Hello, world!

Well I certainly have been MIA these past few days… but no worries, I am back in action!

Friday I went from being an athlete of running a long-run of 20 miles (holla, longest distance eva!) to being a mathlete. I pretty much had my head in the books for the entire weekend. Not even kidding.

My biostatistics course is nearing the end of the semester, and there’s no chance of things slowing down! The test I had due this morning was one of the most intense I have ever taken, but I feel like I did pretty well!

After spending ample time bonding with my TI-83 calculator over the weekend, I feel like I am fluent in a whole new language full p-values, z-statistics, sampling distributions, density curves, distribution tables (normal standard, t-distributions), probabilities and all of the crazy rules, standard deviation, the 68-95-99.7 rule, 1.5x IQR rule, xbar, variance, outliers, the law of large numbers, inference, sample mean vs. population mean, dbar,  discrete random variables, continuous random variables, margin of error, standard error, degrees of freedom, significance tests (one- and two- sample z tests, one-and two- sample t tests, matched pairs test), confidence intervals, sample size logistics, study designs (SRS, multistage, stratified), null hypothesis, alternative hypothesis (one or two sided hypotheses) …oh, and of course the beloved Greek symbols (mu, sigma, alpha).


Holla at me if you speaka my language!

So yes, interpreting all of that stuff took a lot of hardcore studying, but I feel like I was able to gain a pretty good understanding of it all. To say this was a beast of a test is putting it lightly… the Word document I turned in with all of my answers ended up being 21 pages long. That’s right… 21 pages of hardcore statistical analysis. I think I would pull my hair out if I had to grade that thing. And the fact that there are about 55 students in the class… ugh, gross. Grading all of those babies does not sound like fun to me. I think my eyes would cross over.

Anyway, here’s to hoping all of my hard work pays off!

Have any of you had to study extra heard and focus in a college/graduate level course  because the material does not come naturally? I am totally not a math person, so this class is definitely a challenge for me! A welcomed challenge, though, because I am learning a TON of new stuff!

Do any of y’all ever feel like you have so much on your plate that you have to drop other things in order to get the important things done, and done well? That’s pretty much what happened this weekend… I had to majorly prioritize, and running my 20 mile long run and completing this test were at the top of the list! And I must say, I feel very accomplished knowing that I gave them my all and they both went well Smile



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26 responses to “Hello, world!

  1. Oh statistics. yikes, it’s intense! I was DREADING that class in college, and although it was intense and a ton of work, it ended up being one of my favorites in college. BUT, i spent hours every week studying… came in handy while writing my thesis!

    • Oh, I am SURE I will be utilizing the things I am learning for reading an analyzing all types of journal articles and studies… I’m excited for everything to finally all make sense!

  2. oatsandspice

    I was totally MIA this weekend too – it felt SO good to take a little mini-break 🙂 I’m sorry you had to spend it with your calculator – I hope you had time to do something fun as well!

  3. Janene

    I went MIA for the last 3 months of my dual Masters degrees – I had a thesis (with hardcore stats, i feel your pain!) and a leadership project to complete and present, along with all the rest of my coursework. Sometimes I didn’t even leave the house for days at time – I just shut myself in and wrote, wrote, wrote wrote! It was hellish, but totally worth it – now I have 2 Master’s degrees, and some solid research to publish/present! 😀

    Hang in there, you don’t have too far left to go!

  4. Good luck on the biostats! You’ll do great! I took an economics class in college and it didn’t come naturally to me at all! So glad that’s over!

  5. I feel ya! School has totally consumed my time lately. Pair all the school up with work and I’ve had basically no time at all to blog. I’m really hoping to get back to it regularly this summer.

    Ugh, I hated biostats too! That class was terrible. The other class I really hated and had to bust butt for was psychics. I don’t think I’ve ever studied so hard for tests and still feel disappointed because I never did as well as I wanted. I hope you rocked your exam!!

    • You are so sweet. I completely understand… I wish I didn’t have to take summer school, though! My break comes at Christmas 😛

      I only had to take physics in high school, and it was one of the most challenging classes *ever!* I did learn quite a bit, though….(like i’m smarter than I give myself credit for!)

  6. oyyy statistics. I took that my sophomore year… I hated it then but looking back I learned a lot and actually really liked it. Way to finish up the analysis & prioritize! & kill a 20 miler too! =)

  7. don’t you love how productive it made you feel? I’m SO impressed by your 20 mileage accomplishment. You are WOMAN!

    and thank you so much for the twitter love. 🙂 it always makes me feel so good.

  8. Yikes! Once I got past pre-algebra, nothing ever made sense to me in math!

  9. Thanks for commenting on my comment to Kath 🙂 Nice blog – the name says it all!

  10. You’re crazy smart with all your math. It literally looks like another language to me, my brain doesn’t comprehend any of it!

  11. Allison, you so rocked that test! I know you did! 🙂 Math has definitely never been my favorite thing. That’s why I married an accountant. 😉

  12. oh I hate math. I am so glad I am done with school! Bless your heart!

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