Just do it

Today is Tuesday. And at the Y, every Tuesday in January has been dubbed “Open House” day.

Open House was created by the membership team to help spread the word about the Y’s new branding, and to hopefully help increase membership numbers for the New Year.  To me, this simply means new faces to meet and interact with in the wellness center, so come on in and chat me up!

The Y Logo, Before and After, ymca.org

Out with the old, in with the new

Sidenote: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I do not work for membership. I only work in the health center, which is in part, a part of the CMC hospital system here in Charlotte.  So I do not benefit from membership numbers increasing (or decreasing) in any way, shape or form. My sole purpose of announcing this? I just want to help people know their options, and have the opportunity to be active during a time of year when it’s so hard to find the motivation to get outside (especially with all of the iiiiice we have right now!)

http://petermccabe.photoshelter.com/image?_bqG=1&_bqH=eJwLrwjxKHQPNTMLDHb3cPVNMzFOy_TOCnY2LvG1MrMyMrUyNAACK894l2BnW.eMosziktzEYjUwP97Rz8W2BMgODXYNivd0sQ0FqbW0yPE09SkLyjDPVot3dA6xLU5NLErOAAB.6h_H Peter Cabe photograper,

What’s neat about Open House is that anyone can come into the Y and workout/use the facility for free. And by facility, I am talkin’ the whole nine-yards… the multiple gymnasiums, the umpteen different classes, the weight machines, free weights centers, men’s/women’s wellness centers, steam room, the two pools, hot tub,  Zumba, body-pump, cardio-dance (my fav!!), athletic conditioning, spinning classes, the FitBar, the racquetball courts, the barbershop, dry-cleaners, the masseuse, the yoga/Pilates studios… if it’s at the Y, you’ve got access to it. (You can look up class times and locations here.)

In addition, anyone who shows up (and isn’t already a member) will get a two-week free membership pass. Say what now?  Two weeks free? Talk about saving a buttload of money. If that isn’t motivation enough to come in, I don’t know what is. And here’s a tip: if you come in today and get your free pass… you’ll be able to do your thing for two weeks and come back the last Tuesday in January to get another two-week free pass. Um, Hello… a whole free month Y membership —you just saved yourself 70 bucks (ish, I honestly have no idea what the rates are since I get my membership for free) and a whole lot of frostbite! Sounds like a win to me.

So if you decide to stop by the Y today, come by the wellness center and say hello! I’ll even sit ya down, strap a cuff on your (upper) arm, and show you your blood pressure. Promise, it’s not scary. I’ll even give you one of those yellow Lance Armstrong live-strong bands. And a water bottle, for good measure.


Oh, Lance...


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16 responses to “Just do it

  1. jealous! Wish I lived in your area! I love the Y! It is just too expensive for my husband and I. I may have to try the 2 week thing though. They are probably sick of me and my free passes though

  2. I need to get to the Y today! Especially since I came into work for a few hours and am already out and about.

  3. Our Y started moving in with the new branding the end of last summer, and I LOVE it 🙂 I’m so excited about all the fun colors. We’re doing an Open House this weekend too, woo hoo!

    • So fun!! I really like all the bright colors, too… but I’m not so keen on the word “the” hanging out in front. Not sure why… I think it needs more time to grow on me. Have fun with your open house!

  4. I will definitely be there next Tuesday!

    • Yayyyy! So exciting! You can actually come anytime you want this week — they’re extending “Open house” to everyday this week due to all of the crazy weather! We’ve been having a lot of homeless people come in to stay warm during the day (since the shelters are closed to them during the day) to shower and stay warm. It’s so humbling to talk with them. Breaks my heart, but I’m glad we are able to offer them a place to go during the day.

  5. There is a Y just down the street from me. Why can’t they be offering this same deal? Sad day! Oh well, so excited you get to be part of something you love so much! 🙂

  6. lauravirginia

    I didn’t realized that you worked for CMC! I want to work for Levine after graduation! Small world! 😀

    • I don’t work for CMC directly… I work directly for the YMCA. I just work in the CMC health center at the YMCA… confusing, I know! But, I do work alongside some of the nurses there, so I think it’s safe to say that I have both YMCA staff and CMC staff as my coworkers. So neat that you want to work for Levine! I hope that works out for you 🙂

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