Oh, Happy Day!

So, a part of me thinks I have some new readers (hey guys!) … or y’all are just commenting more… Either way,  I love it and I’m so glad you stopped/continue to stop by!


They call me Happy… I pretty much run this place

Here on Happy Tales, each Sunday is deemed as Oh, Happy Day! and is used as a platform to brag… er…talk… about our little ball of energy. Want to see some more Oh, Happy Day! posts? Check ‘em out  here, here, here here and here.

Now that we’re well into February (seriously though…where did January go?), y’all might be wondering how our little Happinator is doing in obedience school. Well, I am pleased to report that she is doing pretty well!


Sir, yes, SIR!

She certainly has picked up a few more commands… such as “stay” (…“stay” is the most important command in puppy school), “take it,” “leave it,” “drop it” and “come.”  When we practice at home, Happy has these commands down pat. But whenever we get into the puppy classroom setting (aka… a corral set up smack-dab in middle of PetSmart) Happy tends to get distracted by anything and  everything that is happening outside of the coral in the actual store.

What’s this now? A PetSmart worker rolling a cart full of merchandise to the back of the store? Happy’s attention is quickly diverted to the squeaky wheels of the cart.  A customer in the store randomly stops by to watch the class in session? Happy thinks it’s her new best friend and tries to get her to join the party.


NOIZES!!! Wat iz DAT?!


U herd it tu?

I don’t want to discredit her, though. Happy has, in fact, accomplished quite a bit in class… and she is by far one of our instructor’s favorites

The instructor, Anthony, says that he could get her to pay attention better and be more *obedient* in class, but he said that it would require being extra tough on her and breaking her happy-go-lucky spirit. Break her spirit, you say?Ummmm, no thank you! We love our pup little pup just as she is! As long as she’s good at home, that’s all the matters to me and Ryan.

Here’s a video Ryan took of Happy a few weeks ago to show Anthony what she is capable of.

Happy dominates “stay,” “sit,” “shake” and “nutmeg”

When Anthony saw this video last week, he was floored. In fact, he told us that if we could work Happy super hard this week and get her to “stay” for minutes on end, we can go ahead and move right into the intermediate classes next week and forget about the rest of the beginner classes.

Tonight’s class determines whether or not Happy can “skip a grade.” We worked quite a bit with her this week, but nothing too hard. I’ll make sure to report back with what Anthony decides… but to be honest, we’re perfectly content with her staying in the beginner classes.

In case the first video wasn’t entertaining enough… here’s yet another video. This one is from puppy class last week. You’ll see Anthony schooling all of the pups, ha! (Make sure to check out Happy on the far left).


Oh yes, tonight’s class should be interesting…

In the meantime, we’re all gearing up to watch some football over at Caitlin’s –She’s hosting a superbowl party, and we’re all so excited! That’s right, even the Happster get’s to come! Caitlin and I met up on Friday and Happy got to play with James and Maggie while Caitlin and I did some work.



I’m sure tonight will be a puppy-lovefest, as I know there’s going to be at least 5 other pups there. Ohhh I can’t wait for the madness!


Iz time fo sum FUH-BAHHH!!

Did/do any of you find that your pups do better at home than in a public setting? Who are you hoping to win the Superbowl? Do y’all have outfits for your pups for sporting events?

Hope y’all enjoyed the video’s!



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30 responses to “Oh, Happy Day!

  1. Omg girl that sounds like so much fun for you! Have a great time and I can’t wait to see pictures later!

  2. Things def change in public. I mean, even for humans, imagine the difference in comfort level between home and a crowded mall? Mastering her skills in public is a whole different ball game and when that happens, then I think you can truly say she’s “learned” them.

    Have fun tonight!

  3. Awwwwwww!!!! Happy is too cute! 🙂 I love the videos!

    Have a great time tonight!

  4. Olives biggest motivation to listen to us is food. Basically no matter where we are. Which actually meant that when we were in puppy class she tended to do better than at home – because we brought extra special treats to class to get her attention!

  5. Aww! Happy is such a good puppy!

  6. just reading more 🙂 or more readers; either way. you’re just the best reader ever I love your blog and love your comments. I so wish I was an animal person! your pup is too cute

  7. Have a great time at the party!! Your dog is adorable!

  8. She is the cutest thing ever!!! I wish I could actually train my dog..(She’s trained me!!!) Love the videos!

  9. I seriously just want to steal your puppy!!! 😀 She is sooo cute. And ummm…yes…I’ll say my dogs do better at the house than in public. 🙂 They think they own the place.

  10. aw, such a CUTE pup!

    and I LOVE the photo with Maggie… she is TOTALLY giving the Side Eye… 🙂

  11. Great meeting you last night! Happy is a real cutie! I think Clyde had fun with her! Hope to see you again soon!

  12. omgosh, I’m so impressed!

    and I couldn’t help but crack up at her little face as he kept telling her to stay. Awww, Happy.

    can she come visit VA Beach and teach Chloe how to be a good girl? 🙂

  13. Oh my goodness, I just love Happy so much! It’s so great that she is so smart! What a clever little girl with such great parents. 🙂

    Oreo absolutely does better at home than in public. He is perfectly obedient and really the perfect dog at home. And then we take him out to the dog park and he suddenly forgets his name and takes off running, haha! We’re working on that still. 😉

    • I totally hear ya! Ryan and I feel that as long as she is good at home, that is good enough for us. I’m sure she’ll get more low-key (ie not wanting to play with every single person who walks by) out in public with time… but that’ll just be icing on the cake! She’s pretty much an angel at home (so far…)

  14. Happy is such a smarty! I love this idea of giving your pet a special recap day!! It’s an excuse to take extra pet pics 🙂

  15. It was a pleasure meeting you last night as well! Can’t wait to hang out again, and love Happy – such a cute dog!!

  16. Happy is SO cute, and that scared-looking little puppy who wouldn’t come when called at first was pretty adorable too. When I had a puppy she did great when we were home together, but not in class. And when we were out walking and other people were around (which is when I really wanted her under control) she was WILD – not good. How was the puppy bowl?

    • Aw, I know… that little pup is actually pretty shy… but she is SO well behaved. Personally, though, I think I’d rather have a pup with “spunk and sass” rather than one that is shy. The puppy bowl was a BLAST!!!! Happy was all over the place and loved all of the other dogs. She was sooo tired when we got home. Perfection.

  17. That’s great that Happy is doing so well in obedience school! Rascal used to get super distracted by other dogs as well and has only recently been able to focus more (and he’s 4!) He’s also been known to act out in Pet Smart, but that’s usually in retaliation for a nail trimming. He really hates those.

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