That one time I went for a run…and found myself surrounded by 1 helicopter, 2 burglars, 10 cop cars, a handful of reporters and a dozen of curious neighbors

Yes. This totally happened.


Yesterday, I went on a run. Nothing out of the ordinary happened at first. I was just enjoying my typical, 7-mile loopdiloop around my neighborhood. It was a beeeeautiful day with sunny skies, a nice and mild temperature in the high 50s/early 60s….and a slight breeze. Pretty perfect weather for a run, in my opinion.


Let me paint a picture for you:

The neighborhoods I run in are quite people/neighbor/dog friendly, and my guess is that crime doesn’t exactly hit the area too often. (I’m not dumb though… I realize that no place is immune and that crime can, and does, happen anywhere). The best way I can describe this neighborhood is like the houses on Desperate Housewives (think: Wisteria Lane).

Hello, Wisteria Lane

Big beautiful houses with fenced-in yards, manicured lawns and big billowy trees. Yeah, it’s pretty torturous running through this area (NOT. I pretty much daydream about living in one of these houses one day…)

Picture painted?

Okay great.

Miles 1-3 were pretty normal. Same old construction crew working on one of the mansions that’s been under construction since summer… same old mailmen that I know by name, same old pups hanging out in the fenced in yards.  So there I was…bopping along to my music when all the sudden I heard all of these sirens starting to get closer and closer. “Huh, that’s strange…” I thought. “I wonder where they could be headed?” Soon enough, the sirens were getting louder and louder, and I realized that they were on the next street over, just parallel to where I was. In fact, I could see the house they stopped at as I approached the intersection of the road. While stopped at the intersection, I debated hanging around to see what was going on. But I decided against it (prrrrobably for the best… considering what I know now…) and decided to continue on my run. I figured that because the cops literally just pulled up to the house, I might as well give them some time to “do their thang” (and you know, catch/fix whateverthehell was going on) before I made my grand entrance. (Note: the house under surveillance is located at about mile marker 5 of my typical running route, and I pass it pretty much every time I go out on a run, regardless of my route).

So I continued beebopping along, and I noticed even more commotion –this type, up in the air. Yep, turns out, a helicopter came to join the party and was circling around the ‘hood, drowning out my itunes.

Think you could quiet down a little? I can’t hear my ipod anymore…

At this point I was nearing mile 5 and coming up on all of the police cars. The news crew and reporters had arrived, so I felt that it was safe for me join the handful of confused neighbors and scope out what was going on.

I chatted with the woman who had initially called the police, and she told me that she had noticed 2 men “staking out” the house across the street. Apparently what caught her attention were the flashy gold shoes one of the guys was wearing. So she kept watching, and when one of the guys started jumping up and down in an attempt to look into the garage and the front windows, she realized that things were a little *off* and decided to call the police. By the time the police showed up, the two men had already kicked in the front door and were in the process of hauling the flat screen TV, as well as other electronics, into their getaway car. Apparently there was a little showdown and guns were drawn (yeah, thank goodness I decided to keep on running…) and one of the guys escaped into the woods while the other hopped in the get-away-car and tried to drive the car into the woods (because it’s obviously a well-known fact that automobiles have magical powers and can take on the ability to squeeze through tree branches and swim through streams… and hop metal fences…) Right. That guy finally came to his senses and ended up ditching the car and running as well. Neither guy got too far, though, as they were both caught and inevitably arrested.

Not too shabby for an early afternoon run, huh? Sure did make my humpday a little bit entertaining… I seriously could not stop laughing about their stupidity as I made my way home. And the laughing continued as I went to work.

Oh, and I totally made the news (again).

Here’s the link to news story and video:

Check out minute 1:34 and you’ll see me running along on the sidewalk (they called me ‘one of the neighbors’—ha, I’ll take it! I guess I can be considered a ‘neighbor’ if their definition includes people who live over the river and through the woods…because I most definitely do not live in one of those Dilworth/Myers Park McMansions [despite the fact that I live 5 minutes away])

Needless to say, it looks like I’m not the only one who had spring fever yesterday. My guess is that these guys had nothing better to do with their Wednesday, realized that this nice, February weather is probably just a fluke, and therefore wanted to safeguard against any further boredom that would come about with the next coldsnap… hence, the need for new electronics!

So without further ado, here is my take on these dudes’ pre-burglary thought process:

Burglar #1: “Hey man, I’m tired of sittin’ inside all the time, it looks decent out, let’s make the most of this good weather!”

Burglar #2: “Derrrr Ok! What should we do?! Maybe take a stroll to the park?”

Burglar #1: “Huh. Good thinking. How bout Freedom Park? Actually, better yet… let’s hit up some of those ballin houses that back up to the park!”

Burglar #2: “Dude, that’s genius. Best idea everrrrr. Erbody’s at work. No one will see us in this bright daylight.”

Burglar #1: “Pshhhyeah. And that way, when the lame winter weather comes back, we’ll have new stuff to keep us entertained while we’re inside”

Burglar #2: “Deeeerrrr right on, man. Let me grab my new flashy-gold shoes, and I’m good to go.  It’s part of my new ‘spring wardrobe.’ It wont make us look suspicious at all. We’ll just be fitting in with the fit’n’fabulous.”

Nope, not flashy at all. Totally camouflaged.

Oh boy.

Maybe I’ll see ‘em when I go to court on March 15th. Oh yes, that’s right. This girl has to make an appearance in court. I’ve been summoned for Jury Duty.  (I don’t even know what in the world I’m supposed to do for that, btw…) Too bad I don’t have some crazy excuse, or a doctor’s note, to get me out of it. But now that I have some new-found, burglar friends… I’m kind of excited. I’m secretly hoping that I see these guys in court. I can’t even describe how awesome that would be if I were to be on their case. Except, I’m pretty sure that since I was at the scene of the burglary, I’m DQed from being on that jury. Oh well, I’m still going to keep my eyes peeled for flashy-golden-shoes boy and his partner in crime. And if I see ‘em, I’ll make sure to slip them a note saying “Sorry, buddy… talked to the doctor, and he said that the cure for Spring Fever does not involve stealing a flatscreen TV…)

Have any of y’all ever come across crazy situations while out on a walk/run? Or have you ever unintentionally walked in on a burglary, or been robbed yourself?! Oh! and have you ever been summoned for jury duty?!



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30 responses to “That one time I went for a run…and found myself surrounded by 1 helicopter, 2 burglars, 10 cop cars, a handful of reporters and a dozen of curious neighbors

  1. Haha thats awesome that you made the news would of made my day! 🙂 hope your thursday is eventful and fun!

  2. You’re famous!!! 🙂

  3. Oooh! I SEE YOU! How cool is that! Erm, I mean, not cool that they were robbing people, but still cool to see you on TV! 🙂

    • Haha i know I was SOO surprised to actually see *me* on the news broadcast… I just thought seeing the story on the news would be cool, and then all of the sudden Ryan was like..”that’s YOU!”

  4. Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

    Oh my gosh, that’s crazy! I’ve never had anything like that happen while I was out for a run!

  5. That’s cool that they got vid of you running!

  6. ahhaha, I love this video! WHAT a crazy story.

    and I love that the video starts out with a Cloninger Toyota ad for Salisbury. 😉 I used to pass that place on a daily basis!

  7. Oh my gosh!! Haha that’s a run you’ll never forget!

  8. wow…i don’t know if thursday could be wednesday craziness, lol!

  9. Obviously flashy shoes are necessary for this event!
    Well, I hope this is the most eventful run you ever go on, and it certainly makes a great story! Way to be famous on the news too:)

  10. That is absolutely insane….and within walking distance to my place eek! Thats one of the reasons I love Dilworth, not alot of crime going on but when it happens, you definitely hear about it. I like the last name Funderburk, it would be better if it were Funderbunk though!

  11. Haha! Congrats you’re famous! 😀

  12. This sounds crazy! Glad you’re OK. I lived in what I would consider a very safe neighborhood, but right before I went home for Christmas she told me one of the houses was burglarized. I guess it goes to show nowhere is safe.

  13. Just don’t forget the little people when you’re a big time celebrity!

  14. That’s scary!
    Good posture as you ran by too!
    I was summoned to jury duty once and then when I showed it, I find out it was cancelled. I thanked my lucky stars.

  15. Jen

    Omg that’s so scary! And I am so sick of hearing about all of these robberies in Charlotte 😦 Leave us alone criminals! Glad you’re ok!

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