New Running Gear!!

Yesterday, Ryan and I cashed in on a Groupon deal he’s been holding onto for quite some time. Even though Ryan is not a runner, it’s still important for him to have proper fitting footwear… so we headed over to the local running store and had his gait analyzed and feet fitted for a new shoe! He ended up buying a snazzy lookin’ pair of Brooks, and will be sporting them at the gym for future workouts Smile

I myself have indulged in some new running gear these past few weeks… I mean, a girls gotta stay fueled during all of these long-runs somehow, right?!

Before my first 17 miler, I went out and bought myself a Spibelt so that I could easily tote around a water bottle, as well as some fuel. Talk about a good life decision!


A runner’s toolbelt. Essential.

Let’s just say if you’re serious about running and haven’t already bought yourself some type of fuel belt, do yourself a favor and go out and get one!! Not only can I tote around water, fuel, a house key and chapstick (because I’m kind of obsessed…), but it also fits my honker of cellphone (hello Androoooid, I’m talkin about you!).

In fact, during my 12 mile long-run yesterday, I’d say I spent a good 4-5 miles chatting to my momma on speaker phone (is that weird? Whatevs, it was fun to catch up and I loved the company! My mom didn’t even realize I was running until about 15 minutes into the conversation – she actually thought I was driving, haaaa! Beat THAT, exercise-induced asthma!).

I digress…

So, back to the main reason why I bought the Spibelt: to carry fuel. On my super long runs, I  carry around everything from baggies of raisins and pretzels (I am poor and refuse to buy those super expensive Gu-chomp things… so as long as this works for now, I’ll take it… plus, these things are really easy for me to digest while out on the road) to some type of energy tablet thingy I got from the local running store that dissolves into water when you drop it in your water bottle.

I actually have yet to hit a wall on one of my long-runs (maybe that’ll come next weekend during my last 20 miler…aka my last long run before the actual marathon, eek!)  and I’m hoping that wall and I never meet.  That’s probably one of the things I’m most scared of! For those of you who’ve run marathons, did you ever hit a wall on one of your training runs? What about during the actual marathon? And what does it feel like when you do, in fact, hit “the wall”? And what do you do if it happens…? So many questions!

Anywho, in addition to my new awesomesauce Spibelt… I also splurged on another item…

A brank spankin’ new *pink* Nike running visor! Remember when I said I always, always, *always* wear my blue Nike visor out on runs? Well now I’ve got a new one to add to the rotation!) Hooray!


Isn’t it obvious that I like to branch out and try new things?


All hung up on display, all pretty-like


Where we keep the goods (aka my visors and keys… and Happy’s leash and harness)

Oh, and I also dug into a brand new pair of running shoes I’ve been housing in my closet since December…it’s time to break ‘em in for the marathon! These babies will be the ones going the distance!


My true love, the Asics running shoe (currently the 2150 model)

Again, if you haven’t read my post on shoes pah-lease click here and read up on how important they are! I was sidelined for an entire MONTH due to the wrong type of shoe… I don’t wish something so preventable on anyone!

What are your “must-haves” when going out for a run? For me, it’s some type of visor/hat, sunscreen, Garmin, a solid pair of running shoes, sometimes my IPod, sometimes Happy (depending on the distance), and if it’s a long run… my Spibelt, water,  phone and fuel! Have you ever hit “the wall” before?



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13 responses to “New Running Gear!!

  1. Man, I really need to get me a belt for my UPCOMING long runs! I’ve always been afraid it’s going to bounce around, be a burden, etc.

    ..Is it?

    And yaaaay for Asics! But I STILL need a date to the running store. Mine got put off last week!

    • Ya know, the spibelt doesn’t bounce around too much if you make it tight around your waist. Even with the waterbottle attachment! But I don’t fill up the bottle *all* the way (I run by a water-fountain multiple times, so I can easily refill it whenever I need to). When the bottle was filled to the top, it did bounce around just a little. Not the end of the world!

  2. I love new gear! your visor matches so well!

    • Hahaha thank you so much, girl! I think it’s fun to match colors. People comment on me and Happy when I take her with me on shorter runs because she has a bright blue leash…and a pink harness, so when I wear a blue/pink combo (which is usually the case!) people always stop us and say how funny it is that we’re matching (and then ask if Happy is a boy or girl, ha!)

  3. Cute new visor! And since my runs are 3 miles max, I don’t really carry any gear besides my ipod and house key. That belt seems like an awesome purchase, though!

  4. The new visor is so cute!

    I don’t own a running belt yet, I just use my pockets or, for super long runs, a small handbag that has a strap long enough for me to put on diagonally and then pin at my hip! Hardly practical.

    • oh goodness! I could never run with things in my pockets (but that might be because I don’t have pockets!) I don’t think I’d like the feeling of things jiggling around!

  5. What a cute visor!! I’m more of an indoor runner since the Chicago weather doesn’t allow for too many months of being outside. 😦 But I always need to have a headband!

    • Lol it’s funny, I even wear my visor when I go on my 6AM runs… when there is no sunlight (weird much?!) It’s like my security blanket! At least I don’t feel the urge to wear sunglasses all the time… then I might need an intervention, ha!

  6. Exciting new gear! How did you beat your exercise induced asthma? I love to run but my lungs tend to nearly explode after a couple of miles!

  7. I have the exact same running shoes and ran my marathon in them! They are great! My one complaint is that they do tend to rub slightly around my arches. I fixed this by using one strip of sports tape on each foot in that area, which I recommend, if you have this problem!

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