Optional Snowday?

So if you currently live in the South, you probably woke up this morning, ran to the window, looked out…and saw something that looked a little like this :




And lots of it

Yes, I still get excited every time I see snow.

And yes, I do realize that I hail from Ohio (or as some of you Southerners like to call it… the “North”).  Apparently when you live in the South, everything above the  Mason Dixon line is considered Yankee territory. I, on the other hand, dub myself as a Midwesterner . Us Midwesterners don’t have accents and we are essentially the translators between y’all Southerns and Yankees. We can just agree to disagree on this one.

Ryan decided not to go into work today, so he worked from home instead (prooobably a smart idea, considering he has to take all 3 highways that Charlotte has to offer in order to get to work).

I, on the other hand, received a call from my boss at 8AM saying, “The roads are so terrible up here where I am, it’s up to you whether or not you go in today…” She said that neither she or the nurse were going to make it in, and she couldn’t get a hold of the other health educator. So, if the Wellness Center were to be open today, it’d only be during my shift (which is in the afternoon).

Hm, up to me you say? Ummm, hello snowday!!!!!

At least… that’s what the little kid/irresponsible/”I don’t got a care in the world” side of me was thinking. Unfortunately, that is far from the truth and I have bills to pay and a mouth to feed, so my decision had to be more rational.  As much as I wanted a relaxing day of nothingness… I had just had a few of those (ah yes, the weekend) and I don’t work Fridays and I only work the occasional Thursday.  Seeing that my part-time schedule is so… part-time, my hours (and by default, my paycheck) are precious to me.  I didn’t have to hem and haw over what my day was going to look like too much. I pretty much decided to have a standard Monday, as my “snowday” would come on Thursday (like it always does…) Easy. Decision made.

Happy saw snow when we came back from Florida, but this is the first time there has actually been a lot of snow. She tends to get distracted by the snow, so her normal “potty” outings took much longer.


Must get on tippy toes. Must keep paws dry. Must STAY WARM!


Womp womp. My paw is cold.


So over this fluff.

I spent my morning looking over some biostats (in bed, mind you… I had to experience at least a little bit of a “snowday”) and finally got restless and decided that I may as well go into work for the afternoon.

Took time to enjoy the scenery and scape off my car. Thought I’d scrape off Ryan’s, too. I don’t think he noticed, though (or knew it was me). At least his drive to work tomorrow will be easier!


His and hers.

So I got my things together, packed a lunch, and headed to the Y where I worked out for a little bit while reading some biostats (multitasking, it’s what I do best). Then I clocked in and did my thang at the Wellness Center.


View from my window at work.

Work was slow, but enjoyable. One of my favorites came in and invited Ryan and I over to dinner this weekend. We’ve been trying to nail down a date for the longest time, so I’m glad it’s finally working out! The Y even closed early today and will be opening late tomorrow (late as in 8AM instead of 5AM)… which is totally unheard of for this Y.


Packed parking lot. Always.

Not even snow and ice will keep our members away.  Now that’s dedication.

I have a feeling tomorrow might be worse than today, with all the nasty slush refreezing and the forecast for freezing rain.  Optional snowday take-two tomorrow?


Ah, well, at least now I get to spend cuddle time with this little wee-one.


Hold me




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11 responses to “Optional Snowday?

  1. Hey girl! I gave you the stylish blogger award! Go check it out! http://www.the-new-healthy.com/2011/01/its-stylish-to-be-blogger.html

    P.S. Love the hat! You look so cute!

    • Ha that award is so fun! I’ll have to pass it along soon.

      My hat is actually from New Zealand! Got it when I was studying abroad in Australia and spent my Xmas vacay touring NZ… had to protect my ears from the cold!

  2. Oh my gosh, I love Happy! I know I’ve said that before but she is just precious. Lincoln was draggimg me all over the place today and walked right into the slush and then decided to roll around in it a bit. Oh, did I mention I bathed him and mopped my floors this wknd?? Yeah. Good thing I love that little pup.

    At least you didn’t have to deal with mad traffic or an insane amount of people. Crossing my fingers for another day like today!

  3. It snowed in northern texas yesterday…I pray we don’t get any…I am craving spring so badly!

  4. We are enjoying our second snow day this week, today! Lilly LOVES the snow, and wants to spend all her time outside!


    • Aw good for y’all!!! I am currently waiting all toasty and warm inside while my car defrosts, our driveway out of the apt complex is an ICESHEET! My boss is expecting me to head in and be in charge of the Wellness Center today. Crossing my fingers I can get there! If I can’t though…. I’m takin’ a snowday!

  5. Oh my gracious, Happy is just SO adorable!

    And I love that you love snow! That’s how my husband is. He just adores it. 🙂

  6. I gotta say…that’s pretty darn nice of you to carve your bf’s car out of the snow like you did. I live in southern california, so I never see mornings like that. A few weeks ago, I went out to start the car, and the windshield had iced over…I was confused.
    I dig your site, by the way.

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