Guess Who?

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I’d like to take some time to brag talk about how awesome my boyfriend is at coming up with creative gifts.

I hereby present to you pictures from our first Valentine’s Day together…circa 2009.

First, Ryan sent flowers to my work place. This may not seem like a big deal to many of you, but up until I dated Ryan, I had only received flowers a handful of times — once from my boyfriend in high school, and twice from my mother (high school and college graduations). In fact, a week after Ryan and I met he called me on his way home from the airport, asking if he could stop by and say “hello” before heading home and unpacking his suitcase (we weren’t dating at this point). When he showed up, I opened the door and found him standing on the doorstep with a huge smile on his face, holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Talk about butterflies. I pretty much knew right then that this boy was worth giving a chance.  Looks like I was right.


Me and my supervisor, LaTisha

(Sidenote: yes, I am wearing jeans at work… this was during my year-long stint the AmeriCorps. I worked at a medical clinic and gave HIV medical care and support services to patients… I had to “dress down” in order to relate better with my patients).

Once I met up with Ryan at his place, he told me to sit down and close my eyes because he had something to surprise me with. (Wow… bet ya can’t tell from these pics that two boys lived there, huh? I mean really, check out that foosball table…)


Specially gift-wrapped, a la fleece blanket


Hmm, I wonder…



Call me a dork, but I love boardgames (minus Monopoly…)



It's not like I'm excited or anything…

You know what makes this present even better?! The fact that it’s a personalized edition of Guess Who!!

That’s right. Ryan and his artistic-genius self crafted a version of Guess Who based on a mix of our very own family and friends.

Not only do I love board games, but I also love my friends and family. Ryan (obviously) took note of how much I missed my far away loved ones and found a way to bring them closer.

Um yeah. Just take a look at my face when I flipped over the little plastic doodads and realized they weren’t the old cartoon characters I remembered from my childhood.


o.m.g. HowDidTheirFacesGetOnThere?!?!?!


(I’m all squeals at this point)


Checkin’ out the cards

Apparently, he spent a few weeks beforehand chattin’ up my buddies on Facebook asking for their help. They all sent him headshots of themselves so he could photoshop them onto the Guess Who template he made based on the game.


Oh, hi, friends!


The setup

I kid you not, the version Ryan made looks like the real deal! The cards are shiny and printed on cardstock, just like the ones in the original game. Not only did the characters include my family and friends, but half of the cards were close people to Ryan. They included friends from high school and college, family members from both sides, and even our pet dogs (my momma’s pup, Chance, and Ryan’s Dad’s dog, Andi). This present was so thoughtful because we both live so far away from our respective homes (him, Arkansas and me, Ohio/Florida), it helped “introduce” the important people in each of our lives.

Seriously now, how awesome is that?!!?


Playin a few rounds



After a few rounds of Guess Who, I gave Ryan his present…


In addition to a journal, (Ryan likes to write… in fact, he even has his own blog and blogs for his company’s website and encouraged me to start my own) I surprised Ryan with a decorative candle votive filled with 200+ hearts that I cut out of colored paper. I wrote something special on each heart for him to read every morning. He pretty much opened a new heart when he woke up for the next 8 months! (Sounds familiar to the Christmas present he gave me a year ago, right?)! I think we’re both on the same page when it comes to giving gifts that keep on giving…

We finally took a break from our game playin’ and hit up a Japanese Habichi Grill for dinner.


So delish!

Do you all have any special Valentine’s Day memories? What’s the most thoughtful gift you’ve given/received?

Oh, and on a completely unrelated note, (I literally just found out and am so pleased that I just have to share!)… I got a 97% on my second biostatistics test!!!!!!! And this baby was worth 20% of my final grade! *SO HAPPY!*



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33 responses to “Guess Who?

  1. Aw you’re both so sweet!

  2. Congrats on the biostats test!!

    Matt is cooking me dinner on Monday, so that will be a nice change. Last year he sent me a package with some scented candles (this boy has never touched a scented candle in his life!), candy hearts, and a few other things. It was super cute!

  3. That is seriously the most awesome gift ever!! I definitely want to do this now!! Is there a website he visited to personalize the game? I need to check it out!!! Haha! Have a happy V-day this weekend, girl!

    • OKAY! So I just checked with Ryan, and this is what he said…”a website had the EPS files for the backs of the cards–I think it was just a question mark. The rest obviously was me (getting the photos of people). You just need to have photoshop or gimp software to be able to ‘cutout’ heads for the cards…kind of like trimming around them.”

      I hope that helped! Let me know if you need any more clarification, I have zero clue in the world what “EPS” or “gimp software” means!

  4. Those are both ADORABLE gift ideas!

  5. that is SO cool. I love that version of Guess Who, cause you can ask questions that are related to the people, what they do, and your life instead of just questions based on their looks. HOW cool!? major bonus points for your boy!

  6. lauravirginia

    That Guess Who is awesome! Go Ryan!

  7. YOU GO GIRL! (on that test)

    Also, this is so precious! I LOVE what he did with the Guess Who game. So precious!

    And totally random, but I have that same candle holder. I loved our sparkly it is! It’s currently doubling as a vase with some flowers Christopher recently brought me. 😀

  8. Great post today, do you allow guest post?

  9. This is the cutest post ever!! LOVE IT!!

  10. Those are the best V-Day gifts ever! You guys are so sweet!

  11. In 2007 my BF surprised me with a day trip to Chicago to see Wicked! It was pretty much the greatest thing I could’ve imagined. I’m terrible with coming up with anything creative to get people. The Guess Who game is an absolutely amazing idea!

  12. Jen

    Aww, those are two super cute gifts! And congrats on the biostats test. Awesome job 🙂

  13. I thinking getting flowers is one of my favorite gifts to receive. The personalized game is such a cute touch too! Hope you have fun celebrating this year!

  14. oatsandspice

    Wow your husband is adorable – I love how he got you the board game guess who – that seriously used to be my favorite game of ALL TIME 🙂 I haven’t played in forever though!

    And I know you’ve been reading my blog 🙂 — but I just wanted to give you a heads up that I am having a giveaway this week!

  15. The personalized guess who game ROCKS! I also love the heart Idea you had 🙂 it’s a really thoughtful gift!

  16. i used to LOVE Guess Who as a kid! and the fact it was personalized, wow, what a great present. must’ve taken some work!

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