It’s all Fun & Games

This week has been busy busy! But really, who’s life isn’t these days..?!

Monday night was dedicated to a whole bunch’0’biostatistics. I had a test due the next morning and wanted to get it all turned in on Monday night, and I successfully did just that! It was my 5th test, and I ended up getting a solid 85%. I’m content. It’s better than I did on my last one, but it’s not nearly as well as I could have done had I thought one of the questions through  a bit harder. I knew when I turned it in that I could have taken a different route. Oh well, live and learn… right? An 85% is decent. I’m just glad I did so well in the beginning of the course, because things are definitely evening out now. I know I should give myself more credit, though. Biostatistics is hard stuff!

Anywho, after I turned in my biostats test I dialed up what I have dubbed as the “jury-duty hotline.” I was supposed to go the courthouse on Tuesday for jury duty, but when I called to see if they needed me, the automated voice message said that I had been relieved from jury duty and was actually exempt from being summoned for the next TWO YEARS! Holla! Talk about amazing news to my ears Smile The last thing I wanted to do was sit in a courtroom for a day (or for who knows how many weeks if I had been assigned to a trial!). Yick. Although, I was kind of bummed I’d be missing out on the opportunity to catch up with my good ‘ole, flashy gold-shoes wearin’ boy… remember him?

Tuesday morning I called my boss and told her the good news, and she was beyond pleased to hear that I’d be coming in. The wellness center was holding a special event and was slammed with people, so she needed all hands on deck. It was a really busy, but fun, day at work!

The day totally flew by and before I knew it, I was at home tidying up the place with Ryan for my parents to arrive! As I mentioned before, my parents were on their way from Florida to Ohio and ended up making a pitstop for the night in Charlotte. They showed up at 7PM and after some initial hugs and quality Happy time, we all headed to this amaaaazing Italian restaurant, Vivace, for some delicious food and much needed catch-up time. Ryan’s work has hosted their office Christmas party at this restaurant for the past two years, so we knew the food was going to be absolutely incredible. And incredible it was. In fact, Ryan’s duck entrée was so good that he exclaimed at the end of his meal that he wished he could gnaw on the leftover bone. That’s my boy.


Where heaven is served on a platter...

Annie's New Fuji Pics 063

Waiting patiently for the bread to arrive so we could devour it

Sadly, my parents wanted to head back to their hotel right after dinner so I only got to see them for about two hours (hence why I hardly have any pictures to share from the night Sad smile). It’s really hard to live so far away from family sometimes… I only get to see my mom when they pass through Charlotte on their drives to and from Ohio/Florida, and for Christmas when Ryan and I make the 12hour (one way!) drive down to visit them.  It makes the time we spend with them very special.

Wednesday night Ryan and I hosted a game-night with one of his work buddies, Zack, and his girlfriend, Sara. I have allllways loved bored games, and Ryan picked up on that little tidbit when he first met me. Over the years we’ve created quite the collection of board games for us to enjoy and entertain with guests. Although last night, we only broke into two games (but they were freakin’ hilarious). Have y’all ever played “Smartass” or “Would you Rather?”


Game night!!


Who you callin' a smartass, you little kumquat?

These games are so great. In fact, “Would you Rather?” would be an awesome game to bring along on a roadtrip, as you could just read the cards and have a heck of a time answering ‘em! Some of my other favorites are “The Game of Things” and of course, my ALL time favorite… CATCHPRHASE! Oh snap… do I love Catchphrase or what! It’s probbbbobaly one of the best games you can play with a ton of people. Apples to Apples rannks up there, too, though. Oh, and then of course my Guess Who? game Smile with tongue out


So proud of my little camera for taking such an artsy picture...


Ryan dominating the game


Cheese for the camera


And yet another neat shot!


Zack pondering which "would you rather" scenario he'd choose...


Smile pretty

Last night Ryan and enjoyed a nice and low-key St. Patrick’s Day… we’ve been doing something it seems for every night for the past week, so it was nice to just sit on the couch and relax!

Happy was more than thrilled…


Ohhh you know, just hanging around

No really, she was. She loves having us both around just hanging out. And as you can see… she loves to hang out. I do not know how she can just chill with her head like that… but it doesn’t seem to bother her, she’s done it multiple times!


It's what I do best

We have some fun plans for the weekend, so a restful, Thursday evening filled with a movie (the Fighter) and college basketball came quite welcomed.

Now all that stands between me and a fun night tonight is a 13 mile long run! Time to hit the pavement Smile

What board-games do y’all like? (Oh, and have you ever heard of the game balderdash?! I played that game at a friend’s house  a while back and have been wanting to add that one to the collection…) On another note… do y’all follow college basketball? Who do you have going to the final four and taking home the title? And just out of curiosity, have you ever eaten a kumquat? I seriously think it’s the funniest name of a fruit EVER! It sounds like *the* biggest insult on the planet to me. People who annoy me will forever be dubbed as a kumquat. Just sayin’.



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17 responses to “It’s all Fun & Games

  1. That news story was so funny…and the video of you bopping down the street was cute! I love boardgames, too! Although I have a bad habit of getting a little too competitive, sometimes my boyfriend just thinks it’s better to let me win. I’ve played balderdash and actually rocked it! I really like apples to apples, taboo, and cranium among many others!

    • OMG isn’t balderdash the jam?!? I seriously am SO good at that game…

      I’m not one to get too competitive at boardgames, UNLESS it’s catchphrase… things can get OOC (out of control) fast when that game is involved…haaa!

  2. Sounds like a hectic week that you had! I love seeing Happy Pictures…I want a dog, but at this point just can’t have one:(

  3. I love this Allison! one of my favorite games to play is Catch Phrase and Would You Rather?! SO FUNNY! So glad you had a great time and the pictures are great! xo have a wonderful weekend! xo

  4. Some games I love (that I think you would love too) : Loaded Questions, Wits and Wagers, Shake N Take. They are all party games and super fun.

    As far as NCAA basketball – I’m rooting for the Wisconsin Badgers. Always. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!! 🙂


    Aside from Telephone Pictionary (which I’m going to do a blog post on sometime soon), it’s one of my FAVORITE board games.

    That, and Quelf! Quelf is hysterical, and my friends and I can’t get enough. Seriously.

    What’s Smartass like? I’ve never heard of it!

    • Homigosh… telephone pictionary?!?! I MUST find out about this game! And Quelf!?!??? What in the world?! Ima google search that bad boy right now… i’m intrigued!

      SmartAss is kind of like CatchPhrase (but more on an individual level) where a reader reads a card that gives you prompts/clues about a place/thing/person…. and the reader reads off to the rest of the players the clues and the other players have to guess as fast as they can (but they only have one shot to guess or else they’re done for that round!) what they think the answer is… it puts a lot of pressure on you! Super super fun 🙂

  6. Sounds like you guys had such a great time! Love the pics of upside down Happy, haha!

    • Isn’t it so crazy how she gets her head to do that?!!? She can stay like that for minutes! (But I don’t let her… i fear what would happen if all the blood rushed to her head, ha)

  7. I’m glad you had a good time with your parents even if it was only for a couple hours!! Board games are so much fun. I wish I played them more!!

  8. I played Would You Rather this past weekend with a group of friends…so fun! We also played Dirty Minds, another good one. Happy is precious 😀

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