Oh, Happy Day!

Today’s Oh, Happy Day post is coming at y’all a little bit late, but for good reason, as you Twitter followers already know Smile!! (I’ll be updating about why later on this week, so stay tuned!).

We first noticed when we got Happy that she slipped and slid all over the kitchen floor as if she was a puppy on ice.


Tanya Harding ain’t got nothin’ on this bitch

Fortunately, the kitchen is the only area in the apartment that has a hard surface (minus the bathrooms), so the only time she slides around uncontrollably is when she’s blitzing around the house and makes her way into the kitchen. It’s a pretty hilarious sight to see, as sometimes her high speeds cause her to slide uncontrollably  into the wall… or the fridge…or the front door… (am I a bad person for finding this amusing? Oh well, it is what it is!)

Another place that Happy puts on her Ice Capades performance is at our neighborhood PetSmart. Talk about an Olympic sized ice-rink when compared to our peewee-sized, little kitchen.


Happy’s training site for the 2014 Doggie Winter Olympics

Tonight was also Happy’s very last puppy-school class. She has officially graduated from the Intermediate Level!!!! And she came home with another amazing certificate to show for it Smile

You bet this baby is already up on the fridge…


That’a girl, Happs!


It’s not like we’re obsessed with our dog or anything…

Ryan and I have decided to continue Happy’s training at home instead of putting her through PetSmart’s Advanced Level Puppy School. We feel she is plenty smart just as she is, and any further training would make her a threat to become leader of the household Smile with tongue out (too late… she kind of already is!).


Driver, I command you, take me to PetSmart!!

While at puppy school today, I shot a video of Happy slipping and sliding all around the PetSmart floor. I thought I’d share it with you all, because she is seriously all over the place (and you get to see her walking and hopping on her hind legs… always a sight to see!).

Quality Entertainment right there. Always.

The other week, I decided to take a closer look as to why Happy’s life resembles a slip’n’slide commercial…and this is what I found:


White fluff!

Lots and lots of hair between the pads of her paws!!!!

I tweeted about my discovery, and Meg tweeted back that her mom’s dachshund has the same issue, haaaa!



I’m so misunderstood...

Today I found out you can trim the hair between the paws as part of a routine grooming. I’m not sure if I want to do that or not… advice?

Tell me, do any of y’alls dogs have hairy paws? Does your dog ever slip and slide around the house uncontrollably? Any funny stories to share about an at-home ice-skating show? Will your dog be joining Happy in the 2014 Winter Olympics? 



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12 responses to “Oh, Happy Day!

  1. Meg

    Happy is most likely the MOST ADORABLE pup eva! Even with sasquatch syndrome 😉

    I love PetSmart…it makes me so happy, ha Happy! Get it?! Haha I’m corny. That video is the sweetest thing ever, I LOVE IT 🙂 Brightened my night for sure and so did this whole post.

    Much love to you and your smartypants pup!

  2. hahahah that video was great. I love puppies!

  3. Janene

    OMG, that video is soooo adorable! Happy is so freakin’ cute! My Moka has some fluff between her toes, but my in-laws dog, Skippy, takes the cake – he’s covered in luxurious black, silky fur anyway, and he’s a lost cause on hardwood/tile. Of course, when it’s snowy out, the poor guys gets icky ice balls all knotted up in his toe fluff, and that makes me sad.

  4. Yes, you definitely need to trim the fur in between the pads. It’s easy to do (get a pair of grooming scissors with a rounded tip – so it’s not sharp and dangerous!) and just do that when you guys trim her nails.

    We have the pedi-paws (which is just so-so), and nail clippers to trim Lilly’s paws with. She doesn’t love the process, but she tolerates it all pretty well.

    Good luck!


  5. HAPPY IS SO SO CUTE!!! I want him!! 😀 And my dog has that too- I just trim it now and again and its not a problem 🙂

  6. I missed whatever it is you’re talking about on Twitter. Now I’m all sorts of intrigued! 🙂

  7. You are NOT a bad person for finding it amusing. When I throw Amelia’s toys, she slides across our hardwood floors and usually bumps into the wall or slides down the bathroom hallway accidentally. Who needs cable when you have that?

  8. Happy is so adorable! That picture makes me want to pet her!! Lol I bet she gets that all the time. 🙂

  9. Aww Happy is as adorable as always! What a sweet girl! Oreo definitely slips and slides everywhere in our house. Poor guy doesn’t stand a chance since our kitchen and bathrooms are tile while the rest of the house is hardwood. And we definitely crack up at him running full speed and sliding around all the time so you’re not alone in that! 😉

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