Psssst, Tweet Tweet…over here!

I have a confession to make.

I never really understood why people (including my boyfriend) were so into Twitter.

About a year ago, I made a personal twitter account on a whim.  I’d say I spent a good 5 minutes looking up celebrities and the like to “follow,” and after seeing their tweets fill my screen with a crazy number of updates, I quickly found myself feeling overwhelmed with what I had just signed up for. Hello, useless-information-overload.

I didn’t see the point in following a bunch of celebrities that I really could care less about, and I didn’t really know who out of my friends had twitter, and who didn’t.

Don’t wanna listen to any more celebrity nonsense!

Now, facebook? That’s a different story.  I’ve been using that baby since 2004 and feel quite at home with it. I can easily find any of my friends (and their brother’s sister’s second-cousin) on the-book-of-face.  So to make a long story short, my stint with twitter lasted about… mmm… a day.

See ya, Twitter

Fast-forward to 2011.

When I created this blog I was pretty against the idea of creating a *new* twitter account  to go along with it.  But for some reason (still) unknown to me, I decided to create one anyway.

Enter: happytalesblog, my new twitter account.

Now let me just say one thing: I never saw this coming. I never thought I’d actually be utilizing this social networking tool. But I’ve got to admit, this girl is definitely enjoying’ the world of the little blue tweety bird.

And why am I enjoying it so much? Well, that’s easy to explain.

This time around, I created my account and “unfollowed” all of the pre-loaded celebrities/businesses that new accounts come with, and I restrained from “following” any celebrities that would cause my twitter-feed to go crazy. Starting from scratch like this allowed me to follow the people/blogs that I myself choose to follow.

Now that I’ve been using twitter for a few weeks, I’ve realized that it has opened my eyes up to a whole new dimension of the blog world. Conversing with bloggers in ways other than blog comments has really helped me build upon the relationships that I’ve started to establish. I really like knowing that I am still a part of the blog world even if I don’t get a post up every day (because yes, I am human… and being in graduate school, working at the Y and training for a marathon (and training a puppy), believe it or not, takes up a lot of time!) I really enjoy having this additional avenue to converse with others.

Oh! And I must say, all of y’all who did that little #FF thing to me this past Friday? Y’all are awesome. I had no idea what #FF meant until I looked it up, and it made me so happy to see my name thrown out there!

For those of you who have no idea what #FF (Follow Friday) means…here’s an explanation: Every Friday, twitter users recommend/highlight people they follow and “promote” these people by tweeting #FF @twittername.

I can’t thank these girls enough  for selecting me as their #FF this past Friday…I am sure it helped get my name out there so others could find my blog…

Kelly (another adorable Charlottean)

Morgan (a rockin’ Ohio girl!)

Meg (a fellow Furmanite)

Lindsay (she did it last week when I had no idea what #FF meant!)

– and Tiffany (another hilarious Charlottean and doggy-mama to bebe Lincoln)

Oh, and of course a shoutout to Heather for just being all-around awesome and welcoming me into the blog world with big open arms.

So tell me, do you have a twitter? If you do, leave your twitter name in the comments section so I can follow you! And if you feel so inclined, you can  follow me @happytalesblog.

And for those of you who are not on twitter… I highly recommend you join in on the fun! I never thought I’d stray from the good ‘ole Facebook, but it looks like I’ve become a convert (but don’t you worry diehard facebook fans… I’ll still be a facebook user,  too).



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34 responses to “Psssst, Tweet Tweet…over here!

  1. I feel the same way about Twitter as you used to, but you’re really swaying me! I’m going to try to make one for my blog soon! Thanks for the words of wisdom, and by the way, so happy to have “met” you! 🙂

  2. I love twitter for that fact that i can post completely random things and that’s totally okay. I also love twitter for being able to participate in twitter chats with it– which has led me to meet some of the most amazing people!!! Also when i need some encouragement or a swift kick in the arrrrse, twitter and my peeps are always there! It’s so great 🙂

  3. So I’m sitting here typing this with one hand while the other pet Lincoln, he is all curled up next to me, he’s so in love with his mama!

    I didn’t get on the Twitter train until this past fall. Blog peeps kept telling me to get on there to keep myself in the loop so I did and now love it but still feel more comfortable with FB. And don’t feel silly, I have no clue what #FF was until a month again. I will be a dork and admit that I had to google it!!

  4. Ashley

    Time for me to go clean up my Twitter account, I love that advice 🙂

  5. I am obsessed with Twitter. Facebook is kind of annoying to me and I mainly se it to stay in contact with my family and close friends who I dont see much… but twitter? Or Twitter is a whole other monster. I’ve met awesome people and found amazing blogs on Twitter. I bought my road bike on Twitter. I get to cheer on my favorite sports teams with people other than my husband…and watching award shows? You gotta have Twitter open. It’s like no other experience.

    I’m glad you found me on Twitter 🙂

  6. Twitter has actually really been great for reaching out to my community. I have tweeted with numerous local restaurants, breweries, and businesses! We’re also planning a blogger meetup for next Thursday, all from talking on Twitter! It’s truly an amazing social networking tool.

    I’m following you on Twitter now! My twitter name is @goblueELTblog 🙂

  7. Haha! I feel the exact same way about twitter as you used to! I just never understood it. I had Facebook and all my friends had Facebook and in my mind all twitter was, was just a Facebook status website. That being said, I do have a twitter account (@thisitalianrach), but to be honest I’ve only used it to post about a couple of giveaways. Maybe I should try to utilize it more?

    • That’s exactly what I thought Twitter was — just facebook status updates! And I guess it kind of is… in a way. But that’s one of my favorite parts about FB — the status updates! So that might be why I’m liking twitter so much. I do hope you get into it more! I’ve found it’s an awesome way to communicate with bloggers when you don’t have time to post on your own blog (or others’ blogs)… give it another shot!

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  9. Geraldine

    I joined Twitter a couple of years ago and did nearly the exact same thing as you, followed celebrities and then wondered “Is this it? Is this what all the fuss was about?!” I Tweeted twice then unsubscribed. At the minute I’m just starting my blog too so maybe I’ll rejoin Twitter and see if it helps connect me with fellow bloggers! Fingers crossed.

  10. I just followed you with my blog’s twitter! It’s mandyTAP.

    p.s. your little pictures are so cute. I love those cats. 😀

  11. I’ll go follow you….twitter is fun, but sometimes I still neglect it!

  12. i thought only crazy people used twitter. So i got one and now i am obsesseddd!

  13. I did the same thing with twitter! I signed up for an account and followed random celebrities–then I realized what a complete waste of time it was and totally forgot about it! Until I started up my blog–then I realized how great it is! That being said, there are still days where I don’t tweet at all. And I like it that way. 🙂

    • Haha so glad you know how it best suits you 🙂 I think they should have a tutorial for what NOT to do when people sign up… as it seems like so many people follow celebrities initially!

  14. I’m so glad to see you jumped on it. It took me a bit and now I can’t look back. Welcome to the dark side 🙂

  15. gosh, I have a twitter account as well, but like you, am COMPLETELY overwhelmed by it. I just don’t see the point if I have Facebook. Why do you feel it’s worth it? I’d like to hear, ’cause I just can’t get into it.

    • I feel like my twitter is basically for all the of the bloggers that I keep up with (and am constantly finding!) and FB is more for “real-world” and past friends that I have… like college, HS, abroad, family. It’s kind of nice that the two are seperate (at least they are right now) because it helps me keep track easier. I don’t think i’d be as in the blogger “loop” if I didn’t use Twitter. It makes it a lot easier to keep up with the blogworld, even if I don’t post for a few days. And having a presence in the twitter world I feel has helped build my readership a little bit.

  16. joey


    I’m following you. : )

  17. My road to a twitter account is very similar to yours. I didn’t really understand the point. Even when I started my blog, I was NOT going to sign up. Then I did. It took me awhile to get the hang of it, but when I did I was hooked!

    It was nice to “meet” you at #fitblog tonight. Hopefully we’ll be participating again together in the future.

  18. Oh my gosh I just saw this post – you are so sweet to link to me. I love Twitter, I pretty much neglect Facebook entirely now!

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