Oh, Happy Day!

I’ve always been a big proponent of slumber parties. Back when I was a wee one, I was always one of the last to fall asleep. I was always that girl who would try to rally the troops to stay up as late as possible. In fact, I remember one instance at my bestie’s birthday bash back in the 4th grade (that’d be you, Troller!!)… me and the birthday girl tried to stay up the whole night by sneaking into the kitchen and eating coffee beans straight out of the coffee can.


Not exactly my brightest moment…yick.

Prrrrobably one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever tasted. But it sure made for a fun night! Needless to say, I’ve always been *that girl* who causes everyone to get yelled at by sleepy, woken-up parents.  (Oh, and to this day, I still hate the taste of coffee.)

Random Question: did any of y’all call each other by last names growing up? It seems like EVERYONE in my high school/jr high referred to one another by their last name… In fact, it wasn’t until after college that people started calling me “Allison.” It was a weird adjustment. You can pretty much tell which stage of my life people know me from by what they call me (i.e.  Allie= family, Allison = post college, Rice (or any form thereof = jr high/high school/college. Kinda neat!)

Annnnyway. Fast-forward to October 2010. Two weeks after adopting Happy, Ryan went on a 24-hour business trip. Until this point, Ryan was vehemently against having Happy sleep with us. I consented, because if the tables were turned, I know I’d be annoyed to have an intruder in bed I didn’t want there (no offence, Happs.) Well, with Ryan gone, guess who took advantage of the situation and had herself a little slumber partayyyyy?!!?


mmmmhm…You know how we do

That’s right, the Happster and I had a big ole sleepy-fest in the big bed.  And it was oh-so-fun for the little pup!


See? I curl up so small you can’t even tell I’m here.

I could tell she loved snuggling up and being surrounded by all of the pillows. Of course, when Ryan asked how things went when he returned, I said, “Oh it was great! Happy and I had a slumber party… on the couch….” Yep, I totally told a white lie.

Fast forward to Christmas 2010. Ryan and I spent a week at my mom’s house in Florida and she insisted that we keep Happy in her crate at night so that her own pup, Bella, wouldn’t freak out about having another dog loose in the house. Well, the only reasonable place for Happy’s crate was my room, and Happy’s puppy-dog eyes and oh-so-youthful ears convinced Ryan that because she was in our room anyway, she might as well be free from the crate. So where does this crate-free puppy end up sleeping? Umm…hello? THE BED!! (duh).


Pillow of Happiness

I was soooo excited that Ryan came around and decided it was okay for Happy to sleep with us. I spilled the news right then and there that I had actually let her sleep with me when he was outta town a few months earlier, and all he could do was laugh (I think deep down he knew that might’ve happened…)

Needless to say, Happy has been spending the night with us ever since. And we love it. She is just the cutest little thing, and I can’t help but smile when I wake up to her face (and those ears) every single morning.

Seriously now, who wouldn’t want to wake up to this face?


Wahhhh.wakeup.WakeUp.WAKEUP andLOVEME!!!!!!!!!!!

For all of you dog-owners out there, do you let your pups sleep with you? And have you heard about the health dangers  of letting your pets sleep in bed? Check out this article if you haven’t! Oh, and are there any other coffee-haters out there (tea is another story, I love me some tea…)



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37 responses to “Oh, Happy Day!

  1. Roxie could sleep with me if she wanted to, but she actually sleeps under the bed (my bed was on risers). She likes her space and the fairly tight confines under there. It’s basically her comfort zone. She used to sleep with us sometimes though.

    And I’m sorry but if your dog lives in the house and gets cleaned regularly (not necessarily bathed, since bathing too much can be bad for their skin/fur), none of those diseases will end up in your house! We did have fleas once, that sucked. She slept in the hallway that week!

  2. I don’t have a dog right now, but i did, it would definitely sleep with me! When I go home to my parents house, there’s a cat that sleeps with me. However, I’m allergic to cats, so that causes some problems. Your dog is really cute, and seems like a great snuggle-r!

  3. In high school all the boys at my school went by their last names, and so did my group of girl friends. To this day we still call each other by our last nights, it’s funny to watch people’s faces when it happens.
    Until we moved into our new house both of my cats slept with us, and it wasn’t ever a problem. We just had lots of cat hair everywhere.

  4. I wish I had a pup, but I don’t know if I’d let it sleep with me. Depends on how cute it was 😉 haha! I miss slumber parties, and I was always the crazy one trying to keep everyone up too!! Miss those days!

  5. I grew up always sleeping with my pup at my parents–it’s the best way to sleep! 🙂

  6. Aww too cute! I would let my cat sleep with me, but she is too squirmy and likes to run around every 2 minutes. It’s actually quite annoying. 😛

    Oh, and I was ALWAYS called by my last name in high school. I thought it would stop once I entered college but a few guys in my department call me by my last name. Ugh… maybe it’s a guy thing?

  7. We only let Dex sleep with us when it’s realllly cold! And he has to sleep on top of the comforter.
    On those night I am sandwiched between Dave and Dex and I stay nice and toasty.

  8. Lilly doesn’t sleep with us. In fact, as of right now, she still isn’t allowed upstairs. (It’s nice to have a fur-free zone, I must admit!). I would actually like her to sleep in our room, but not on the bed, but she loooooves her crate. So for now, we’re good. When she gets a bit more mature, then we’ll see.


    • Oh wow! Has she ever seen the upstairs at all (like, does she even know it’s there!?) Perhaps ignorance really is bliss… and if she doesn’t know it’s there, she’ll never know any better!

  9. We have two dogs. They were rescues from the shelter and we didn’t want them to sleep in our room or our bed. So we set them with comfy puppy beds in an extra room. They howled and cried and pooed in that room for 3 days. We finally gave in and let them in our room but put them on the floor. They instantly jumped in bed and have been there since.

  10. this is a huge hot button for us, b/c we started letting my puppy sleep in the bed when she was a few months old bc it sounded like someone was skinning her alive in her crate and we caved. it was fune, then a few mnths later she started getting pissy, like when we moved she would growl at us! it got worse and worse, and so when we move in our house next week we are going to try to make her and her sister (who lready slept in a chair on our room) sleep NOT in the bed!

  11. never let my dogs sleep with me when we had dogs…b/c they were bed hogs 🙂

  12. Such a cute picture of your PUP! 🙂

  13. Jen

    So cute! My furball sleeps in between us in the bed. And both my husband and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
    In my old job, I worked in zoonotic diseases (diseases animals pass to humans, like the ones mentioned in that article) and the majority of the scientists I worked with allowed their dogs and cats to sleep with them. The risk appears worth it 😉

  14. Aww this is so cute. 🙂

    Oreo gets to snuggle with us on the couch and we take naps with him there, but not in the bed. He sheds too much, snores too loudly and takes up way too much space for us to share the bed with him, haha!

    • Well at least Oreo gets snuggle time on the couch! We are just now realizing that Happy is starting to shed…she hasn’t up until now! Must be the warmer temperatures that are triggering it, hehe

  15. Chloe is STILL adjusting to not being allowed up on the bed. 🙂 poor thing. I sure get barked at a whole lot while she learns!

    and OMG, you did?! Catawba is sooo small.. I bet you big money I know her! If you see anyone again, definitely be “that girl” and ask if they know Aly Halter. 90% chance that person will say yes! 🙂 small world, huh?

    speaking of which, I may be moving to the area in the future! what HAPPY news, no?

    • ahhh that is AWESOME news!!!!!! Charlotte is suuuuuch a great city! You and little Chloe would love living here… esp with all of the parks! OMG you have to keep me updated!

      And yes, I was totally planning on asking her and being “that girl” (even though I didn’t know your full name) but she was like waaaayyyy into her music (she wasn’t even looking up!) Next time, i’ll throw a shoe at her to get her attention. (Totally kidding. maybe…)

  16. I don’t know how people with little dogs don’t let them sleep in bed with them! I need Lincoln to cuddle up with when I hit the hay….even if he is a typical man and leaves in the middle of the night. As long as he is there when I fall asleep, it’s all good!

  17. always opt for the chocolate covered coffee beans 🙂 I am NOT a wet-dog-nose in the morning person haha you can keep those tongue lick kisses to yourself. I’m all into the nice petting of dogs though

  18. Your puppy is adorable! I have a German Shepherd and an air bed, which means it’s dog-free zone.

    I am a coffee and tea lover! I have both every day!

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