Birthday Fun at Kennedy’s

So this past week has been a lot of fun, with only a bit of homework sprinkled in between work and play. Just the way I like it Smile

Tapering has been treating me well, and I’d say my legs are feeling very fresh… but man oh man am I just itching to run! I actually did end up hitting the pavement today (I couldn’t hold out any longer!) and logged in an easy 7 miles, but my goodness, I am so wanting more!  I can’t express in words how badly I just want to get out there and run for miles on end (talk to me on Monday, and I’m sure I’ll be singing a different tune… ha!).

So yes, today I had what I’m considering my last “real” run before the marathon. I can’t promise I won’t run a mile or two before the big race, but I’m gonna try my hardest to just sit tight and wait until Sunday. I’m sure Ryan will be suggesting walks galore to satisfy my need to be outdoors. He sure does know the way to my heart, I love leisurely walks just as much as running Smile

So before I buckle down (and buckle up!) for an intense weekend of travel, running an actual marathon, and crunching numbers for my “mathlete” marathon (yes, my biostatisics final went “live” today and I’m already feeling the stress of all of the number crunching and equations hanging over my head…), I’d like to share with you highlights from Tuesday night’s get-together at Kennedy’s for Caitlin’s and Michelle and Lori’s birthdays!

Sadly, my camera was not charged and I didn’t realize it ‘til I got there (true sign of rookie blogger). Caitlin offered to let me use her charger, but the size of my battery was too big (that’s what she said?). Other’s offered up their batteries so I could at least snap a few shots, but none of them fit my new camera! Luckily people offered to share a few pictures with me 🙂


Birthday girl! (Picture courtesy of Caitlin)

The amazing Jen brought deeeelciious vegan vanilla and strawberry cupcakes from Cupcrazed Cakery, and Kennedy’s supplied free birthday shots for the entire table.

Yummy Cupcakes (Picture courtesy of Lori and Michelle)


Me and Ryan with the newly engaged couple!

It was a super fun night, and I met a few of the Charlotte bloggers I haven’t met yet. I even ran into Katie for the first time since being at Furman!

After everyone finished up their dinner, the majority of everyone headed home, but a few of us stayed and headed downstairs to take part in Trivia night! Now I might not be good at trivia, but I sure do love playing (and for good reason Smile).


Me, Diana and Caitlin @ trivia (Picture courtesy of Diana)

Now I’m off to finish packing for my marathon, and hitting the hay early! I have a super early wake-up call, as I’m headed to Caitlin’s for a Royal Wedding Viewing party. Wedding watching always trumps an early start to road-trips Smile with tongue out. Priorities, right?

Are any of you waking up early to watch coverage of the Royal Wedding? Or are you letting the DVR handle that early-morning wake-up call? Or, do you not even care? Up until this week, I had zero desire in anything dealing with the Royal Wedding… I was actually getting annoyed by all of the coverage. But I’m thinking it was because the wedding was so far away. Now that it’s here, I’m actually kind of excited!

PS. Big thanks to Caitlin, Michelle, Lori and Diana for the pictures!!


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7 responses to “Birthday Fun at Kennedy’s

  1. Rhonda

    I will be thinking about you on Sunday as you tackle your first marathon… wishing you an enjoyable and energetic run, and can’t wait to hear all about it! Love you guys……..

  2. oatsandspice

    Awww, it looks like you guys had an awesome night out! How fun! 🙂

  3. I am so jealous you have an actually party to go to! I am going to be having my own little party and making scones and tea cakes while watching!

  4. Lilly and I (hey, she’s a GIRL and my dog, so of course she cared!) were up super-duper early to watch all the wedding arrivals and the entire ceremony before I headed to work this morning. I also have my DVR running at warp-speed, recording ELEVEN hours of wedding coverage on BBC America. Woo!

    I’ve always had a connection to England; and when I was 16 I saw Princess Diana in London. I named my golden/lab “Kensington”, after Diana’s residence in London. Oh yes. I’m a huge fan of the royals. 🙂

    Good luck this weekend!!


  5. They replayed the wedding around 10 am, so I caught it then- no way was i giving up a night of sleep:) Safe travels, and I hope the run goes great tomorrow!

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