Oh, Happy Day!

Happy sure does love going to the park. When we head out the door and she notices that we take a moment to pause and lock the front door, Happy goes bananas. She knows that means we’re going somewhere. But where we are going depends on who’s with her…

When the door gets locked and it’s just me , she knows it means we’re either going on a stroll to the park, or on a run. I’m tellin’ ya, this dog is seriously one smart cookie. Whenever I take Happy out for more than potty time (does anyone else call this “watering the dog? My mom came up with that term when I was younger and I still find it a hilarious), I reach for her pink harness and she knows she’s in for a treat (aka, a walk or a run).


Loves PINK

If’ I even go near my Nike visor while she has her pink harness on, she knows it’s “run-time.” If we head out the door and I’m sans visor but she’s still in her harness, she knows it’s time for a “stroll-to-the-park.”


The visor. So essential.

Sidenote:  Yes, I realize that you guys prrrrobably think it’s gross that I’m wearing this visor in (just about) every running picture you see of me. Your assumption is true. I do, in fact, where this thing on every run/in every race. But don’t plug your noses quite yet!  I wash this baby by hand just about every week! So no, it does not have a stank to it.

Now, if it’s both me and Ryan walking out the door with Happs and she’s donning her pink harness, that means we’re goin’ on a stroll to the park. The nearest park to where Ryan and I live is called Freedom Park. It’s about a 5 minute walk from our place, and it is one of *the* most gorgeous parks I’ve ever seen in all of the places I’ve lived!


Thanksgiving picture-fest at the park

In fact, if any of your are bachelor fans, Freedom Park is where Emily and her daughter, Ricki, had a picnic with Brad during her hometown date  (don’t judge me…you know you watch it too).


Freedom Park

So yes, to preserve the pristine beauty of this park, it is a “must” for owners to keep their pups on a leash.


Um, hello, Freedom park? This ain’t freedom. Last time I checked… I’ve got a leash attached to me.



Moving on.

If both me and Ryan head out the door with Happs (especially if it’s just Ryan…) and pause to the lock the door… this means we are going to one of two places (usually)…PetsSmart for pet school (a major WIN for Happy, she LOVES it there!), orrrrr the DOG PARK!!!!


Entrace Gate #1… for the small dogs

If you were to ask Happy what her favorite park was… she’d hands- paws- down say… the Frazier DOG PARK!!!!!!!!!


Ryan takes Happy to this park all the time! I kid you not. At least once a weekend, if not more. I tag along when I can, but often times I skip out since the weekend is when I do a lot of my school work (boo). I wish I could go more often with them, but I figure that because Happs and I spend plenty of time bebopping around outside on runs and walks around our ‘hood, it’s A-Okay for Ryan to get some one-on-one time with her, too.

Back in January, our neighbor, Jen, was celebrating her dog’s first birthday and the plan was to meet up at the dog park for some runnin’ around. When we got there, Jen presented us with a homemade doggie cupcake to give to Happy. Oh my goodness. If I could verbally express the chaos that ensued, I would. But pictures are just going to have to do…

Did you say CUPCAKE?!?

Why yes, yes I did…


But first, some background on the cupcake. Before this day, Happy had never had people food (or anything that resembled people food) in her entire life. Ryan and I make a conscious effort not to feed her anything from the table while eating or kitchen counter while preparing food. Ignorance is bliss, right? Well, not anymore…

Where are you hiding them?!?

This particular day was freezing cold and because the weather was so cold, the cupcake was as hard as a rock. Literally. I could not even break it into pieces (believe me, I tried to). Well, when it came time for the pups to eat their cupcakes, I unwrapped Happy’s (rockhard) cupcake and bent down to give to her.

Time to feast!

Silly me. There was no need for me to bend down.

Haaaamagahhhh! CUPCAKE!!!!!!

Lickin’ her chops

I WANT!!!!!

Gotta sniff out every angle…

Happy was jumping all over the place and pretty much dive-bombed onto me and grabbed the cupcake from my hand.

Get in my belly!

The next thing I knew, Happy had the cupcake halfway down her throat and was trying to swallow the cupcake… whole.


After I realized what was going on and that she very well might choke on this solid piece of never-before-tasted-“human-food,” I immediately went to her and pried the cupcake out from the back of her throat.

Oh dear.

Talk about entering the jaws of death. She did not want to give that baby up! I seriously think she would have chocked on the darn thing if I hadn’t of taken action when I did, though. She was just SO excited that she wanted that thing in her belly, STAT! (Psh, good luck in trying to get a dog to savor each bite…)

Ryan even tried his hand at explaining how to properly eat a cupcake…

"Listen up, kid..."

Anyway, once I had the cupcake back in my hand (and thanks to Happy’s slobber), the cupcake had now defrosted a little bit.

Take two. Takin’ it slow, per Ryan’s instructions

I was finally able to break the thing into more “Happy-sized” pieces. And she devoured each and every one in milliseconds.

Much better

Last bite…

Seriously guys, this stuff is *the jam*

All gone!

Gimme more?

Fine. Be that way. I don’t want anymore anyway.

But can I at least lick your fingers clean…??

Sure, go for it…

I must say. People food iz gooooood

100% satisfied

So tell me, do any of you take your dog to the dog-park? Have any of you celebrated your dog’s birthday with a cupcake treat?  Do your dogs have doggie-dates to meet up and play with other dogs? Thankfully, Happy’s birthday is in June. Translation? there will be zero chance of a frozen cupcake choking hazzard when she turns 1 year old…

P.S. Thanks to Ryan’s old roommate, Jon, for all of the coming out and snapping some beautiful pictures (I’m sure y’all can tell which one’s I’m talkin’ about… ha!)

P.P.S. I’ll work on getting the recipe for the doggie-cupcake from my neighbor to share with you all… I know it involves peanutbutter!


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20 responses to “Oh, Happy Day!

  1. I love the fact that you reference an Emily & Brad date here:) awesome. If I had a dog right now, I would definitely want to take it out on long walks or to the dog park. However, at this point it’s just not possible for me. I love the cupcake story:)

    • Haaa so glad you are a Bachelor fan, too! I have yet to see the finale (I had a biostats test to work on last night…) I’m planning on watching it either tonight or tomorrow! I hope he chose emily!!!

  2. Rhonda

    … loved the pics too! 🙂

  3. Awesome snapshots of you all and Happy’s adventures 🙂 Definitely made me smile!

  4. Rheba

    Good thing you have had stellar CPR/first aid training! I mean really…. This could have gone a whole ‘nother way! 😉

    • Haaaa you are so right! I just had my recert a few weeks ago… and every time I go through a recertification class, I always compare the teacher to you! No one has even come close to how awesome you were… i learned so much from you!

      Hope you are doing well out there saving the world 🙂

  5. Happy looks so…well, happy in all these pics haha!!!

  6. If there was still a dog park around me, I would go. Unfortunately they closed permanently in November. Just make sure you keep a close eye on your pup, I have heard some horror stories of “pack mentalities” in large groups of dogs.

    • You know, I just heard a horrific story about a mastiff mistaking a little yorkie pup for a “play -toy.” Needless to say it was a tragic ending — I couldn’t imagine being a witness to that! Ugh!

      We always keep Happy on the small dogs side, and so far, every one else has followed the rule, too 🙂

  7. SO cute! and gosh, do I miss Freedom Park! It’s so funny to see you going to all these places I used to frequent not too long ago. 🙂

  8. Love all the pictures! I am totally jealous you have all those beautiful parks by you!

  9. Oh my goodness, you guys are just the cutest little family! 🙂

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