15 miler? Done. Time for an adventure!

Today Ryan and I are packin’ up the car and heading to Asheville, NC to meet up with his mom, Rhonda, and stepdad, Marty. I could not be more excited!!!!

Rhonda and Marty really make me feel so at home, and I absolutely love spending time with them. I think we’ll have a great time exploring the area (and smellin’ the smells, in Happy’s case), thanks to y’alls tips.



Today we don’t have too much planned, which is fine by me since I looove to walk around and explore. The only true agenda we have is finding good places to eat and taking a tour of the Biltmore, one of the must-see’s here in Asheville! I think hittin’ the pavement is the best way to see what a town has to offer and take it all in. One of my favorite parts about being abroad for a year in Australia and New Zealand was exploring all of the different cities and towns by foot. Not only do you get to take in more, but you also get to meet fun and interesting people along the way!

So since I knew we’d be outta town this weekend, I altered my marathon training plan a little bit. My plan calls for a 15 mile longrun  this weekend and instead of sneaking it in today before we leave, I ended up running it yesterday. I was seriously on cloud nine for the rest of the day after I ran it… 15 miles is a big deal to me!!


15 miles, in the bag!


That’s right

It’s the furthest I have *ever* run… EVER! I finally feel like I am truly training for a marathon now that I have, you know… run a half-marathon (and then some!) and don’t even have a medal to show for it. And what’s even better is that I felt so strong throughout the entire run.


Don’t mess.

Yeah, the run took me a while (I stopped to stretch a lot and came home for some refueling/pottybreak), but today I am not sore at all! I know I know…DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) can hit a few days afterwards, but I honestly haven’t been experiencing it much with my previous longruns. I’ve been big into using “the stick” and I think it’s one of the main reasons I have not experienced much soreness so far in my training. I’ve even started bringing “the stick” to work with me to “get my roll on” during downtime.


The Stick -- it truly has magical powers

Not everything has been all flowers and daises, though. Just last week I was sitting at my desk at work (for about 3 hours straight) doing some computer work and when I finally got up, I had the biggest twinge of pain in my hip. It felt like my hip had to pop, and it just wouldn’t. That pain stuck with me through Thursday evening, and ohhhhmigoodnes, was it ever debilitating! I could not even lay down in bed without feeling pain. I seriously thought I was going to have to put running on the backburner for a while. (BTW, I hadn’t run since Monday, so I didn’t think it was a running-related injury). But by Thursday evening, the pain was *magically* gone and I haven’t felt it since… Talk about odd. I was supposed to run a 14-miler on Saturday, but decided against it. Instead, I rested Thursday and Friday, and split my 14 miler into two 7 mile runs…one Saturday, and one Sunday. They both went flawlessly.

So what in the world caused this pain? Well, my thinking is that the way I was sitting at my desk at work that day (read: right leg tucked under left… kind of like a half of a pretzel) led to my hip being… strained, pulled and just generally not in a normal position for several hours at a time. And because I didn’t get up from my chair until the end of the day, I didn’t really notice anything until the damage was already done. Needless to say I will not be sitting all pretzel and cozy-like at work anymore! Correct posture only from here on out.

Besides that little hiccup, training has been going SO well so far. I could not have had a better 15 mile run yesterday, and I think a lot of it is due to being “in tune” with and listening to my body. I’m really glad I didn’t push through that 14miler last weekend, even though my body felt “normal” by Thursday night. Rest sure does work wonders for the body! And so does stretching. And foamrolling…and “the stick.” I can already tell my body has become more flexible, and I am loving all of the benefits from it (faster recovery time!) I’ll even be starting up yoga sometime in the near future, as I bought a Groupon for 20  hot yoga sessions at a local studio here in town.


Yoga is gonna make these babies even stronger!

But for now, I get to relax and have fun with Ryan and his family! Can’t wait to see what all Asheville has to offer.

Do any of y’all have special plans for President’s Day weekend? Have any of y’all accrued an injury from poor posture? Does anyone else love foamrolling/”the stick” as much as I do?!?!



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14 responses to “15 miler? Done. Time for an adventure!

  1. Awesome job on the run! I’m not sure my body could handle that, as much joints ache after just a little 3 miler! Maybe I’m just not cut out for really long distance running? (i wrote out the beginning of my running journey yesterday on my blog)! Have a great weekend:)

  2. I have a question about longer distances in your run…at what point, mileage wise, do you refuel and eat gels, chews, or whatever you like??

    Great job on the 15 miles!

    • Thanks, dear! I’ve only done 4 half marathon races, and for those… the only “fuel” I ever took down was water and a few orange slices. I found the powerade/gatorade to kind of slosh around when I took ’em during my first half marathon, so i’ve opted for just water + fruit at the others. Now that i’m doing longruns past 13 miles, I’m actually stopping by home at around the halfway point to refuel/go to the bathroom. I think I am going to buy a spibelt (to carry fluid/fuel/phone), though, and put some gu’s in there (ughhh so expensive!). I maaaay try some raisins, first, and see how that goes. In my mind that’s like “instant”sugar and super portable!

      In all honestly, though… i figure I only have to fuel myself during my longruns. When it comes to the actual marathon, there’s going to be waterstops and fuel stations every two miles, so right now, I am hoping to just utilize that! We’ll see, though. What has worked for you so far?!?

  3. Awesome job on that run!!! Have fun this weekend!! I’m so happy to be off on Monday, it’ll be a nice break! 🙂

  4. congrats on running so far!! 😀

  5. Awesome job on the 15 miler! I love love my foam roller- I had IT band issues when I first started running and the foam roller saved me.

    Enjoy Asheville!

  6. Congrats on the 15 miles I ran 6 mile yesterday for the first time ever! I felt like I was on cloud nine! cannot wait to beat my time again!

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  8. Ahh! That picture of you and Happy at the beginning is too precious!

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  10. You are so muscular girl! Woot woot! Go get em! 😉

    LOVE the picture of You and Happy! 🙂

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