Oh, Happy Day!

For today’s Oh, Happy Day! post, Happy would like to share with you: 

“A Day in the Life of Happy”

5:30AM: Birds annoyingly chirp and wake me up. I bark back. Stupid birds.

5:31AM: Daddy jams toe on babygate looking for his shoes. Bout time he got up.

5:32AM: Daddy comes and rescues me from crate so I can go attack birds. Oh, and potty too (duh).

5:33AM: Ring bell. Impatiently perform the pee dance by the door. Why does daddy make me wait? How rude.

5:34AM: I successfully water the lawn. (You’re welcome, Mother Nature)

5:35AM: Go inside for breakfast numero uno.

5:35:15AM: Finish eating breakfast. Lick bowl to collect remaining kibble dust. Burp.


More Food Please?

5:36AM: Beg to follow dad into the big bed. Dad points to crate. Whatevs.

(SideNote: For some reason I am no longer sleeping in the big bed at night with the humans. I kind of like having my own bed to myself. I can stretch out all I want!)

5:38AM: *snoooore*

7:50AM: Wake up and listen to daddy get ready for work.

8:15AM: Daddy leaves me, per usual, looking really snazzy. Where he goes? Psh, you got me…

8:30AM: Mom feeds me breakfast number two

9:00AM: Hang with mom while she clickclacks away on some type of blackbox… I think it’s called A tee-eye-83? Apparently it’s some type of cal-que-lay-tor…thing. Eh. Looks complicated… I cut her some slack and let her do her thing.

10:30AM: Watch mom run around the house doing chores

11:00AM: See mom head into the room where she keeps those tasty-lookin’ running shoes of hers… I know they’re special. So I don’t dare touch ‘em.

11:15AM: Watch mom head over to front door and reach for pink harness. Oohhhh SNAP! I think it’s time!



11:31AM-1:00PM: Smell the smells…meet and greet the neighborhood pupsqueaks. Love on the mailman.

1:01PM: Get back home and mosy on over to my water dish. That H20 is some goooood stuff.

1:02PM: Hop up onto the big bed; wait and watch patiently while mom cleans up and gets ready for work


Blendin' right in

1:15PM: Snicker at mom when her favorite song comes on the radio. Crazy lady, I tell ya. White humans can’t dance.

1:20PM: Chillax with mom.  I think I know what’s coming… sigh…

1:30PM: Yep, I was right. Guess it’s time to head on over to my crate.

1:32PM: (Inside crate) I’m proud of my new-found attitude about this crate-thing. I don’t think I’ve whined in about two weeks! Plus, this background music is some good stuff…

1:35PM: Man oh man are my eyelids are heavy. That was a good run…I could use a nap!

1:45PM: *snooooore*

3:30PM: What was that noise? It better not be a SQUIRREL! Oh, wait…that must’ve been a dream.

3:32PM: *snooooore*

6:00PM: Wake up from afternoon siesta, Where am I? What day is it?

6:00:30PM: Evening stretch routine


...looks a little somethin' like this (they don't call it downward dog for nothin'!)

6:05PM: Uh-oh, I have to pee. Where are my humans?!

6:10PM: Listen for honk from parking lot

6:19PM: *honk honk* Yay! Daddy’s magical travel machine returns from wherever he goes during the day

6:20PM: Daddy walks through the door and frees me from prison

6:20:02PM: Greet daddy with somersault jumps and kisses

6:21PM: Go outside for potty time.

6:22PM: Take a walk to metal box. Sniff around while Daddy fiddles with metal box and magically extracts envelopes and papers. Tilt head and watch Daddy flip through pile of “stuff.”

6:28PM: *whimper*…Where’s mom?


Huh? HUH? Where is sheeeee?!?!

6:29PM: Tummy growls. What the fluff?… What are you waiting for, dad? Feeeeeeed meeee!!!

6:30PM: Daddy grabs bowl for din din. Watch closely to make sure he doesn’t skimp on the kibble. Forced to sit, stay, lay, nutmeg and kiss for my dinner. A dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do.


I promise I can be obedient

6:30:15PM: Done with dinner. 15 seconds flat. Mmmhm, that’s how we do.

6:32PM: *whimper*(…again). Where’s mom?

6:33PM: Ring bell for potty time.

6:34PM: Tinkle tinkle piddle squat (to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, of course).

6:36PM: Ring bell for potty time.

6:37PM: Fake out squat.

6:39PM: Ring bell for potty time.

6:40PM: Pee-reserves kick in.

6:41PM: Ring bell for potty time. Daddy gives me “the look.” OK, OK. You caught me. Where’s Pig-Pig?

7:20PM: Mommy walks through the door. SQUEEEEE!!! Perform freakout dance and wolf-howl. Attempt to sneak in the infamous “sofa-plunge” before Mommy and Daddy simultaneously yell “OFF!”


Next time…I’m gonna do it for realz!

7:21PM: Relax — all is well with the world. Both  my humans are home and within eyesight. WIN!


Did you hear something?!?!?!

8:15PM: WAZZAT? I hear a *jingle jingle* coming down the stairwell…  Could it be the neighbs? … JAMEO!!  *Dart to front door to ring bell*

8:15:05PM: Ring bell harder.

8:15:11PM: Ring bell even harder.

8:15:45PM: Trot over to daddy to see what’s up. C’monnnnn! I rang the bell!

8:15:55PM: *stare down daddy with evil glare*


Um, Hello? I rang the dang bell!

8:16PM: Strut my stuff back over to front door.

8:16:15PM: Swat bell off doorknob. Carry bell by string to Daddy. I need this, Daddy.

8:17PM: Bound out the door with daddy. IT’S PLAYTIME! Bah!Where did Jameo go? Hop across yard to find my bestie. Oh look, there’s Henry, my other bestie! Heyyyyy Hanry Heyyyy!

8:31PM: Wrestle time with Henry over. Fingers…check. Toes… check. Tail…still curly? Check!  Success. I need a nap.



8:33PM: *snooooore*

8:45PM:Wake up with a boost of energy.  Play with football. Play with Donkey. Where’d I leave Pig-Pig? And how the heck did Hippo get under the couch so far? Shmeh.  *Blitz around house*


Can’t catch meeeee!!

9:00PM: Wake up in middle of living room floor.  Lift up head – is this real life? Zonk out again.


9:45PM: Wake up in mom’s arms on the couch while she watches TV. How’d I get up here? Oh well, this is nice… so comfy. Back to sleep I go.


11:15AM: Feeling of floating through the air. Must be that time…Daddy’s carrying me to bed. Another good day. Hello, crate… hello, bed.


...annnnd Goodnight, humans

11:15:30PM: *snooooore*

Do y’all ever wonder what your pets are thinking throughout the day? Does your dog scarf down food super-fast, too? How are your dog’s days similar to Happy’s?


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19 responses to “Oh, Happy Day!

  1. This is great:) It IS interesting to think about what they think throughout the day….very funny.

  2. Rhonda


  3. oh my happy is way too cute and precious! such a puppy dog

  4. This is the cutest post ever!! And probably so accurate! 🙂

  5. this post is so adorable! Happy is cute. Makes me miss my Diesel!

  6. AAAH so darn CUTE!!! Can I PLEASE steal Happy?? I think my doggie would LOVE him!! Buddy eats his food SO fast- like mother like baby I guess! 😉

  7. ahh omg i thought this was SO cute girl 🙂 i wonder if my cat does the same thing..hm maybe i’ll write a post like this 😉 xo have a great sunday

  8. Hunni and I had a discussion about what we thought Peanut and Leo would say throughout the day. Let’s just say they aren’t as well behaved as Happy.

  9. haha! that’s great!
    it reminds me so much of our little one who just turned one on thursday!
    your pup is absolutely adorable 🙂

  10. this was so cute. i should totally do one for my dogs! except it’d be 99% sleeping, prob kinda boring 😉

    happy is seriously the cutest ❤

  11. This is so cute!
    I really, really, really want a dog now!
    I often wonder what my cat thinks about…

  12. Ahhh… I pretend I am inside of my dog’s heads all of the time. I can only imagine some of the things they are thinking. I love this post!

  13. Oh my goodness, this is so precious! This sounds a lot like Oreo’s day. Except that he includes sneaky ninja attacks on our food. 😉 Oh, and Happy’s legs are sooooooooo long! She’s such a pretty girl!

  14. Hilarious. My roommate and I are convinced that her dog (a 5 lb Shorkie named Amelia) talks/thinks like Buddy the Elf. We entertain ourselves for hours.

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