Rewinding back to the weekend — The Super Bowl!

When I last left you, I mentioned that Ryan and I were going to take Happy to obedience school later in the day.

Mmmm yeah, that didn’t happen.

Instead, Ryan ended up taking her to the dog park while I studied for my biostats test (so glad that baby is all turned in!) When they got back from the dog park, Happy came bounding through the door as a stinky furball of nastiness!  And because we were short on time, (I mean helloooo, we are very important people and have places to be on Sunday nights, duh) we ended up cuttin’ class and giving the Happinator a bath instead. I know, we’re so scandalous. Obviously looks (and smells) come before education in this household. (Oh and in case you missed the sarcasm, I was totally kidding about the VIP comment… we didn’t even have Super Bowl plans until I met up with Caitlin two days prior).




Stinky pup, in da tub


So fresh so clean!


You may call me: 'Princess HappyTales'


I command you: Let me free!

Yeah, in your dreams, pupsqueak.

Mmmkay great. Moving on!

Once Happy was all dried off and dolled up in her football outfit (aka, her Halloween costume) we headed over to Caitlin’s for her Super Bowl party!

This was my first time meeting some of the other Charlotte bloggers, and it was such a great time! Caitlin even opened up the party to all of our pups (Maggie, James, Rascal, Clyde, Billy Jean and Happy) so there was a psuedo-puppy bowl going on, too! All in all there were 20 people, 1 baby,  6 dogs and a wide array of  delicious, lick-your-fingers-clean-good  food.

Seeing as all of the girls in attendance are healthy living/food bloggers, the spread of food was top-notch (read: creative, healthy and delicious!)  I’m pretty sure that most, if not all, of the food was vegetarian (and dare I say, Ryan, “Mr. It’sNotAMealUnlessThere’sMEATOnMyPlate” enjoyed it, too!)

The spread consisted of socca, a lotta dips (artichoke (!!), black bean corn salsa, nut pate), hummus,  pita chips and veggies for dippin, potato sliders, veggie chili, raw dough balls, puppychow and the best dang  peanutbutter coconut bars my tastebuds have ever tasted. (Seriously, check the recipe out on Kelly’s blog—vegan and made outta chickpeas!)

See for yourself…


Pita crisps, chips, veggies and dips galore (hummus, nut pate, salsa)


Sadly I didn’t get a picture of Brittney’s deeelicious vegetarian chili, so I’m stealing one from her blog to share Smile

a la Brittney



Raw cookie dough balls and a hummus platter


Michelle and Lori’s socca dish!


Made outta garbanzo bean flour!

Veggies galore for dippin’


Dippity dip dip

Roasted Red Pepper dip


So good

Aaaand dessert(s)


Puppy Chow and Peanut Butter Coconut Bars (!!)

The girls piled into the back room and squeezed around a glass table to enjoy all of the delicious grub. The table was pretty low to the ground, so we had to fend off some of the feisty pups (cough, cough…Happy!!!!)

I gotta say, this was the first time Happy has been exposed to a situation where she can grab food, and man oh man, did she take advantage! At home, we never (ever!) feed her from the table or give her people food, so having all of us girls  eating at “her level” was a whole new experience for her! With all of her stalking, she was actually able to nab a PB Coconut Bar off of Kelly’s plate… talk about pure bliss for that little pup. And after her little bite of heaven, Happy was circling the table like a shark!


nom nom nom

While the boys did this…


Welcome to the mancave

Football watchin’ (photo courtesy of Brittney)

And the puppies did this…


Puppy Bowl, 2011

(Billy Jean and Happy had a wrestling match that lasted a good, ohhh, 20 minutes.)


Pinned ya!


I don’t think Maggie was to keen on the craziness…

…The girls enjoyed a plethora of arts and crafts in the backroom! The amazing Nicole brought over a huge assortment of lovey-dovey Valentine’s Day decorations so that we could work our artistic magic (or lack thereof, ha!) and create V-Day cards for the upcoming holiday.


Pretty in Pink

Workin’ it


Puppychow and wine served as our crafting fuel


Caitlin and Cindi pause for a picture


Kelly and her masterpiece



My final product:


HootyHooot! (Any Chi Omega’s out there?)

Eventually the pups wanted to join…

(Surprise surprise, Princess HappyTales granted us with her presence)


I command you: Gimme mo’ PB coconut barsssss!

Fat chance, little one. You’ve been marked.


That’s right. Scarlet letter, Valentine’s Day style


Maggie never fails to win our hearts…

Brittney and Michelle


Hey girl heyyyyy


Cuddletime with Caitlin!

Once our cards were made, we did a little switch-a-roo and made the boys guess who made each card. (Surprisingly, they happily obliged, even with the minutes ticking away on the clock!)


And of course, my masterpiece is now currently up on the fridge… (HA! We’ll see how long it lasts up there…)


One last picture of a handful of the girls…  (Caitlin, Michelle, Jen, Kayla, me, Kelly.

Not pictured: Cindi, the twins Lori & Michele, Brittney, Kate


All in all it was SUCH  a fun night!! Probably the best Super Bowl party I’ve been to! Although, I am sad that I missed all of the commercials (us girls were too busy craftin’ away and terrorizing playing with the pups)!

For those of you who watched, are there any commercials worth looking up on YouTube?



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25 responses to “Rewinding back to the weekend — The Super Bowl!

  1. What a great party! All the dips and desserts look phenomenal! I need to meet some of the Chicago bloggers! I thought the Volkswagen Darth Vader commercial was the best!

  2. Fun party! All the food looks amazing. The crafts turned out great, though I think I would have rather watched the game haha. I’m just not a crafty person!

    We feed Roxie table scraps all the time, but only because she has never begged. She’ll sit and look at you, but she doesn’t get up in your business, doesn’t climb on top of anyone, and doesn’t generally drool on you. If she had turned into a begger, I would have stopped it immediately, but I can deal with her looking at me. She also very rarely does this with strangers, just us. It worked out!

    • Wow, that is incredible about Roxie… I’m super impressed! Luckily, Happy hasn’t brought her begging/scavengering ways back to our apartment… I am hoping it was just a one time thing!

  3. The commercials were kinda lame this year, I thought. You didn’t miss much! Although the VW Darth Vader one was super cute.


  4. I’m not an Chi-O (I’m an AEPhi), but my roommate during my first year of college at my first university was a Chi-O (and if I had stayed at that school, I probably would have been one).
    Anyway, cute card! 🙂 I love it!!!
    And it looks like you had a fun night! I definitely want to have a big blogger party some day! 😀

  5. Oh my goodness, how amazing is this! I wish there were other bloggers in my city, but so far I’ve found nada. 😦 Looks like you had oh so much fun, though! 🙂

    The kid dressed as Darth Vader was absolutely my favorite!

  6. WOW! Sounds like a great party! Wish I lived closer so I could have joined the festivities! The food looks sooo yummy! 🙂 Great post girl! ps you pup is super adorable!

  7. Great pics and recap! That was a fun night! Hope to see you again soon!!

  8. Wa wa wee wa, what a spread!

    The NFL did this cute “Best Fans Ever” commercial where they took clips from popular TV shows over the years (Modern Family, Friends, Cheers, The Simpsons, etc) and made it look as if they were watching the big game.

  9. um ryan looks a little wet after that bath there. SO jealous of your super partayyy

  10. Rhonda

    What a fun party! 🙂

  11. Wow-it looks like you all had a fabulous weekend and a great Super Bowl party! I wish I lived closer to Charlotte just to get together with all of you-such a great mix of health and fitness interests!

  12. haah.. I didn’t watch, either. booo-ring! I’d rather paint wine glasses!

    I LOVE the raw cookie dough balls.. just mah style.

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