Stylish Blogger Award

So although I don’t consider myself to be the the most savvy when it comes to style, Katie from over at KeepingUpWithKatie (and a fellow public health homegirl)  and Stefanie from over at TheNewHealthy both nominated me for this Stylish Blogger Award.  I figured I’d spread the word…and share the Love!

I’ll take it!

There are 4 duties to perform to accept this award:

1.  Make a post + Link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2.  Share 7 things about yourself.
3.  Award 10 recently discovered great bloggers
4.  Contact these bloggers and tell them they’ve won!

Seven things you have ALWAYS wanted to know about me:

  1. I lived abroad in Australia for almost a year. And I loved every single second of it. I grew up so much during that time abroad, and I am such a stronger person for it. In fact, I love to travel, and I think the bug bit me back when I was chosen to live with a host family in Germany during my sophomore year of high school. After that, I spent some time during my junior year of HS traveling through Italy with some of my fellow Latin classmates for a few weeks. Have loved traveling ever since!
  2. Everyone called me “Rice” (or a form of it–riceball, ricecakes, ricerneener, …it’s my last name) from 6th grade through college. My 6th grade math teacher gave everyone in our class a nickname, and he dubbed me as Ricecakes. He always called on me to answer “number 8” on a homework assignment just so he could say… “Number 8, Ricecakes!!!!”.  It wasn’t until after college that people started calling me by my full name again—Allison, and it took a while to get used to!  My family calls me Allie, though (mom, dad, stepdad, step/half siblings). It’s really hard to hear people who aren’t immediate family call me that, and I’m not exactly sure why.  Even Ryan calls me Allison, if that tells you anything. (Maybe one day this will change, though Smile)  In fact, by listening to what someone calls me, you can probably tell how they are related to me or from what time period they know me. Interesting, huh?
  3. I love boats and being on the water, but I don’t necessarily like being in the water. If I can’t see the bottom of the lake/ocean/whatever body of water I am in, I get real hesitant about going under. I love love love just sitting on the beach and looking out into the ocean. All of the different blues and greens are so beautiful to me, and I find it very relaxing.
  4. In fact, I listen to ocean waves  (via a noise machine) as I sleep. I have to sleep with some kind of background noise… be it a fan, a noise machine, or rain outside. If it’s completely still and silent, my mind races and I cannot fall asleep for the life of me. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve laid in bed watching the clock tick by. (I think my brother was worse, though… when he was little, my mom had to bring recordings of a roaring vacuum cleaner so that he could fall asleep in the car on road trips!)
  5. Okay part of the above fact is a lie. I have horrible vision, and therefore I cannot actually watch the hands on the clock tick by. For those of you who wear contacts, I was just recently told my Rx was a –7. In both eyes. You could slap me in the face and I wouldn’t even see it coming (literally).  I think I definitely have my dads eyes… or my grandfather’s since he went legally blind when he reached old age.
  6. Although I eat like one most of the time, I am not a vegetarian. I cut down on meat in high school, and I have never really had the desire to bring it back into my diet. Since I don’t crave it, I never buy it (plus it’s way more expensive than other types of protein).  Also, I think the vegetarian forms of meat are sicknasty. There’s a reason I  don’t eat meat, so please don’t offer me a fake substitute that tries to emulate it. If I wanted to taste something meaty, I’d eat the real thing (and I occasionally do). With that said, I’ll only eat meat when I know where it comes from (i.e. local, no hormones, etc.). And I don’t eat red meat or pork.  On the other hand, I LOVE fish, and order it out at restaurants whenever I can.
  7. I’m a big dreamer. I am always looking to the future and thinking about how I can make me dreams become a reality. I want the best for me and my future family, and I am trying to do everything I can to ensure that I can make that happen (working while in school, growing my relationship with friends/family/Ryan, furthering my education, pursing a career I have such a passion for, etc.). My next dream is to run a marathon, and I am about to dive in headfirst  and make that a reality (eek!)

And now, my nominations for stylish bloggers:

(Yes, I realize it’s more than 10… deal with it!)

We got style, yes we do…we got style, HOW ‘BOUT YOU??



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19 responses to “Stylish Blogger Award

  1. Thanks for tagging me! You’re only a -7? Come talk to me when you’re a -9 and then we’ll see who has bad eyes! I wonder how far contacts go back because I have a feeling they don’t go to -20 or so and I will have to start wearing my glasses again-no bueno.

    I am the opposite of you–I love being in the water but not so keen on being on a boat. I always think some kind of Jaws esque scenario is going t happen!

    • Wow -9!? I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who understands how “blind” I am! I really wish I could afford Lasik… you ever considered it?

      • My insurance would cover most of it but I’m not completely sold on it. One of my best friends works in eye care for the Natl Institute of Health and she says there hasn’t been enough long term research to say if she would recommend it or not so I’m not taking my chances!

  2. lauravirginia

    Ooh, I sleep with a noise machine, too! Except for I sleep with mine on the “white noise” or “waterfall” setting. Everyone thinks I’m a total weirdo for having background noise while I sleep! 😉

  3. I don’t know whether I could have handled studying abroad as a sophomore in high school! Although I did eight weeks in Germany this summer, it was a long time away from home.

    P.S. Thanks for the nomination!

  4. That’s awesome that you lived in Australia AND lived with a family in Germany! I would love to visit both someday soon! 🙂

    • As you should! I highly recommend spending at least more than two weeks if you want to visit Australia/NZ… there is just so much to see, and with the time difference, it takes a long time to get acclimated over there. Less than two weeks is just not enough time to get over jet-lag and hop around to all the different cities! Plus, the plane ticket is way expensive, so you’ll definitely want to make it worth your time 🙂

  5. thanks for this!!!

    my husband has awful eyes…his may be the same as yours…

    I like to fall asleep to noise too, it’s great 🙂

  6. Thanks, girl! You are so sweet! 🙂

    And I just love your style of writing. It makes me smile to read your updates!

  7. Thanks for nominating me! I HAVE to sleep with a fan on for the noise. I even have a small fan I bring with me when i go on business trips. When I have a roommate on trips they always think I am super weird.. but at least I’m getting good sleep!

    • That is too funny! I never thought to have a travel fan… but that actually might help me since I have a really hard time falling asleep whenever I’m not at home. Glad I’m not alone in my troubles with falling asleep. Insomniacs, unite!

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  9. quasichick

    I am a new reader and found your blog at CCK. I loved your “7 things” 🙂 I love #6 and agree with your way of thinking 100%. I am a new blogger too, so check me out when you can 🙂

  10. haha you’re awesome– way to make your own rules girl! Thanks for tagging me!! xo

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