Love me some famjam!

Alright, so it’s no secret that I’m a slow runner. And for you observant folk, it’s probably way obvious by now that I am quite the “slow” blogger, as well. Oh, well… I never said I was perfect. Plus, I’d hate to bust out some form of boring, frivolous fluff just for the sake of hitting “publish”… that’d just be stupid. And a waste of time (both yours, and mine). And I, for one, don’t have any time to waste (I’m looking at you—work and graduate school. Hmph).

Anywho. Last weekend my parents made there way from Florida to Ohio. I’ve mentioned before that they are “snowbirds,” and spend the winter months down in Florida, and then migrate up north once the weather warms up.

Usually they pop a squat in Charlotte along the way, and this time was no different! So last Saturday, I got to spend some time with my mom, Gerry and Bella! Sadly it was just one day (well actually, it wasn’t exactly a full-day… it was more like…8 hours…as they stayed in a hotel Saturday night so they could jet-off super early Sunday morning. But heck, I’ll take any 8 hours I can get!).

The momma-mobile rolled in around 1:30PM, and after some hugging and catching up, my mom and I set out for an afternoon of GIRL TIME!!!!! We left behind Ryan and Gerry and told them they were on puppy-duty, and they didn’t’ seem to mind at all. They had a good ‘ole time watching bonding over sports and hitting up the dog-park with the pupsqueaks. That was Bella’s first time ever to a dog park, and Gerry said she did really well! She wasn’t too social, but Ryan said Happy showed her the ropes (and ran thousands of figure eights around her in attempt to start a game of chase, but Bella overruled and gave Happs the cold shoulder). No worries, though. Y’all know by now that Happy can have a grand ‘ole time bebopping around and chasing her tail in circles. She’s a special one…


Who you callin’ “special”?

Meanwhile, my momma and I hit up Dilworth Nails for a pedicure!

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve gotten a pedicure, so this was super special to me. I felt like *such* a princess, and enjoyed every second of it! Luckily, my running hasn’t taken too bad of a toll on my feet. I’ve never suffered from those “black toenails”  you hear runners talk about all the time. (I think I would literally pass out if my toenail suddenly fell off… for those who’ve had that happen, does it hurt???!?). I thoroughly enjoyed being papered and chillaxin with my feet in that swirlypool-tub thing (and I tried not to think too much about the germ potential…makes my skin crawl!). My mom was able to pull up a chair right next to me, so we chatted away for a good 45 minutes just catching up on everything. Seriously, I cherish those moments, especially now that they only happen about once a year. Spending that quality time with my mom was by far the highlight of my week.


Girl time!

Afterwards, we hit up a few stores at the mall. Didn’t buy much of anything, but it was still fun to just browse around and people watch. My mom and I are pretty much one in the same—we can make any occasion a good time, it’s the company that matters the most. Around 6PM we made it back home to see what the boys were up to. Ryan was passed out, and Gerry was enjoying some golf on the tele.

I took advantage of the downtime and whipped out the Donkey toy that Happy obliterated in 12 hours. Seeing as how mom’s always know best, I knew she’d be able to stitch up Donkey much better than my subpar sewing skills could do…


Keep breathing, Donkey!!!!!!!!!!

Happy was a tad bit nervous during the surgery…


Whaaat is going on!

Anxiously pacing up and down the kitchen floor…


Let me have a go! Donkkkkeeeeyyyyy!

Bella, on the other hand, kept her cool…


“Sheesh, that Happy is seriously *such*a spazzzzz!”


Final touches…


Surgery = SUCCESS!

Within two minutes, Donkey was as good as new! But as you can see from the picture, food trumps Donkey, by a landslide…

My mom also took this time to surprise me with a little something she bought for me after hearing about my recent accomplishment of getting into graduate school



Y’all know how much I love my hats (and visors)!

Soon enough, we all got ready for dinner and headed out the door to the same Italian restaurant we went to the last time my parents were in town—Vivace!


The food was soooo good (as always), and the conversation was even better. We got to watch a storm roll in through their big glass windows (I seriously LOVE storms!), I really couldn’t have been happier!


The whole famjam

Because we ate so late, my parents wanted to hit the road after getting back to the apartment post dinner. It was the saddest thing… once my parents left, Happy stood at the door for a good 5 minutes, waiting for them to come back inside.


Seriously breaks my heart!

I was sad to say goodbye, too, but Ryan lifted my spirits when he said he wanted to take me out for TCBY. Froyo, you say?!? I’m in!


I gotta say, I haven’t been to a TCBY in ages, and a lot has changed since that last time. I LOVE how it’s just like Yoforia, and all of the other fro-yo places in the world now. Their selection of toppings was totally on my level, too: graham cracker, brownie bites and cookie dough balls? Um, is that even a question? I’ll have all of the above. Plus some gojiberries, for good measure. Fill’er up…please and thank you.

So as you can see… last Saturday was tons-o-fun. I really wished I lived closer to my mom. The trek to Florida is a 12 hour drive one-way, and the journey to Ohio is an 8 hour drive — neither location is exactly easy for a simple weekend get-away. I’m not sure when the next time I’m going to see my parents will be, but I can tell you that I’m already looking forward to it! Ryan and I will be spending Christmas in Arkansas this coming year, so we’re hoping to make a week-long trip down to Florida to see my parents for a belated Christmas celebration January. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that our plans work out!

Do you get to see your family often? Do you like to treat yourself to pedicures? What’s your favorite kind of fro-yo?


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5 responses to “Love me some famjam!

  1. I see my mom’s family a lot and my dad’s family a little less but still a good amount! I love my family and spending time with them:) I’m so glad you got to enjoy your Mommy for 8 hours! It looks like you had lots of fun! I don’t get pedicures very often but I try to keep my toes looking decent. I have lost a toenail to running but luckily when it fell off there was already a new one growing under it-our bodies do some pretty crazy things! I love froyo and my favorites are probably vanilla, cake batter, and cookies and cream!

  2. Rhonda

    Aw, Allison…. it looks and sounds like you guys had such a quality visit, albeit short….. you and your mom are both beauties! Love and miss you much….

  3. vanessa

    You asked an impossible question girly! I would die (and be broke) if there were a frozen yogurt store. I would prob pick peanut butter or cake batter or strawberry cheesecake frozen yogurt with ALL the toppings! P.S congrats on getting in to grad school. 🙂

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