Priorities of a Pretty Pretty Princess

This past weekend (and even the days following…) was a whirlwind!

Not only did Ryan and I make a trek above the Mason Dixon Line to Cincinnati for the Flying Pig Marathon, but I also had a biostatistics final floating over my head. I’m happy to report that as of Sunday, I am an official MARATHONER and as of Tuesday at 10AM, I am officially DONE with biostatistics! Talk about a weekend full of accomplishment!

I had a lovely 24-hours of “summer” from Tuesday @10am through Wednesday @10am, and now I’m back to the books, as my epidemiology class started earlier today. It’s all good though, because I am officially caught up on sleep and am still buzzing from my runner’s high!

Now it’s time for me to do some major recapping! So make sure to check back often as I have a whole slew of posts coming your way re: my first marathon, The Flying Pig!

So, let’s begin!

It all started this past Friday when I hit the road at 5:30 AM.


Mission: Royal Wedding

Don’t be fooled, this was not the departure for Cincinnati. Like I said last week, I had plans to watch Prince William and Kate tie the knot at Caitlin’s Royal Wedding Watching Party.

I gotta admit, I was never too “into” the Royal Wedding craziness before last week. In fact, I found myself super annoyed by all of the news coverage and gossip surrounding the British couple. I think its partly because I wish people respected their privacy more. I couldn’t imagine my own life being in such a big spotlight (and yes, I realize I have a blog, but I’m no celebrity!).

Anyway, when last week rolled around I started to pay attention, and I actually found myself excited! It’s not every day that someone from the royal family gets married. Heck, people still rave about Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ wedding! So when Caitlin sent out an invite for her Royal Wedding Watching Party, I knew I had to go. What better way to tune-in to such a monumental event than with friends and an actual Brit (aka, Caitlin’s hubby).


Baby Liam doning a British Flag bib!


What a fine looking lad 🙂

Caitlin was an amazing hostess and provided an awesome spread of food…



The assortment included scones, cinnamon buns, breads, peanut butter, jam, and yummy fresh fruit!

And of course, Caitlin used her beautiful tea set to provide us all with our own cup’o’tea.



You can’t really see it, but Caitlin set out a British flag to use as the the table cloth…


Not too shabby for 5:30AM, eh?

I absolutely loved watching the wedding live. It was suuuuch a neat experience, and I loved hearing and seeing everyone’s reactions in the room as the events unfolded. When Kate stepped out of the car, my jaw dropped… I wasn’t expecting her dress to be so stunning since I knew she had to take a conservative route with it being a royal weddingand all… but

I loved it.

Sweetheart neckline…love!

I thought Kate’s brother did an amazing job speaking, too. I mean seriously, he never missed a beat!

Oh, and howwww cute were the flower girls and page boys?!


And so well behaved!

I later heard during the day that over 1/6 of the world’s population tuned into the Royal Wedding in some form or another. Um, wow. No pressure or anything.

And I loved Pippa’s dress, too.


These hats though? princess-eugenie-of-york-and-princess-beatrice-of-york-royal-wedding-fashion__oPt

Not so much...


Practicing our Princess waves next to the newlywed couple! (Picture courtesy of Caitlin)

Having such fun girl-time was the jump-start I needed to tackle a craaazy weekend.

I was home by 8AM to pack up the car, and Ryan and I hit the road for Cincinnati by 9AM!

Happy is such a good little traveler. She had the entire back seat to herself.


Mahhh!!!! Wheeere are we going this time?!!!

I drove for the first two hours, and then Ryan took over so I could try and take a little nap.


Ahem, that’s not ten-and-two, sir.

Obviously, I’m a horrible napper. I swear I tried, but the day was just too pretty to take a nap!


Wide eyed…


…and bushy tailed.

Happy is just like me. She can only sleep so much during a car trip… the rest of the time is spent looking at the beautiful outdoors!


Pretty mountains of the NC/TN border! Love this part of I-40

Even though Happy is awake a lot of the time during road trips, she is still really “calm” and just stares out the window… or at us. Sometimes she even makes her way into our laps in the front seat Smile


Oh, hello there, Happs

Luckily, our drive was pretty uneventful, and we made it to Cincinnati by 6PM.

Of course, I maximized my time and spent a lot of time reviewing material and working on my my biostatistics final that was due in a few days (Tuesday).


Welcome to my office



For some odd reason, I always get excited every time we pass this water-tower in Florence, KY.


Florence, Y’all!

aaaaaand we made it! From one Queen City (Charlotte) to the another (Cincinnati).



Here’s a fun little fact: this trip was Happy’s first time across the Mason Dixon Line!

Now, let the marathon journey begin Smile  Up next is a recap on the Expo (and how we almost didn’t make it there…!!!), and of course, the race itself! So make sure to check back 🙂

Did you wake up early to watch the Royal Wedding live? What did you think of it? Did you like Kate’s dress? What’s the longest roadtrip you’ve ever been on?



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10 responses to “Priorities of a Pretty Pretty Princess

  1. I wasn’t into the wedding either until I watched it. I loved watching the fashion. Those 2 girls hats are pretty wretched. I think they were some of the worst dressed there. I loved Kate and Pippa’s dresses though!

  2. Rhonda

    Loved your post! I watched the wedding live too… tucked in bed with a cup of coffee for most of the coverage, but was able to see the “not one but two” royal kisses on the balcony of Buckingham Palace before heading to work that morning! 🙂

    Looking forward to your recap of the marathon! 🙂

  3. I only woke up early because Presley decided it was time to eat and poo…but he was nice enough to wake me up so I could see them kiss!

    I am jealous of the beautiful highways – you should see Houston highways – gross

    I am ALSO jealous of your ability to not get motion sickness studying!

  4. The Royal Wedding party looked fun! Of course my night owl self happened to wake up at 4 am, in time to catch a few hours of the occasion. It was definitely something special – even though I don’t think a wedding of that caliber would ever be my cup of tea.

    Cant wait to hear the update of the big race!!

  5. Of course I watched the wedding… and have 11 hours of it on my DVR, still. Ha,ha. I loved it all. Even the crazy hats… it’s a British thing.

    I know that water tower!! I pass through there on the drive to IL from Charlotte. 🙂


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