bother me in the least that stores start putting Christmas décor/merchandise out in early November (heck, probably even October!) In fact, I am totally okay with jamming out to Christmas tunes if they randomly pop up on my ipod in July. It just keeps me excited and looking forward to my favorite time of year—the Holiday season!

They call it Christmas in July for a reason, right?

In addition, it doesn’t hurt that October is a pretty stellar month in and of itself, as that is the month when I met Ryan 2 years ago (10/23), and it is the month that we found Happy (10/9) and welcomed her home (10/12). Aaaaand to add on top of all of the awesomeness that is Thanksgiving and Christmas (and all of the family time that comes with), I have my birthday (12/10) and my and Ryan’s anniversary (12/23) thrown in there, too. So the Holiday season is super busy time for this Happy Tales household!

So, why am I not feeling down now that the pace has slowed? Well to be honest, I think a lot of it has to due with the fact that I created this little blog. I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve done so far with Happy Tales (even if it’s just a few posts!) and I get excited every time I realize one of you has left me a comment, or a family member mentions that they’ve read a post. Conversing with you all gives me something to look forward to each day, and I like brainstorming ideas to talk about. I even have a growing list of different things to blog about (y’all know how much I love my lists!). I also like feeling like I’m connected to like-minded people, even if its just to a few other bloggers. It’s refreshing, and a change of pace for me.

It’s kind of funny — I work at the YMCA, but only a handful of my coworkers actually take the time to work out. Many of them tend to complain about how tired they are and how much they just want to go home once the work-day is over. They know staying fit is good for them, so there’s not much room to preach (plus, I tend to only give advice if its solicited). I figure that since they are already in the building… it’s pretty much a personal choice at that point. (Don’t people say one of the hardest parts is actually getting to the gym?)  But that’s a whole ‘nother story for a different day…

Do any of you suffer from post-holiday blues? If so, how do you get yourself out of the funk?


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12 responses to “Post-Holiday blues…? Not this year!

  1. This year I knew the inevitable let down post-holiday was coming… so I planned several projects to keep myself busy. I don’t like to be sitting around, so on my off days from marathon training (I train with a group) I signed up for spinning one night, and yoga another. I also undertook another project which I just wrote about on my blog called “eat my pantry”!

    • I am the same way! I have to keep myself busy, or else my mind starts to wander and I think of things I could/should be doing! I think that’s why this blog is so fun for me… I’m always brain storming new things to talk about, and I am LOVING the correspondence with all the different bloggers! I’ll make sure to check out your “eat my pantry” post. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love the month of October to December too! October is my son’s birthday, my Dad’s birthday, and Halloween! November is my bro’s birthday, Sam & my anniversary, and of course T-day! And well, December doesn’t need an explanation! 😉

    With that being said, I’m not feeling any post-holiday blues. While I LOVE the season, it’s nice to relax a little once it’s all over! And I love that you work at the YMCA! My dad is the team coordinator (or athletic activity director? Not sure of the official title) at our local Y. It’s a side job for him–but he loves it! Plus, he coaches my son in bball and soccer there!

    Okay, I just wrote you a book. 🙂

    • Oh don’t you worry about writing me a book, i ❤ books! I love any, and all, comments!
      And yay for all of those fall & winter birthdays!! They truly do make the holiday that much sweeter 🙂
      So neat that your dad works at the Y! It's suuuch a great place to work, in fact, I am posting about the Y (and my love for it!) in the near future 🙂

  3. Last year I really suffered from the post holiday blues…it was depressing and I stayed depressed until March. This year is a lot different! I am working out more, my husband and I are finally strength training, I am conversing with more healthy living bloggers and it keeps me motivated!

    • Aw, I am so glad to hear that things have turned around for you! Working out (and especially weight training) is a big release for me… It makes me feel like such a strong person, and with that, I feel like I have control over my life. Oh how I ❤ endorphins…

      I also love this new blogging community that I am finding myself in. It's really supportive!

      PS. I hope your run went well today 🙂

  4. I work at a YMCA too 🙂 Woo hoo Y people!
    I hit a bit of a slump, but it’s mostly because I’m excited about an upcoming race and wish it would be here already.

    • So cool that you work at a YMCA!! I am actually going to be posting soon about my work at the Y and how much I love working there… It’s such a positive atmosphere to be in! (And today that brought in Yoforia (a local frozen yogurt place) to celebrate a 100% staff giving effort for this year’s campaign– talk about great perks :))

      • That’s awesome! I work in Fin Dev too, and we’re just launching our annual support campaign next week, hopefully we’ll be as successful! I love working at the Y, I actually worked at the same branch last year, in child care, but our program was cut, and I ended up working somewhere else for 8 months. I hated it, and when the job in Fin Dev. opened I jumped at it! haha Can’t wait to see your Y story 🙂

        • I’m so glad that you were able to get back in the door at the Y! Sounds kind of like what I did… waited out my time (in financial development and on the fitness floor) until a position opened up that I wanted (health educator) and then I hopped to it! I want to be a wellness director one day. Need to finish my Masters, first, though!

  5. That time of year is my favorite too and I usually get in a slump in Jan/Feb. I think having something to be passionate about helps a lot. I know I’m thankful for my blog. 🙂

    • Hey Tina! Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂 And YES I completely agree, a lot of it is your mentality about where you are in life, and if you have things to be passionate about you have direction! I am also grateful for my blog, it’s only been a week now, but I am LOVING this blogging community that I am starting to become a part of. It’s a really good outlet for me, and I’m finding it so supportive!

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