Itchin’ to RUN!

Dear Mother Nature,

Please, oh pleaseeee won’t you use your powers to make the temperature get above freezing. The snow (or what’s left of it) is beautiful and all, but the ice is just really crampin’ my style. This girl wants to rrrruuuunnnnn!!!!! So if you could make the ice go away, you’d put a huge smile on my face and make me the happiest camper alive. Just thought I’d throw that out there.


Hopin’ N Wishin’ Fo Sno No ‘Mo

I am having major cabin fever. Yes, I work at a YMCA. Yes, there are tons and tons of things to do there to work out. And yes, I’ve taken part in them. But it’s not the same as running. Nothing can compare to being out in nature, feeling the (freezing cold) wind on my face, wiping snot from my nose (TMI?) and just plain feeling free.

When I am out on a run, my mind is free to explore any thoughts, feelings or past memories that come to mind.  I’ll come up with ideas for future trips, reflect on whatever is going on my life, or completely just zone out and jam to the tunes on my ipod. Sometimes I just like getting out there sans ipod and listening to the sounds of my breath. I actually think I am most creative when I run (maybe I should start brining a pen and a pad of paper, but that might defeat the purpose of just “escaping”).  I’ve found that pounding it out on the pavement is a great stress reliever. No group-exercise class, piece of cardio equipment, or weight traning sesh have ever been able to make me feel as peaceful as I do when I run.

So please, Mother Nature, let me wake up tomorrow morning and lace up my running shoes and bust out the door, because this girl is itching to run!

In the meantime, I guess I’ll just quench my running thirst by creating my “run” page…



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15 responses to “Itchin’ to RUN!

  1. I am totally with you…maybe Mother Nature will at least help you out. I’m in NY so I’m pretty sure it will be non-running weather for a bit longer 🙂

    I love getting getting so absorbed in my runs! Such a great feeling. No gym equipment comes close.

  2. thanks for sayin hi today!

    and i am alllllllll abouuuuut running outdoors! not inside. the wind in my hair, nature’s elements, that is key for me!

  3. It’s not even snowing and I don’t even want to step outside to run. I just need the temp in the 50’s or even 60’s for me to get outside – I am such a lame Texan 😀

  4. I hear ya..nothing quite beats an au natural run!

  5. Ick to the ice for sure! Hopefully it will be all gone soon! I’m really sooo ready for spring to be here and we’re not even a month into winter yet, haha!

  6. Ah, I’m so with you! I am having withdrawals from outside runs. I just want to feel my feet pounding the pavement again!

  7. Gretchen

    Agreeeed! I did spin class this morning, but I’m thinking tomorrow will be the first outside run day. We’ll just have to proceed with caution. I like your blog, Allison!

  8. Seriouslyyy! I got cold just walking into the gym! Brr!

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