Spring Feverrrr!

So I know that a lot of the country has been facing a pretty harsh winter (seriously, I feel like all I hear on the news is talk about airport closings and the next snowpocalypse or flurricane…) but Charlotte, NC has been experiencing some pretty amazing weather these past few weeks. Actually, I can only truly remember as far back as last Thurs/Wed… but it sure has felt like we’ve been having weeks and weeks of nicer weather. (I really hope I didn’t just jinx the South…)


buzz buzz buzzzzzz

Now, I don’t want to downplay the seriousness of depression or any other form of mental illness by any means, but I genuinely do think I suffer from some degree of SAD (seasonal affective disorder). It’s not that I’m consciously sad or full on down during the winter months (in fact, I absolutely LOVE the Holiday season… and consider the days from October 31st- January 1st as my all time favorite time of the year!) but I always find myself feeling just, so… rejuvenated, and grateful…when the temperature starts to warm around this time of year. (Dear Mother Nature, pahleeeeease let these warmer temperatures stick around!)

This past week or so I’ve noticed that the days are staying lighter longer, and I can’t help but smile. (However, this new-found joy may also be due to the fact my after-work commute home — yes, all 5 minutes of it– is now starting to be made in the daylight…or at least, the faint glimmer of sunset).


Regardless, it’s  a sign that longer days are here to stay. And you know what that means?! After-work walks to the park!!!!! WITH HAPPY!!! Because even after running her around all morning, she still has SO MUCH energy stored up when Ryan and I get home from work at night! It truly amazes me. Actually, this just reminded me of a quote from my favorite TV show… Modern Family: “She has to run every day or she goes crazy, she’s like a border collie.” Ryan would probably say this quote applies to both me and Happy. And I’m not too sure I could argue with him… ha. I think I plead the fifth.

Anyway, I guess it’s days like today, and yesterday (and this past weekend) that really make me appreciate “the good.” Not saying that winter is “bad,”per se, but it’s not exactly my favorite kind of weather. I mean…I did spend practically an entire year in heaven Australia, and as a result, I experienced a year and a half straight of spring/summer-type weather. It was pure bliss.


Pure bliss

Case in point: I finished up my sophomore year of college  (USA spring ‘06) and spent the summer before I went abroad workin’ at home in Cincinnati (USA summer ‘06)…then I jetted off to Australia and experienced their springtime weather…which turned into summer and eventually fall. And when I headed back to States in May ‘07, I was welcomed home to yet another spring season, and then summer…and then fall (this time, USA style). So I pretty much escaped the winter months from my sophomore to senior years of college. And it was amazing.  Needless to say, I have a lot of spring/summer clothes and my winter wardrobe is definitely lacking.


Spring is definitely on the horizon...

Can’t wait for when this spring-like weather is here to stay so I can prance around in all of my sundresses! And play more outside (hiking, anyone?!). And spend afternoons at the park. Oh, and of course… there is this other reason why I’m super excited for spring to finally be here. But that is a post for another day. Right now, I’m still playing the “waiting-game”… but just know that I sure do have some exciting news in store these next few weeks Smile

What has the weather been like in your part of town? Do you have spring fever, or have you ever experienced SAD?



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30 responses to “Spring Feverrrr!

  1. I love the postive energy from this post! I can’t WAIT for spring! Training and running outside for the first time since I started my knew healthy lifestyle will be so much fun!!!

  2. I think that feeling of rejuvenation and “antsy pants” in the spring is pretty normal. SAD generally is more severe. I tend to get cabin fever feelings around this time of year, but I’m from Michigan and we usually don’t see the sun til April. I’m excited to start feeling spring weather in March here in St. Louis!

    And yes, Border Collies have insane energy. If Roxie didn’t have so much anxiety, she would be all over the place.

  3. Chicago just got really warm recently…like 40s/50s!! I’m so excited, and have spring fever too!! Hopefully it doesn’t get horrible again! 🙂 Glad you’re getting some great weather too

    • That’s so great to hear! Ryan was just in Chicago last week (last Wed, I believe) for work, and he said it was fahreeezing!!! Like, 2 degrees. I can’t even fathom what that feels like…

  4. spring fever x a bajillion! can we just get over this cold stuff, already? =)

  5. Jealous! It’s supposed to warm up to the 50’s here later this week, but today we are still in winter temps. There is nothing better than the first warm days of spring, but I think we may be a ways off from there in NYC.

    • Aw, well at least you are living in NYC! I have never ever been there and have heard so many wonderful things. I am really hoping to make it up there in these next few years! Preferably in the spring/summer/fall months, but I hear winter is amazing all on it’s own, too. I think it’d be sooo neat to see the city lit up with all of the Xmas decor. I’d suck it up and brave the cold for that, for sure! 🙂

  6. The weather in Orlando has been pretty good but crazy at the same time. One day it’s warm, one day it’s cold, another day we have tornado warnings? I’m not suffering from the weather thankfully..besides having a panic attack while driving, it was so windy and yucky all of the sudden I thought there was a tornado=/

  7. It’s in the 40s and 50s right now and it. is. awesome!!! I did a semester in the Middle East and after a few months of really HOT weather, winter has never been the same! I know the weather will take one more unfortunate dip before I can whip out the summer and spring clothes for good..which I guess is OK, only because I bought this really big, poofy jacket in December 🙂
    And I can’t wait to hear about exciting news!

    • Ahhh haha I’m glad you feel me on experiencing summer/spring temps for an extended period of time… it really does make the winter months a shock! And yesssssss, exciting news should be coming up in these next few weeks! I can’t WAIT to spill 🙂

  8. Girl, I could so have written the beginning of this post! I’m not sure if I have SAD symptoms or if maybe it’s just more like the winter blues. I don’t even realize it until it’s nice out again. These past few days when the weather has been so gorgeous I literally feel like I’m waking up. Like I’ve been asleep this whole time and didn’t even realize it. And like you, I LOVE the holiday season… it’s just those six weeks from January 1st until just these past few days are so cold and dreary and ick! For now, I am so loving every minute of this sunshiny weather! 🙂

    • I’m so glad you can relate! Because it’s not like I was sad or down post Xmas… it’s just that now that we’ve had gorgeous weather, I feel an elevated level of all-around happiness and optimism. I just LOVE warmer climates in general!

  9. Jen

    I am loving this weather too. And I’m doing my best to enjoy it because before we know it, it will be too HOT!

  10. These next few days are supposed to be fairly warm (by which I mean 40 degrees or so), which makes me SO happy. I can’t wait for spring!

  11. ugh I def have spring fever and am so excited for the warm weather that is coming our way 🙂 love your post and blog as always! xoxo

  12. I talk about this every year, but feb. is my least fav month of the year. I hate cold weather and I think I suffer from a touch of SAD. Trying to get to MArch!

  13. The weather here has been in the 50s and sunny, which is wonderful after the weeks of overcast skies and piles of snow! I have a light box that helps with SAD-like symptoms in the winter months, and I love it! I’m not a fan of winter, but love all the other seasons!

  14. I experience DAD: Daily-weather affected disorder. I’m really down any day that the sun is hiding and up any day there is sun. It’s been great lately! LOVE the sunshine. thanks for making an ode to it on your blog

  15. Rhonda

    Same here! And I’m really happy that we’ve got a fair weather forecast for our weekend plans with you, Ryan, and Happy! See you Saturday… 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  17. I think a lot of people suffer from that. It probably also stems from the fact that the holidays just ended 😦 I love the Christmas season but once it is over it gets pretty depressing with the 20 degree weather and such.

    yay for spring!!!! it’s in the 70s here this week! yay!

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