Oh, Happy Day!

When we first got Happy back in October, I vowed that’d we’d never be “those people” who spoil their pups with tons and tons of toys. And although I feel like we’ve done a good job at staying true to that mantra, I think we have slowly but surely assembled quite the arsenal of “all things squeaky.”

By longevity of survival, the following is a list of squeaker toys Happy has collected over the past (almost!) six months:

Name: Hippo


'Ello, Hippo


bebe Happy with a brand new Hippo, circa October 2010


Til death do us part…

Status: Annihilated

Pros: Compact, easily portable and great for head-thrashing.  When Happy was a pup, Hippo was the perfect size for her bite-sized clench (of death).

Cons: Dead squeaker.  (This little fact does not phase Happy, though. She still goes to town chompin’ at Hippo and makes the thing wheeze like crazy.)
Where you can find me: Mostly retired, but makes the occasional appearance…often found resting on Happy’s bed.


Name: Football



baby Happy with the original squeakers, circa October 2010


I ❤ my football!


Works as a tail pillow...


... and a head pillow


Hut hut…

Status: Trooper

Pros: Equipped with appendages (arms and legs) for easy carrying and tossing around the house. Still squeaks.

Cons: Balding; loses interest during the off season (or maybe because she has more toys now???)


The bald spots

Where you can find me: Crate-side pillow. (Yes, Happy actually uses this little football as a pillow for her head while in her crate, it’s pretty much adorable.)


Name: Pig-Pig


Happy's all-time *favorite*



Status: BFF

Pros: Reliable partner-in-crime; durable squeaker.

Cons: Deaf in one ear (Happy has torn a little bit of Pig-Pig’s ear…)

Where you can find me: Attached at the hip


Name: Scruff McGruff (alias: Scruff)


Christmas morning



Hold me?


OK, this works too…


Much better


Cuddle time


Now that is love…

Status: Middle Child Syndrome (aka…the forgotten one, despite what the pictures might show – Jan Brady, anyone?)

Pros: Soft, cuddly and bigger than Happy  herself

Cons: Intimating and awkward to drag around the house

Where you can find me: Same spot as last week…


Name: Bacon Bone


See those red dots? They smell like bacon.


Bacon Bone trumps sock. Always.


Back off. It’s mine.

Status: Replaced. Because Happy chewed so much on her first one that it became unsafe…(Little pieces falling off. Not so good for the digestive tract…).

Pros: Smells like bacon; provides hours of endless entertainment.

Cons: Misperceived as real food

Where you can find me: In Happy’s mouth


Name: Tug-A-Jug


(A rope used to come out of the end of this thing…)

Status: Deceased

Pros: Dispensed food; fun and entertaining puzzle.

Cons: Dispensed food slowly; Clanged against walls; rope frayed and became digestable…thus ending the lifespan of Tug-A-Jug.

Where you can find me: Out of reach and on the top shelf


Name: “Soccer”



Status: New Kid on the Block

Pros: Happy’s first spherical toy (besides the elusive Kong that gets ignored when not filled with peanut butter); Ryan’s favorite pasttime; Most powerful squeaker to date.

Cons: Learning curve because it rolls around so much
Where you can find me: Being tossed around by Ryan


Name: Donkey




New buddy in town

Status: Residential Jackass

Pros: Perfect sized companion; flavor of the month; brand-spankin’ new

Cons: To be determined…

Where you can find me: Attached to Happy’s other hip


Oh, and then of course, there’s the plunger. Unfortunately for Happy, Ryan and I do not condone playtime with this pseudo-toy. It now resides under the bathroom sink, where mammals sans thumbs cannot reach it (ahem, Happy). Nevertheless, here are some pictures from the first (and only) time she dragged it out of the bathroom for some lovin’. I couldn’t resist snappin’ a few photos before freeing it from her death grip.


...oh, you like this "toy?"


Sorry kid, I got news for you...


Plunger as a toy? Not so much...

So there you have it, Happy’s army of toys (minus the plunger…). She’s not the biggest chewer, so all of the toys we bought her when we first brought her home are still in use today.

What types of toys do your pets like to play with? Do they pick favorites? Do they destroy and conquer their toys? Or do they like to play nicely?



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16 responses to “Oh, Happy Day!

  1. such a cute post girl! i love how you described all of happy’s favorite toys! love it! have a wonderful sunday!

  2. Rhonda

    Oh how you got a good chuckle out of me with this post! LOLOL 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. That Tug-a-Jug is deadly! Lilly had it for a while… when the rope was still inside, she would swing it around and around… hitting anything and everything in her path. It was crazy. The rope is gone, and now she has chewed some of the little purple nubby part off, and so it has gone to rest in the basket of dead toys in our laundry room. We’ve kept most everything from the past year+, and it’s a hilarious collection of broken and bruised old toys.
    Cute post!


  4. Kay, I just found your blog and I LOVE IT!! You are the most GORGEOUS girl ever by the way!! 😀

    And Happy is SO DARN CUTE!! I love all his toys!! This post is HILARIOUS!! My doggie is the same- he has thousands of toys but he doesn’t treat them very nicely! 😛

  5. Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

    Happy is so adorable. This is such a cute post! My dog shreds stuffed toys, they only last like 5 minutes before they’re a big pile of fluff!

  6. Awww how cute your pup loves his toys so much!! We’d always get our animals toys but they’d hardly ever play with them. Our dogs have torn apart a few of their beds pkaying tug-of-war, though!

  7. This had me laughing so hard. We honestly cannot find any toys that our dog does not chew the living daylights out of! Charlie likes to expel squeakers from toys – which could be dangerous if he swallowed them! Today he completely annihalated a chew toy.. and rope toys? Forget it – he chews them up!!

  8. Hilarious! I can’t believe Happy doesn’t tear up her stuffed toys more! We had to give up on those after a while, because we’d get one and it would have stuffing coming out of it the next day. Even the stuffing-less animals are no match for Clyde’s teeth. He has them in pieces within days! Clyde does well with tennis balls, squeaky rubber things, and rope toys. He also LOVES rawhides, and I’m pretty sure they have helped keep his teeth clean, so that’s a bonus!

  9. I said I’d never be one of those people either! I am. My dog is super-spoiled!!! Love the pics!

  10. Hahahaha! I should do one of these with all of Oreo’s toys. Oh goodness, he has destroyed all of them except the kong. He is definitely a chewer, haha! Happy is soooooo adorable as always! 🙂

  11. i can’t get over how adorable your lil pup is!

  12. this is so precious! a dog’s love for plungers and stuffed animals in pictures. I’m loving this post. (you don’t need to blog for a week; I’ll come back and re-read this post every day).

    also, I’m really impressed Happy can wear some fly outfits like that and not shred up the shirts! if I get a dog, that is the kind of dog I want

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  14. I love pig pig. That is so sweet that they are sleeping buddies.

    Please kills the squeaker/noise toys/ he just over plays them until they go silent. lol

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