New (Mileage) Territory–The Big 1. 7.

I have some big deal-ish news to share with y’all. (At least… it’s a big deal in my eyes!)

Yesterday I went on a run.

But it wasn’t just any run. This was my long-run for the weekend.

But… this wasn’t just any long-run.

This run turned out to be the longest distance I have ever covered at one time. EVER!


I ran out of fingers… had to write that baby down on pen and paper!

That’s right, yesterday I surpassed the 15 miles I ran two weeks ago…and knocked out a whopping 17 miles. SEVETEEN miles! That is a huge deal to me!


17 big ones

Seriously. Never in my finest moments did I imagine myself running 17 miles. Heck, if you were to ask me back in high school, I would have said “the only way you’d EVER get me to run even three whole miles is if you paid me some big bucks…”

Growing up, I was a bit intimated by running. I always thought in order to be considered a runner, you had to be fast. And fast was something I was not. Since picking up the sport in college, I have realized this is not the correct mentality.


Stretchy stretch

Runners come in all forms, and settle in at different speeds. I grew to love (and I mean love) running in college, and it has been my go-to sport ever since. Nevertheless, if you had asked me back in college to run 5 miles, I would’ve laughed in your face and asked “why in the world would I do that?” (Unbeknownst to me, though, I was probably running around 5 miles all around my campus during the years I went to Furman. I just never actually “mapped it out” to know this at the time.) Yep, I’m stubborn (and dense) like that.

The fact that I just ran 17 miles yesterday seriously amazes me.  It’s weird to admit this, but I honestly thought only “true” athletes ran distances like that. I remember living with my old roommate, and she’d walk in the door after a long-run, declaring she’d just ran 15 miles. Or 22 miles (yes, this totally happened on a regular basis for her).  I remember looking at her and thinking “how in the WORLD can you still be standing right now?!”

And now, that person is me.


Doin’ what I do best. Stretchin’

When I got home from my run yesterday, Ryan was already home from work. Happy came bounding to the door and Ryan asked me how my run went. I wasn’t all that tired, and I felt like I could have done more. (I’m tellin’ ya, so much of running is mental!) I was just beaming with pride and all smiles telling him about the details. I’m so lucky that he doesn’t get tired of me talking about running. (I’m also lucky that he offers to give me [much needed!] foot rubs while relaxing on the couch at night). Amazingness.

Running is such a mental sport… I can’t even begin to describe the feelings of achievement I get each time I enter new “mileage territory.” It’s simply exhilarating. And next weekend, I’ll be experiencing it all over again when I run the Corporate Cup Half-Marathon! When I cross that finish line a week from today, I’ll have run 18 miles. Now that is something to smile about.

So what’s in store for this weekend now that I have my monster of a long-run behind me? Total relaxation.  And any and everything that Ryan and I want to do. Ah yes, I sure do love open-ended weekends like this! Seriously beats the days when I was working 14days straight without any time off… (oh the joys of being an AmeriCorps member and working 2 other part-time jobs just to make ends meet…) Let’s just say… I’m so glad (and grateful!) to be where I am right now Smile

I’m off to go stretch some more! Surprisingly, I am not sore (at least not yet… maybe it’ll hit tomorrow?) I really do think all of this proactive stretching is working wonders on my recovery ability.


Or maybe it’s due to the magic of my oh-so-helpful stretching partna… Miss HappyTales

Have any of you accomplished something you never thought you would have? Do you think running is a mental sport? Do you spend a lot of time stretching? I didn’t used to stretch that much before I started marathon training. Now I swear by it…aaaaand I find it so relaxing—always a plus!

PS. thank you for all of the feedback and support on my decision to run a half-marathon next weekend! I loved hearing y’alls input, and I’m super confident and excited for the race!



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32 responses to “New (Mileage) Territory–The Big 1. 7.

  1. Excellent job on the miles! I myself, still get overwhelmed when I go greater then 15 miles.. everytime I wonder how I did it! It is quite the feeling and you deserve to be as happy as you are. If you look that good as you do in the pictures, following that run, you definately can go longer!!!!
    What a smile!

    • Aw, thank you so much! I seriously think I’m going to be just like you and feel some type of amazement of “how in the WORLD did I just do that?” every time I do a long-run… It’s amazing what the body can do!

  2. Way to set a distance PR!! I am the same way with running…. I grew up as a swimmer so running was punishment. I was horrible and hated it. Now it’s how I release stress, what I do to celebrate, and any emotion inbetween. It has built my self-confidence immensely; I always say well if I can run for hours on end, I can certainly do this whatever the situation may be. Enjoy a relaxing rest of the weekend! 🙂

  3. Samantha

    Congrats on the distance! I have never considered myself to be “athletic” but that is changing with running. For me, running is almost all mental. There was a point where I never could have imagined running more than a 5k–now I KNOW I can run a marathon (I haven’t done it yet, getting there). running has also opened up so many other athletic opportunities–now that I am “in shape” I want to do so many other things–hiking, skateboarding, cycling, swimming, etc. 🙂 Have a good weekend!

    • It seems like we are on the EXACT same path… that is how my mentality grew, too! I feel like I can do anything I put my mind to now 🙂 (I’ve even been skydiving before!)

  4. Congrats! I love that feeling when you conquer a new distnace milestone. There’s nothing like it! I feel like running is 10% Physical and 90% Mental!
    When I don’t psych myself out, I’m amazed at the things my body can accomplish. Great job!

  5. Great job!! I love how positively happy and proud you are in this post…and for good reason…you should be!

  6. vanessa

    Way to go! You are an athelete, don’t think your not. The half next weekend is going to be a breeze for you. You are awesome!

  7. Mileage PRs really are the best high ever, especially when you have runs that sound as great as yours yesterday. And you’re right – it’s totally mental. I had a really bad 16-mile training run a few marathons ago, so now I always build on the odd numbers, rather than evens. Ridiculous, I know!

    • I’m sure if (actually, this is probably a “when” statement…) I have a bad long-run, I’ll be the same way! I have a weird thing with numbers…especially the number 9! I do NOT like the number 9 (for no reason whatsoever!) and the first long-run I had called for a 9 mile run. Because I didn’t want to end on 9, I added an extra mile to make it 10. Weird, huh?

  8. omg CONGRATS hun 🙂 that’s so great! i wish i could run period ha! But how wonderful for you! xo enjoy your relaxing weekend!

  9. Ahh!! You go girl! I’m so proud of you, Allison! 17 miles is incredible!

  10. CONGRATULATIONS! I really can’t imagine myself making it through that many miles…ever…even walking. Until I push my miles up for walking, I’ll live vicariously through you here:)

  11. Holy Moly 17 miles! Nice job girl. I love running further and further…each time you PR it makes you feel so good the rest of the week.

  12. Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

    Congrats on your awesome run!

  13. Awesome job on the run girl!!! I get so excited every time I tack on a little more to my usual mileage and hopefully someday I’ll be in the double digits! I’m going to be ecstatic when I run 10 miles–so 17? You rock!! 🙂

    “Runners come in all forms, and settle in at different speeds.” <–this is so true, and I love it! 🙂

    • Ohmygoodness, I VIVIDLY remember hitting my first 10 mile (aka DOUBLE DIGIT run…) I was seriously on top of the world for *weeks* on end!! There is seriously nothing like it… not many people get there! I’m cheering for ya!

  14. Wow! Great job on the 17 miles! I totally agree that running is so much more mental than physical when it comes to long distances.

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