It’s official!!

Guess what I did last night?!



I registered for the Flying Pig Marathon! Yep, I am officially all signed up!

Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon

Can’t wait to cross the “FINISH SWINE!”

Ryan recently got the “okay” to take off from work the Friday before and the Monday after the marathon, so I felt like I could finally sign up! You see, I’ve been hesitant to sign-up in the case that Ryan wouldn’t be able to make it. Weird, I know, but let me explain my reasoning…

This past Summer/Fall, I was highly considering running the Disney Marathon (yep, the one that just took place this past January).  I thought it’d be the PERFECT first marathon for me because not only would Ryan be able to be there, but so would my mom and stepdad, Gerry (and hello…Florida in Janurary? Talk about awesome race weather!)

Ohhh the Magical World of Disney...

My parents live in South Florida during the winter (they call themselves “snowbirds”), and when I told them my idea of the Disney Marathon, they were super excited for me and more than willing to drive the 4.5 hours to Orlando to cheer me on. To top it off, my dad also lives in Florida (Tallahassee, year-round) and he said he’d try to see what he could do to make it, too.  However, when I brought the idea of Disney up to Ryan, he told me that he most likely would not be able to take off work because the date of the marathon conflicted with a work project. Some of you might think that this little fact shouldn’t be a big deal, especially since I had all of the support from my parents. But… it was a big deal to me. In fact, it was a deal-breaker.

Not happening...

Growing up, I have always dreamed of running a marathon. (Emphasis on the word “dream.” I never thought I’d actually be capable of running one. Then again, I also thought I’d never be able to run more than 2 miles at a time – I guess I’ve come a long way since my elementary school days of exercise-induced-asthma!). Needless to say, if I was going to sign up for a marathon, I’d for sure want Ryan to be there!

Ryan’s support means more than the world to me, and I want him to be at my first marathon more than anything. So that’s why I pushed the idea of running Disney aside and didn’t sign up. (Instead, I ran two half-marathons here in Charlotte, and snagged a PR the day after my 25th birthday!) Plus, I figured another marathon would show up on my radar sooner or later that everyone would be able to attend. (Geez, I sure do sound really selfish… it is just a race, after all!)

Anyway, back in December, I realized the Flying Pig Marathon in my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio would be the PERFECT race to run. Not only would my parents be back in Cincinnati for the summer months, but Ryan would probably be able to take off from work! I told my parents about it, and they were more than excited for me, and said that Ryan and I could totally come up to Cinci and utilize their place for the marathon weekend.

Looooove my hometown! (The Queen City)

Funny that Charlotte, where I live now, is also dubbed “The Queen City.” Guess that says something about me, huh…

Then Christmas rolled around. Ryan and I spent the holiday in Florida with my parents. While cooking in the kitchen one evening, I brought up the Flying Pig with my mom again and she ever-so-casually said that she and Gerry would be heading back to Florida for a month and a half from April through mid-May.

Note: Flying Pig is in May 1st.

“Um, what?” (Blank stare, Head tilt.) “Come agian??”

While my mom continued on chatting away, I read between the lines and realized what she meant. I did a double take, and was pretty upset that my mom was so nonchalant about it. Didn’t she know how important it was for her and Gerry to be there at my first marathon? I mean, she could have told me from the beginning when I first brought up the Flying Pig Marathon idea that they weren’t going to be in town…and I would’ve been fine with it. But the fact that she said it as if it was no big deal… kind of, hurt me. (Yes, I know… I realize I can be overly dramatic and selfish, but having them there meant a lot to me! I get it. No need for a lecture… life goes on).

Anyway, I did some thinking during Christmas, and I realized that my parents never have truly seen that “runner” side of me. This hobby grew to be a part of me after I left the nest. Ryan, on the other hand, knows this “runner side” of me pretty dang well. He’s seen me grow as a runner, snot-rockets and all (if you don’t know already, don’t ask.)  He understands how much running means to me and has seen me wake up at 6am for who knows how many mornings in order to fit in a run before the workday. Heck, he’s even stood in sub-freezing temperatures waiting to catch a (two-second) glimpse of me as I ran by during not one, not two, but THREE winter half-marathons.


He’s a keeper…

That’s right, folks. Ryan has stood for hours on end in subfreezing temperatures to watch me run by so he can see me for a whole, whopping two seconds (not even exaggerating…). I bet he is praising the lord that this Flying Pig marathon is during the Spring! Seriously though, that’s dedication. Or love. Probably both.

All I know is…that guy is something, and he is my biggest fan. I realize now that although I’d LOVE to have the support of my parents at my first marathon, I wouldn’t want to run a race without Ryan being there. (Yick, sorry for all the sappy cheese…but it’s true).

Oh, and I also know that I am excited to run my first non-winter race. Bring on the warmer temperatures and minimal layers!

Well, maybe not *that* minimal...

Who votes I dress up and run in a pig costume?

Do any of you feel the need to have a support system at an important race? If so, who would you want to be there? Have you ever run a winter race? Or do you prefer to race only in more “temperate” temperatures? Do any of you love having the support of your significant other, even if they only see you zoom by for a few seconds? Oh, and a very important question…have you run The Flying Pig?!?!



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44 responses to “It’s official!!

  1. Congratulations on signing up for your first marathon!! It shows how excited you are about it, and just reading this post made me get psyched for my April marathon! I can completely understand wanting the person who supports you the most to be at your first marathon- it isn’t just a race, its the last part of the huge emotional and physical journey that is marathon training. I would be so upset if my parents and boyfriend couldn’t be there for my first marathon. Can’t wait to hear more about your training and congrats again!!

    • Wow oh wow, I love that… “it isn’t just a race, its the last part of the huge emotional and physical journey that is marathon training”. You are SO right! Training for a marathon is such a process in and of itself… the final 26.2 miles is peanuts compared to the hundreds run while training!

  2. Congrats on signing up for your first marathon! love the title of the race too.

    As far as support goes–I think it’s so important. Just for encouragement, understanding and love!

  3. Congrats on signing up, girl! I totally understand wanting to have Ryan there! I definitely wouldn’t even do a 5k without Christopher by my side! And also, I definitely vote YES to the pig costume! 😉

  4. pig costume FA SHO. doooo it! that looks so, so fun. haaa!

    and gosh, I want to do the Disney Princess Half so, so bad. so bad.

  5. I am so impressed!! That is a big leap and I remember how it felt!! I am not sure if I would have been able to tolerate a costume, but go for it!! I am running that 1/2 and am thinking of dressing up! I am going with a whole group of Canadians who run together!!! I will keep up with your marathon journey!!

  6. Yay! That’s great Allison! I do understand the support system thing. I had to run my marathon without my hubby there (he was in training in TX for two months), but my parents came to support me and I ran with a friend, so it ended up being fine. I think as long as you have at least one person there for you, you will be fine. My hubby was there for other races (my first and third halfs), so I didn’t mind that he couldn’t make it to the marathon. Sometimes it’s just too hard to plan around everyone, and also, I think the marathon is mostly about YOU. 🙂

    • You are so right, it is hard to plan to have people be there! As long as Ryan is there, I will be a happy girl. I think it’ll be neat to be able to share it with someone. So glad you had such a great support system for your first marathon, even if your hubby couldn’t make it.

  7. Congrats! I also totally understand your reasoning. If a ran a marathon, I think I’d like everyone I was close with to be there to cheer me on. It’s a big thing! Good luck with your training.

  8. Congrats on registering for the Flying Pig Marathon!

  9. Natalia

    What a fun race! YES to running in the pig costume!

  10. Congrats on signing up!!! That’s so awesome! I’m actually a race virgin, but I definitely hope to have my bf cheering me on when I run! 🙂

  11. This post is so timely! I am running my first 10k this weekend – and while it is not a marathon, I really want SOMEONE from my family to be there. Unfortunately, they do not feel like it is that important – so I’ve been wondering if I’m just being sensitive, or if it is normal to want to people there who love and support you. Plus, I want someone to catch me when I collapse at the end!

  12. Woot woot! That is SO great – congratulations! And it’s every more exciting that you’ll be able to have so many people you love there to cheer you on. You’ll be great!

  13. How exciting! (I vote for the costume!) I totally understand wanting a support system present; I’m sorry your mom won’t be there. But you know you still have a ton of folks backing you up! 🙂 p.s. Thanks for the super sweet comment on my blog!

  14. this is SO exciting! your first marathon – WOO! you’re gonna kill it! i would definitely want some supporters in attendance if i ran a marathon… heck, i like supporters for a 5k! 🙂

    • EEEE i know, I am soo excited! Knowing that it’s a whole 26.2 miles is still a little daunting to me, though…esp when the furthest I’ve gone is 18! Hopefully adrenalin and the atmosphere will help push me through 🙂 I’ve heard the streets are always FILLED with fans. It’ll be so neat!

  15. At the time of my first half marathon I had only been dating my boyfriend for a short while and he didn’t realize how important it was to me to have him there. He didn’t go, and I was so upset! Now he’s long distance and can’t come to my races (even my first full marathon in April) but I’ve got my parents and hopefully some friends to support me!

    • Aw, well i’m glad your parents and friends will be able to make it, at least! And yay for you doing a your first full, too! Which one is it?!? I can’t wait to hear how it goes 🙂

  16. Yay yay yay yay yay!!!!!! And I love how big of a supporter he is. That will be HUGE I’m sure.

    • EEEE I know! Big yay is right! And yes, Ryan (and Happy) are definitely my number one fans! I just ran a race this past weekend, and seeing them totally gave me a whole new kick in my step!

  17. congratulations…. and your city is beautiful!

  18. florida winter is deceptive! I ran the full this year at WDW and weather was great, but last year I did the half and it was 23 degrees and sleeting!
    if you do decide to go to disney let me know and I can book for you for free! 🙂

    • I heard about that race 2 years ago.. yick! Sleet is the wooorst, I would have been so miserable. Props to you for powering through! And girl, I will TOTALLY be hitting you up when it comes time for a little vacay… Ryan and I really want to go on a cruise! I’ve heard disney cruises are quite fun 🙂

  19. Oh dang~~your hometown is so beautiful at night~~so sweet that you have a great supporter 🙂

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