20 Miles!

It’s crazy to think that my marathon is exactly one month from today. ONE month! I can’t *believe* how fast this spring has flown by… it feels like just yesterday that I officially decided to commit to this thing!

I’m not worried, though. I feel super confident in my ability to run 26.2 miles. In fact, a few days ago, I reached a new milestone!

Over the weekend (yeah, I realize I’m super late in recapping this, but I’ve had a crazy week!) I officially entered into the 20 mile territory! In fact, my marathon training plan maxes out at 20 miles, so the next longest run I’ll do will be the actual marathon itself – craaazy!


Hold on a sec, how many fingers are you holding up there?


Oh, Two-Zero… gotcha

Um… that’s a lot of miles

Running 20 miles, to me, is a pretty big feat… something that I doubt I’d ever be able to accomplish (at least, safely) without a solid training plan. So I figured I’d take a minute to recap my marathon journey so far and reflect on everything I’ve done in my training plan…


10 miles (plan called for 9 miles, but we all know how I feel about the number 9)

11 miles

11 miles


12 miles

14 miles (I split this up into 7 and 7 on Sat/Sun due to my hip feeling off)

15 miles

12 miles (plan called for 11, but I added in another mile just for kicks)


17 miles

18 miles (aka my 5th half marathon + 5 mile warm-up run)

13 miles

20 miles (plan called for 19miles, but again… the whole number 9 thing. Yep, totally irrational, but I’m weird like that).

…And here’s what’s left of it!


This weekend: 12 miles

Next weekend: 20 miles

Weekend after that: 12 miles

Weekend before the marathon: 8 miles

Last weekend in April: THE MARATHON (on Sunday, May 1st!)


26.2 miles? Briiiiiing it!

I can’t believe things are starting to slow down, and my long-runs are beginning to taper off.  It’s funny, Ryan asked me how far my upcoming long-run was for this weekend, and I simply replied, “oh, just 12 miles for this one.”

Yep.  12 miles…

Let’s reflect a bit here, shall we?

Since when did 12 miles become “just 12 miles” … like it ain’t no thang? Seriously, who am I and what happened to that girl from high school whohated running long distance and was convinced her exercise induced asthma would keep her from ever running further than one mile at a time?

All I have to say is, the basis of running is 90% mental. Barring any true physical ailments/serious injury, I’d bet almost anyone can become a runner. All you have to do is give it a shot! Seriously, running is such a mental game. That is probably why I love it so much. I am 100% in control of how far I go. I know my body is capable of going long distances (as long as I’m not feeling any true pain… soreness is one thing, actual pain is a different beast). It’s amazing how you can not “be in the mood” to go on a run, but once you’re actually out the door… you end up having the best run of your life to date. That’s happened to me many times. Sometimes you just gotta shutout the inner chatter in your head, get yourself out the door and do it. In my experience, pounding the pavement almost always turns out to be the right choice.

However, I must add, if you are on the verge of injury, letting your body rest is one of the most important things you could do for yourself! Overtraining is a huge cause of injury… so always make sure to listen to your body and not push through actual, physical pain. Oh, and most importantly? Always, always, ALWAYS make sure you are wearing the correct type of running shoe for your foot!

Do any of you have any races coming right up ? Do you have any tips/quotes to share that help you get your butt in gear when you feel unmotivated to workout? Do you listen to your body and give it rest when it’s tired/on the verge of injury? Have you ever experienced injury from overtraining?

Oh, and a Random Tangent…

Does anyone else have trouble holding up two fingers on one hand? I seriously cannot do it correctly… whenever I throw up the peace sign (or other signs, ahem) my fingers just don’t stand up straight by themselves… they always bring along their neighbors a little bit!

Exhibit A:



Exihibit B:


Fingers too small? Webbed fingers? All of the above?

At least I embrace it…



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21 responses to “20 Miles!

  1. Ha ha, thats awesome! You should be proud, 20 mile runs are not a run in the park… The taper part is your chance to enjoy and take it all in! The hard part is done, now you just have to run the marathon and that will be a peice of cake 😉

    • Aw, thank you so much! It’s so bizarre to think that my final long-runs are coming up these next two weeks… i think i am going to miss them, to be honest! But I will enjoy this tapering-time… that’s for sure!

  2. Congrats on the 20 miler and The great mental game that you’ve learned to play and win at:)

  3. Nice job on the 20 miler! You are getting really close to the goal now! It’s a great feeling to get in those long runs, right? Good luck with the rest of your training!!

  4. Congrats. 20 miles is amazing.
    I am definitely not a runner… yet, anyway. I don’t do anything more than sprints on the treadmill, between walking. 🙂


    • Good for you! I am SO not a sprinter, heck, I don’t even think I could sprint if I tried! I don’t have those explosive, fast-twitch muscle fibers… i’m all slow-twitch muscle!

  5. Congratulations! It’s always exciting to hit new mileage marks! 😀

  6. Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

    Congrats on the 20 miles! Your marathon is going to go so well 🙂

  7. I was actually just looking at the training plan for my Disney Marathon last night and checking out half marathons in the area I could do while my mileage was that high and it’s crazy to think I’ll be running that far. I really struggle with the mental part of running, once I’m out there though I will finish my mileage it’s just how I’ll feel while doing it that is the problem! I’ve recently decided to not be worried about what pace I’m running and just run! Maybe I go faster maybe I’m my usual slow self, I just focus on not being miserable:) All your pictures are too cute! My index finger comes up a little when I do a peace sign, too. I have ginormous hands though so I don’t think I’s a matter of hand size.

    • ahhh LOVE hearing that I’m not the only person out there with fingers like that! And I’m so excited that you’re running Disney… I think I might sign up for that one… maaaaybe…would be so neat to have a buddy running it!

  8. One month woo! So excited for you! 🙂 Have a fun weekend!

  9. YOU are too cute. I have the longest fingers on earth, so I’ll lend you some.

    aaaand since I signed up for my FIRSTMARATHON today, I’ll be def coming to you for some advicies. 🙂

  10. Things I tell myself to get motivated are ‘You are strong’, ‘You can do it!’ and ‘Think of how accomplished you will feel after!’

    You are going to have so much fun in the marathon, I know you will do awesome!

  11. Props to you on your run girl! I physically couldn’t go that far! Farthest I think was 11.. maybe some day 🙂 Congrats!!!!

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