Oh, Happy Day!

Yesterday, Happy turned 11 months old. But by the rate this little pupsqueak has grayed during the time we’ve had her…you’d think she turned 11 years old.



So I’m graying, what’s it to you?!

Back when we got Little Miss Happy Tails, she was mostly black (okay, a really, really dark brown that just looked black) with a few white patches on her forehead, tail, and paws.


Bringing Happy home from the shelter! (Oct. 2010)

In fact, The markings on her body were what really caught my eye when we first saw her at the shelter (who am I kidding… the ears drew me in, too—they kill me EVERY time!). Basically, this pup exudes cuteness, and now that she’s started to gray, she’s gotten even cuter!


ohmigah… those EARS!

I don’t think her graying comes from age, though. I think it’s just how her breed (or whatever mix she is…basinji/bordercollie/terrior mix?) transitions from puppy-hood to adult-hood. Okay, so the previous sentience signifies that maybe it does have something to do with age (cut me some slack, I’m taking a break from using my brain this weekend…). What I’m *trying* to say is… I don’t think Happy’s graying follows the typical graying pattern of a normal dog… like a blacklab.

Let’s take a further look… starting with some puppy pictures depicting the “star” on her forehead.


See that?

Yep, that’s a black and white face with a prominent white “star” on her forehead…


Let go of me, mommy! I'm a *star!*


Too bad our little star doesn’t know how to relax…


What’s that your snuggling there with, Happs? Shoes?

Yes, shoes. because that’s totally normal (uh, not…).

In addition to the big star on her forehead, you can also see that she had zero gray hairs behind her ears…


Grays? Yack!



Her dog-tag reads “Happy G’Lucky”


What a tiny little Happs

Likewise, there were no gray on her shoulders blades, either…







And no gray on her “flapps” (aka… her butt), either.


Nope, no grays here!


What a lady…

Happy looked pretty much the same for 3 or so months after we got her. Then, December hit, and I noticed  the “star” on her forehead began to shrink.


Yep, that star has definitely gotten smaller!


Where’d it go?



The markings on the sides of her body have had some changes as well. She’s grayed behind her ears, on her “shoulder-blades” and on her hind-leg “flaps”.

Take a look at the graying behind her ears…


Man, Happs, you must be under a lot of stress with all that graying…


Yep. There’s no hiding it.

…aaaaand check out the grays around the shoulder-blades!


Gray armpit hair—so hott right now

And grays on the Flapps!

(Sidenote: we actually have nicknamed her “Flappy” because of the grays she’s developed on her butt-flapps. I probably call her this nickname half the time I talk about her. It’s said with love. I promise.)


Now that’s a lot of gray on those flapps!


Even her tail has gotten more gray! And it’s “filled out” more, too Smile


Love that white little tip 🙂

Of course, we’ll love Happy no matter how much she gray’s. She’ll always be adorable in our eyes. I mean really, just look at that face…


I’m the best!

Have you ever noticed a change in your pet’s coat? Do/did your animals gray with age? Or did they gray “prematurely” due to the type of breed?



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11 responses to “Oh, Happy Day!

  1. Olive started to get grey really early too! I’d say she started to get grey at about a year old. I’m not sure if it is because she is a black pug or what, but she is about 3 1/2 now and her chin is practically white and her muzzle and tummy are getting pretty grey now too!

  2. What a precious post! I love all the pictures:)

  3. I basically was going “Awwww” the whole time I read this! Cute puppy pictures are perfect for a Sunday morning. 🙂 What an awesome dog-tag!

  4. Awwwwww what a cute pup 🙂

    My puppy (the only one I’ve ever had!!) was a beagle/yellow lab mix (I know) so he didn’t have much black, and didn’t gray. He did, however, wind up getting cherry-eye, which is a common affliction of beagles — harmless but still had to have surgery to get ’em out!

  5. I just died of cuteness. Oh my gosh.

    My little poodle started out a deep red and ended up more cream/apricot/etc, and my cavalier is graying a bit around his nose but he’s 8 years old so it’s understandable 😉

    happy eleven months, Happy! 🙂

  6. Awwww baby Happy pics!! She is SUCH a cutie!

    Oreo was 2 when we adopted him so he hasn’t changed much, other than filling out (he was way skinny) and his coat is much shinier and healthier now. 🙂

  7. maaawwwww, happy and chloe need a playdate asap. she is SO cute!

    I don’t think labs really gray anywhere but their snout/neck (for the most part), but that doesn’t generally start for a loooong time.

  8. Awww love this post! Adorable!!!

    I’ve noticed that Maci (my cat) has a little grey hair…. only a little though! 😉

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