Oh, Happy Day!

Whenever Ryan and I are out and about with the Happinator, we always get stopped and bombarded with questions. I say this as if it’s a bad thing — ha! It’s not, really.  I love talking about my little pupsqueak. She  is too cute for words and I love showing her off. Does that make narcissistic? Or proud? Self –absorbed? Er, Happy-absorbed? Whatevs. She makes me (okay,  and Ryan too…) happy. You get the point. Moving on…

Here’s an example of how these little exchanges sometimes go down:

Act 1, Scene 1: A walk in the park on a brisk, Fall afternoon with  Momma HappyTales, Poppa HappyTales and the oh-so-adorable Happster.

Enter Female bystander with one curious toddler in tow (and one crying baby attached to hip)

Toddler: blahhhhhHHHH PUPPYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

Female bystander: “Oh my goodness! What a cute dog! Is she a puppy? What is she? How big is she going to get? What’s her name?”

Momma HappyTales: “Aw thanks, her name is Happy.”

Happy: *stops dead in her tracks* — *tilts head*

Female Bystander: “Really…her name is Happy!? That’s so fitting! Just look at her”

Happy: *licks air* — *wags tail*… (and thus by default, wiggles whole body)

Momma HappyTales: “Yeah, we think so, too”

Poppa HappyTales: “She probably won’t get too much bigger, but the vet isn’t promising anything’”

Crying Baby: “wahhhhhhh”

Happy:    *dismisses baby* —*looks over to lake, sees duck* (wiggles some more)

Happy: “arf!” “woooroROOOOooooOOOoo” “RoooAaaarrrrFFF!”

Momma HappyTales: “The shelter called her a terrier mix. And the vet thinks she has a lot of border collie in her. I think maybe some pug, too…since her tail is like a curlycue”

Poppa HappyTales: *rolls eyes*  (Note: Poppa HappyTales does not think the Happster has any pug in  her, despite what Momma HappyTales may think”)

End  Scene

So yes, this happens pretty much every where we go with her — the dog park, normal park, parking lot… PetSmart,you name it. People love to try and figure out what she is.

Speaking of PetSmart, there’s bound to be more happy tales coming your way (maybe I’ll even do another one later tonight…?) This little pup is starting OBEDIENCE SCHOOL today!!! Oh I can’t wait to share how this goes down…

If you had to guess, what kind of mix would you say Happy is? (Note: I took Happy to the vet on Thursday and she weighed in at just under 13 pounds. And she is 6.5 months old. They don’t think she is going to get too much bigger, just going to fill out some more).

And another question — do any of you pet owners ever get stopped while you are out and about?  Do you ever get asked the same questions over and over again? What’s the strangest question you’ve been asked?



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6 responses to “Oh, Happy Day!

  1. We get stopped every single time we take Oreo out. People are always commenting on how beautiful he is and if they pet him, no one can believe how amazingly soft his ears are (they are like silk). Mostly we get asked his age, breed, and if he’ll get bigger. No weird questions yet.

  2. I live with my cousin who has 2 dogs that are mixes and people always ask what they are! I’m so clueless when it comes to dogs– I grew up in a cat family. Unfortuniately I’m now allergic to both! My poor future children…

  3. so cute. you should be a screen writer (but not for some lame soap opera; for a good sitcom like friends or something). parents and toddlers… you know that mom just wanted to get away from crying baby insanity for a bit (jk she loves her child I’m sure). you’re just lucky your tot doesn’t moan like that all the time!

  4. That is one super cute pup, so I can see why everyone want to stop and talk with you about her! Perfect name 🙂

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