Oh, Happy Day!

I wasn’t the only one who started school last week. Last Sunday,  Happy had her first day of school—obedience school!


PetSmart Obedience School... creating Canine Good Citizens since 1986

Our little nugget wasn’t exaaactly the star of the show (there were many tired pups sprawled on the floor who had much less energy than Happy, therefore they didn’t squirm around as much) but she sure was the spunkiest!

Dogmaster Anthony (the instructor) said that Happy is one intelligent cookie (okay, so maybe he didn’t use those exact words…) and that she has a TON of potential. In fact, he even suggested that we take her to agility circuit training.

Say wha…?? *Blank stare* Agility circuit training? What is that?

Apparently, Anthony thinks Happy’s got the smarts to be a star on one of those TV shows where you see dogs doing all sorts of crazy tricks… like zigzagging between poles that are ohhhh… say, about 6 inches apart. Right, sounds good, Antwon. We all know I want my dog zigzagging between the legs of our dining room chairs and running in circles around the dining room table (only to then finish with backflips off the side of the couch) while we’re trying to eat dinner…


LeftRightLeftRighMUSTLeftRightSTAYLeftRight LeftRightFOCUSEDLeftRight

Uh huh… yeah. Fat chance.

We’ll stick with the basic “sit” (nailed that within the first 10 minutes of bringing her home), “shake” (done by day 2), and “stay” (still needs some work… she’s mommy’s little lamb and loves being by my side).  She even rings a bell hanging off of our front door to signal us when she needs to go outside and potty (learned this by day 4). She also knows words, like “potty,”  “carrot,” “kiss,” “crate,” “bed,” “food,” “wanna-eat,” “off,” and “carpet.” I’d be really interested in testing this dog’s IQ. She’s a freakin’ genius, in my book.


My floppy ears just scream "I'm sooo smart and attentive"

By the second week, Ryan taught her how to “nutmeg.” Yeah, you heard that right — nutmeg. I walked through the door after getting home from work one night and Ryan told me “Watch Happy ‘nutmeg’!!” “Um… what? You taught our dog how to cook?” Not quite…

Since Ryan was so big into soccer, he wanted our dog to learn a soccer trick. A dribbling trick some soccer players use is kicking the ball between another players legs. This trick, as Ryan tells me, is called nutmegging. Essentially, Happy “figure-eights” in between Ryan’s legs and then returns to her starting position out in front of him, and sits (of course).  I was impressed.

Okay, so back to Happy’s first day at school. We spent an hour working on sitting and staying… working up to “staying” even when we left her side. She did pretty well by the end of class, and we’ve been working on it all week at home.


Whoa. He dropped the leash.




Come back?

I’d say she almost has it nailed, unless there is food involved. In this case, it’s hilarious to watch her sit with her butt glued to the floor, staring at her food bowl. When she’s anxious to move (to get her food dish!) she stares up at us and howls like she’s being tortured. She wants to run to her bowl so bad but she knows she has to “stay” until we give her the go-ahead. This is still a work in progress, but she’s making great strides and figuring it out.

Ah, if only this dog could talk… she’s got the best personality, and I just I know she’d have the wittiest things to say. Maybe we’ll work on that next. (I wish).

Do y’all have any suggestions for other tricks we could teach Happy? We’d love to hear ‘em!

In the meantime, we’ll be workin’ our way through Day 2 of obedience school.


*ears perk up* Did you say back to SCHOOL!!?!?



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37 responses to “Oh, Happy Day!

  1. How cute! I loved this post 🙂

  2. She really looks JUST like my shelter dog. Mine is a smooth-coated Border Collie with ginormous ears as well. And she’s very, very smart! She’s also super neurotic and scared of everything, but she’s wonderful.

  3. how cute!!! You should try to teach her High-5! we have our pug do this for us…it’s our favorite!

  4. How old is your puppy? I’m super impressed!
    We have a 4 month old pug puppy and she sure is a handful. She’s quickly learning some commands, but it takes patience when we try commands out in public.
    “Leave it” and “drop it” have been very helpful for things like cigarette butts and other nastiness on the sidewalks. “Watch me” is great to get their attention. We go to Petsmart classes too, so you probably already have those under your belt.

  5. Aww this is so adorable! And I really do just love your writing style, it always brings a smile. 🙂

    Oreo has to sit-stay before he is allowed to eat and sometimes we really test his patience by waiting and waiting and waiting before we finally say “okay” (his release word). He hates waiting, but it’s so so good for his self control. It carries over into everything else. If he wants something, he knows he has to sit and wait for it. Jumping up, barking, etc won’t get him anywhere. 🙂 He, like Happy, has learned every command we’ve taught him super well and very quickly.

    However… for some reason… when we are at the dog park, he suddenly forgets his name and doesn’t like to come when called, haha! This is definitely our biggest problem with him right now (not that it’s really a problem since he doesn’t hurt anyone… just that we have to wait until he is tired and comes back to us). We’re working on this one. 😉

  6. What a cutie! Look at those adorable ears. 😀

  7. Oh God, she is just the cutest thing….I think she knows it too! She is smart after all and all the smart cookies know they are hot so yeah, she knows she’s all that!

    Screw soccer, get Happy to cooking in the kitchen. It’s the least she can do for you seeing what good dogparents you are right?? 🙂 I feel good about learning something new today-never knew what nutmeg was!

    • Hahahaa if only Happy could cook and have dinner waiting on the table for me when I got home from work… unfortunately, I don’t think she’s there quite yet. haaa

      Can’t wait for Happy and Lincoln to meet each other!!!

  8. Rhonda

    I’m so proud of my grand.doggy! 🙂

  9. Awww your pup is SO cute 😀

  10. Your dog is ADORABLE! I want one so badly!! I remember as a kid when we took our dog to obedience school – my dad always jokes that she flunked out 🙂

    • Aw!! I went with my mom a few times with her pups to obedience school when I was younger. For our first bichon, I think we had to take her through two sets of classes before she could graduate. She was a little “dense,” to say the least.

  11. This post made me smile! Last spring my roommate and I took her dog (a little 5 lbs Shih Tzu/Yorkie aka Shorkie) to Petsmart puppy school and it was awesome! We would die laughing when we had to walk out of the pen because she would look at us so pitifully while surrounded by all of the other BIG dogs. It was too funny. We need to go back for intermediate training, since we still have a hard time with her not pulling on the leash (even though she’s only 5 lbs, it’s annoying).

    Shoot me an email sometime and we’ll go on a walk to Freedom Park! I live in Myers Park.

    • I can totally relate… I am ALWAYS cracking up while in the training circle… yesterday’s class I just had Ryan take the lead because I couldn’t stop laughing and smiling. I just love being surrounded by so many puppies!!!! Ohhh it’s heaven for me! And they’re all so clueless and rolling over onto one another… it kills me! There is no way I can be serious/stern when I have a smile plastered to my face.

  12. We start school with Charlie on Wednesday night! We’re so excited! 🙂

    If you want to see how smart your dog is, throw a blanket over her head and see if she can make it out – honestly. Charlie did okaaay. 🙂 Or, you can throw him a treat, put it under a cup, and see if they find the treat. Charlie failed that one. I still love him no matter if he’s special or not.

    • LOL I am so going to try this!!!!!!! Did you get that from Hyperbole and a Half?? I think that’s where I saw the “dog IQ test”…

      Goodluck with your first class!! You are going to LOVE it!!

  13. Aww I remember when my dog started puppy school. It was so cute. She would be barking while all the other dogs were silent. She’s a yellow lab who lives at home with my parents. Your dog is a cutie!

  14. I do wish animals could talk! They would just say the most insane things!!

  15. Awwwe she’s so cute!! Glad she had a good 1st day of school. And you’ll have to do a vlog on that soccer trick if she ever learns it! 😉

  16. What a sweet pup you have! You are making my puppy fever kick in.

  17. Happy’s adorableness nearly killed me. SO CUTE!!

  18. Aw, so cute! I wish I could teach my cat how to nutmeg! haha 😉

  19. So how was day two of obedience training? We put our two sharpeis through several months of training too. They wanted us to work with them every 2 hours at home to learn the skills, but with two working parents, there was not enough time to do all that at home training that is required. But they are good girls and we love them no less for not learning all those tricks!

    • Day two went really well!! She’s getting a lot better at staying after we get her to sit. She is now consistently waiting for us to give her the “go-ahead” before dive-bombing into her foodbowl. Adddorable.

  20. Paula

    I’m super late in responding to this, but have to comment how freakin’ cute she is! I love her. She looks just like a mini border collie, so she must have lots of BC in her. Oh, and I do agility with my border collie, so don’t knock it til you try it. lol!

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