Simplicity at it’s finest

This past weekend, my wish for a little R&R came true. After a whirlwind week full of work and school…an uneventful weekend was just what I needed!


Ryan and I literally entered the weekend with a “no-plan” plan (and seeing as how we are both planners, this was quite the accomplishment!) We woke up Saturday to a blank-canvas of a day, and let me tell ya, it felt wonderful!

We pretty much just relaxed and spent some time outdoors, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. In fact, I was so at peace that later in the afternoon I garnered up the drive to tackle even more apartment cleaning.  In addition to some organizing, I started/completed my FAFSA form, grocery shopped and got the oil changed in my car. (Yes, I realize this is not the normal makeup of a “relaxing day,” as most people would probably choose to laze around on the couch all day. I guess I just felt the need to do *something* since I filled my quota of “chill time” for the day. (I must say, that Strength Finders test hit the nail on the head when they dubbed my #1 strength as “achiever”).

Sunday was much of the same. In fact, the weather on Sunday was a perfect 70 degrees paired with blue, sunny skies. Ryan and I wanted to make the most of the gorgeous weather so I headed out on my long-run shortly after I woke up so that we could go to the park later.

My 12-mile long run was the only thing I truly had on my weekend “to-do” list, and I felt so at peace during my run. I seriously cannot put into words how much I am enjoying this marathon training. To me, running is a sport my body was made for. (Too bad I didn’t realize this back in high school…) There are few things that make me happier than being outdoors and feeling the sunshine and breeze on my face (don’t worry, I always wear SPF!)

I think I have been adapting to the increased mileage pretty well, too. I have incorporated a boatload of stretching into each and every day. I can only guess that using The Stick every day (and multiple times a day) has helped ward off the soreness that everyone talks about. It is now Tuesday and I still have yet to feel the effects of my 12 mile run. Same thing happened last week after my 15 mile run… zero soreness. I’d say that maybe it’s because I’m so slow… but in all honesty, I think it due to all of the proactive stretching. Heck, I even stretch during my runs. (Yep, I’m that girl who totally breaks into the downward dog yoga pose in the middle of the sidewalk… it does wonders for the hamstrings and calves)

Pretty much me in a nutshell...

Annnnyway, after I got back from my run and got all cleaned up and refueled, Ryan, Happy and I headed to Crowders Mountain State National Park!


Circa 2009 (Spring)

Ryan and I have hiked to the top of Crowders Mtn before, and the view from the top is amazing, you can see all the way to Charlotte’s city skyline!


Circa 2009 (Spring)


Circa 2009 (Spring)


At the top o the mountain! Circa 2009 (Spring)

I’m a big proponent of active rest, and I think using and moving your muscles after a “hard” workout helps them recover faster. We spent a good two hours hiking around the trails with Happy, and oh my lord did she soak in every second. She absolutely LOVED exploring the trails!


Happy Trails


Little Miss Happy, leading the way!

We didn’t attempt to hike to the top this time around (homegirl has her limits…) and I must say, hiking up and down the different elevations really did a number on my legs! I now officially know how to fatigue my (slow-twitch) leg muscles – take a hike after running 12 miles.


So many smells!!


Beware of hikers?

Gotta take a break for the oh-so-important water-stop!




slurp slurp



Happy can’t be bothered to stop for a quick family pic…


C’mon guys…move it along now!

After more “stick” action and dinner, Ryan and I continued to enjoy our perfect Sunday by renting a Redbox. We fiiiiinally saw The Social Network and I must say, I really enjoyed it! Now I understand why it won so many awards.

And while Ryan and I movie-watched…Happy attempted to fall asleep on the couch. She didn’t quite make it into a “normal” canine sleeping position, though.

DSCF2752 tired. Can’t.move.legs.any.further.

Happy has also been providing us with heaps of entertainment lately. She now has figured out a way to utilize her cat-like climbing skills to jump up onto the couch, slyly scale across the back of said couch… and hop onto the kitchen counter. I swear, this dog really is something special.  Oh, and last night? Yes, last night… she was this close to jumping up onto the kitchen counter from the ground. They weren’t kidding when they said this dog is from an African descent.

How did you spend your weekend? Was it super busy and jam-packed, or lazy and on the fly? Which do you prefer – a planned out weekend or a restful one? Oh, and are there any other hiking fans out there?! Ryan and I are wanting to take a hiking/camping trip in the summer and are looking into places to go… any tips?!?



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19 responses to “Simplicity at it’s finest

  1. Sounds a nice relaxing weekend. I ususally prefer a relaxing one after a busy week at work. Well done for getting out so much, my weekend was spent hiding indoors from the rain 🙂 I really want to see that film too!

  2. Ya know, I do like a lot of laid-back weekends, but I still feel like I have more fun when I have lots of plans. When I don’t have plans, it ends up becoming a “to-do list” weekend. And who likes cleaning? 😛

  3. Wow 70 degrees!?! Sounds like a beautiful day – you guys look great!
    I have to say, as a non-runner, it’s nice to hear that people take breaks during their long runs and don’t always run the high mileage straight in a row. That’s always been a big intimidation for me! On weekends, I also like a combo of getting things done and having plans, while also getting to lay around and watch a movie or 2.

    • I am ALL about listening to my body while I’m running… if I feel something tightening up, I stop as soon as I can and stretch it out. Sometimes I’m out there an extra half hour due to all of the stretching! Buuuut, it keeps me from being sore afterwards. So I’ll take it!

  4. Sounds like a relaxing time- good job not planning! My weekend was pretty relaxed, as well 🙂

  5. Hi! saw your blog on location central!

    congrats on your running… I cant even run 1 mile much less 12, but Im so proud of my hubby, he is training for a 5k!

    You might want to check out Stone Mtn in NC its up past statesville and have beautiful views and not too far of a drive. Also another location is called Max Patch!

    Be sure to check out my blog as well!

  6. Those pictures from ’09 are so precious! Looks like you guys had a super great weekend. I definitely want to see a picture of you breaking into yoga poses in the middle of the sidewalk… love it! Makes you YOU! 🙂

    I showed Christopher a picture of Happy and he was like “Wow, that dog is definitely a Basenji mix!” So the expert has spoken. (And by “expert” I mean: the guy who wanted a Basenji for about a month 2 years ago, haha!) She’s definitely precious! 🙂

  7. Haha I love how Happy fell asleep, that is so precious! And I agree, I liked the Social Network as well. 🙂 I didn’t even notice that it was a little slow like a lot of people said.

  8. I used to live in the Hudson Valley near the Catskills. Great for hiking! It’s beautiful in the summer and early fall!

  9. Cutest picture of Happy asleep 🙂
    My husband and I wanted to camping last summer/fall and found a great campground we plan on going back to at some point on Lake James:
    It was a state park on and it has sites right near the lake. The views were gorgeous. We ended up camping at some privately owned one because this one was full and we didn’t have a reservation (I would make one if you want to camp there), but it looked awesome!

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