Oh, Happy Day!

Hellooooo from Asheville, North Carolina!

Road Warrior Princess

Yesterday we embarked on a little road trip to meet up with Ryan’s mom and stepdad, and man oh man are we LOVING this town so far! And of course, we brought along the little Happster.

Now I know not all dogs do too well in the car, but Happy is such a good little traveler! In fact, she is an absolute angel in the car.


...it's true

Before the Christmas Holiday, the longest car ride Happy had endured was about 30 minutes. We’d drive her around to the dog park, the vet, PetSmart, Harris Teeter to pick up a Red Box…you know, local joints. She always did really well on these short little trips, but I always wondered how she’d do on a “real” road trip. Well, when Christmas time rolled around, we finally got to see her true road-trip-temperament.

Every Christmas, Ryan and I head to Florida to visit my mom and my stepdad, and this past year was no different. Well, except for the fact that Happy joined our family.

Happy’s first true “roadtrip” was a 12-hour long drive… one way. Yeah, we like to dive headfirst into things. We didn’t really know what to expect since she was only being 6 months old… I thought she’d at least be chewing on my hand or bopping around from seat to seat (yes, we brought her crate with us, but no… we did not put her in it. She stayed in my lap/the front seat area the whole time). To our pleasant surprise, Happy was just “happy” to sit in my lap, and look out the window. No chewing, no bopping… just chillin’. I was amazed. And still am, because on the way home (helloooo 12-hour drive #2!), she did the exact same thing! She simply took in the sights of the road zooming by from her perch on my lap, and occasionally took a powernap.

Once we got to Florida, she immediately fell into the swing of things and picked up on “Island Time” real fast.


Yep, I could *totally* get used to this beach thing


Digging to China. Because I can.

Our mini roadtrip to Asheville was no different—such a princess! I’m sooo glad that Happy is a good traveler so that we can take her on all of our adventures (well, at least most of them)!

Anyone else out there have a Road Warrior Prince or Princess who travels well? Anyone care to share a roadside travel-mishap? Or do you prefer to travel sans pup?



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13 responses to “Oh, Happy Day!

  1. i have one of each, of course. My little tornado dog travels so well. As soon as the car starts rolling she goes to sleep. My normally calm dog freaks out and whines the whole way! talk about total opposites of their usual personality!

  2. Roxie doesn’t like to look out the window while traveling (she gets carsick), so for short trips she lays on the floor behind the driver’s seat, and for long trips gets put in her crate. It helps her feel safer and actually make sure she’s safe in case of an accident. She used to get carsick on just 30 minute drives but she’s a lot better with it now, and will even sometimes peek her head up to check things out haha

  3. Aw so cute, I want one! 🙂

  4. funny you should ask this – I JUST took Chloe in the car for real this weekend… even though it was only about 30 minutes, it was still a true test of her road temperament. And she did really well! She was nervous at first, but ended up just sleeping lazily in the passengers seat… as long as I was rubbing behind her ears. 😉

  5. So he’s no “Princess,” but Oreo does so well in the car. He gets in,curls up into a tight little ball and falls promptly to sleep. Sometimes he sits for a bit and looks out the window, but mostly he just sleeps. We were so surprised the first time we put him in the car, but SO happy about it too! 🙂

    • We were actually surprised when we discovered Happy was a good traveler, too! The dogs I grew up with as a kid were completely the opposite…my mom had to run the windshield wipers as a distraction so that our blacklap, Poppy, wouldn’t jump all around the car!

  6. our worst traveling experience w/ sadie occurred when she was a puppy. she was heaving in the backseat of ryan’s car and when we pulled over she threw up one of my socks! yikes!! we laugh about it now, but i was actually really worried about her safety at the time!

    • Oh my goodness! Sadie ate an entire sock!?!? That’s actually really scary! I’m so glad she was able to throw it up, I’ve heard fabric like that can wreak havoc on their digestive systems (and wrack up horrendous vet-bills in the process). Eek!

  7. Happy is just so cute!

    My dog is good for long car trips, but awful for short ones. If she thinks she’s going to day care, she goes nuts in the car. Once we pass the day care place, then she finally calms down. Until we get close to the destination (or slow down at all) Then the crazy comes out again.

    Basically, we avoid taking her in the car, especially now with the baby. A whining, barking dog and a screaming baby isn’t a recipe for driving success!

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