Shades of Gray

In my last post, I detailed how Happy’s once beautiful black (er, I mean… dark, dark brown) and white coat has grayed . Looks like she’s taking after her momma. (You know the saying: like mother like dog-ter…).
Unlike the Happster, though… my graying is undoubtedly due to aging. Yep, that’s right. I’m 25, and I have (a few) gray hairs. Say it loud, say it proud, right?


My mom tells me that us Walker girls gray early. She said that she herself started to gray at 21 or 22, so I guess I beat her by a few years.

mi madre

I got it from my momma!

(Sidenote: Does anyone else remember that WillIAm song – “I Got it from My Momma”? No? Just me? Alright then…).

I haven’t minded how the gray’s have looked on me, though (psh, they’re hardly even noticeable!). In fact, I kind of find the hint of shimmer endearing. But every so often, the sun shines on my head at a certain angle and you can see a noticeable shimmer. It’s not like I have a lot of grays, though. They’re very sparse and sprinkled far and few between. I’ve found them behind my ear, and around the fine hairs surrounding my part (or I guess, what would be my part if I actually had one…). Like I said, hardly noticeable to anyone else but me. But, I do notice it. And because I am still young, I kind of selfishly want to have a head of hair that is still one deep solid and rich color. Feel free to call me materialistic and/or superficial, I can take it.

However, I must also add that I am very, very low maintenance. I don’t own a hairbrush…or even a comb, and the only makeup I put on when I wake up is mascara. Yes, even to go into work. (If I’m going to dinner or out with friends, though, I’ll through on some bare minerals foundation, blush and some eye-shadow — all of this takes a grand total of like… 7 minutes).

If I brushed my hair, I’d look like a lion. Rawr.

In fact, I even went a few years in college without stepping foot into a salon.  I’d just whip out some scissors and trim a little here and there off a curl or two whenever I felt something wasn’t “laying right,” or when one curl was way-longer than another (y’all curly-haired girls know what I’m talkin’ about!). Ryan has seen me many-a-time standing in front of the mirror with scissors in hand, debating if I should go in for the curl-kill. Let’s just say it’s a good thing he loves me for *me.* (In fact, he’s quite the sweetheart and tells me all the time how beautiful he thinks I am, even without makeup… can’t get enough of that!).

Annnnyway, back to the story…

It’s not that I don’t like getting my hair cut. I do, really… I do — nothing beats the feeling of being pampered (helloooo pedicures!). It’s just… being a curly haired girl, I’ve come to be very wary of stylists who claim they “know” how to cut curly hair. Especially after some haircut horror stories I’ve had from way-back-when. Cutting curly hair is not the same as cutting straight hair. With straight hair, you can visually see the length the hair will be when it is cut wet; there’s no “shrinking” up once the hair is dry. Curly hair, though? Yeah, it’s a different beast. You trim a little off and let it dry, and it shrinks in length 100-fold. I used to hate that aspect of haircuts, because I was always afraid the hairdresser would trim too much off and cause my hair to be super-short when it finally dried (and yes, this has happened multiple times). And that’s why I pretty much stopped going to get my hair trimmed, and started doing it myself.

So as you can tell, actually setting up an appointment at a salon and walking in to get a trim is, well… a big deal.

Last weekend after getting a pedicure with my mom, we were walking out of the nail place and noticed a hair salon next door. We walked in to check it out, and the owner of the salon was so damn pushy that before I knew it, I had an appointment set up for the following weekend. My mom was so excited for me and put me at ease by saying “all of the hairdressers in their have curly hair, they’ll totally know what to do!”  So coupled with the euphoria from the pedicure, I was excited to actually go through with a hair cut!


Girltime = awesomesauce

That excitement lasted pretty much all day. And it wasn’t until I googled the hair salon for reviews that I realized maybe it wasn’t such a great idea.

You see, my decision making process is heavily based on facts. What can I say? It’s a part of my personality… always wanting to be well-informed. (Sidenote, if you take a look at this post, you’ll see a ton of pictures that indicate I always wear the same hairstyle- the side pony. Note to self: it is a FACT that you wear the side-pony way.too.much!).  So when I Googled the place and couldn’t find a single review…good OR bad online, I pretty much nixed the idea of going.

Enter: Twitter.

Ohhhh Twitter… that social media tool always comes to the rescue! Still riding the almost-haircut-high… I decided that I did, in fact, want to try and find a way to follow through with getting a hair cut and color. Luckily the Charlotte bloggers were listening, and tweeted back that they all pretty much go to the same place—Salon 42 (which is oh-so-conveniently located .4 seconds away from my house!). I was sold.


Salon 42!

Friday morning, I called to see their availability, and they scheduled me for just a few hours later at 1PM. Win! I had an *amazing* experience there, and the cutest gal named Crystal gave me a much-needed color and hair-trim. She asked me what color I was going for, and I told her “pretty much my natural color, sooo…. dark brown?” She came up with a formula for “a deep and rich chocolate brown.” I echoed, “deep and rich chocolate? I’m in. Do your thang.”

After the color, she asked if I wanted a cut. I told her no, but then she talked me into a little trim. And OHmyGoodness, I am so happy I just went with it! She literally only cut off about a centimeter, but my oh my did that make all of the difference! It dried“short” due to the infamous shrinkage that occurs with curly hair (aaand I bet the hot-as-hades summer humidity has something to do with it…), but I don’t even care– I am loving it! My curls have not sprung like this in who knows how long, and the color is very natural and “me,” as well.

Right after getting home from the Salon, I took a picture to send to my momma and Ryan (who was outta town for the weekend).

And more pics of the new ‘do




What’s nice about curly hair is that even though it dries short, you can still “lengthen” the curls if you want to, so I’ve had zero trouble pulling it back into a ponytail for running. Another win!


I think I’ve found my go-to salon. And I’m now no longer afraid of haircuts. Too bad I can’t say the same thing for my irrational fear of spiders… (Funny story: I actually just came across a huge jass spider while I was in the bathroom the other day. Luckily I had already done my businesses so I didn’t have any reserves left over to pee my pants [because trust me, that so woulda happened. TMI? Probably.] But it was scary as hell. And I froze and could not force myself to escape. Thank the lord Ryan was home and able to save the day by getting that sucker outta there).

Tell me, do you enjoy getting your hair cut? Do you have any gray hairs? Are you daring and go for different styles when you get your hair cut? Or is a simple trim more your style…  And on another note, are you afraid of spiders?


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22 responses to “Shades of Gray

  1. Jen

    Super cute haircut! It looks so cute on you 🙂 Isn’t Salon 42 the best?

    And don’t feel bad; my poor mother went completely gray at 19 and my dad started balding at 16. Luckily, I’ve so far seemed to escape my bad hair genetics!

    • Oh my goodness, age 19?!?! I bet she’s gorgeous, gray hair and all! My mom went “blonde” once she started covering her grays. I don’t think I’ll EVER go blond! BTW… *your* hair, my dear Jen, is GORGEOUS– cut, color and style… i love it!

  2. Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

    First of all, your hair is super cute! I love the cut – I’m so happy you found a place to go if you need to cut it again 🙂
    My hair started going gray in HS. Seriously, thanks Dad (he went totally gray in his early 20’s). I dye my hair every 4 weeks but if I was rich and had unlimited money I’d touch up the roots every two. It’s so flipping gray. Due to poor scheduling on my part… I’m almost at 5 weeks right now. I am soooooooo excited to see my hair dresser this weekend so I can stop wearing ponytails & headbands every day.

    • Oh wow, i didn’t realize the upkeep was so strenuous!! Luckily mine is only a “semi-permanent” dye, so it’ll fade over time (no roots!). Have fun with your hair appt this weekend, being a girl is fun 🙂

  3. The shorter hair is super cute. I just got mine cut as well, for the first time since October. Oops. I knocked off about 4 inches, and am loving it.

    I have three, THREE gray hairs, at any given time. (Yes, when I see them – I pluck them out!). I’m 32, so I’m okay with a *couple* of gray hairs. No more, please.


  4. I looooove your hair, you cutiepie!!

    I hate getting my hair cut… but looove they way it feels afterwards. 🙂 And no, I’m fearless! Spiders don’t scare me, but they do gross me out.

    • spiders don’t freak you out?! You are my hero… i will call on you the next time i see a spider and ryan is *not* home. Yes, i know it would take you 6 hours to drive down here… but i can guarantee I wouldn’t have moved an INCH!

  5. Love your hair! Glad you had a great experience at Salon 42. I love it there too 🙂

    • ah, i SO love that place! I will forever be going there as long as I’m living in Charlotte. We should have a Charlotte-blogger hair-cut session there sometime, take over all the chairs. How fun would that be?!?

  6. Your hair looks awesome- so cute! I don’t like getting haircuts because I have curly, unmanageable hair that breaks combs lol… I have a few white hairs! I attribute them to the fact that I stress out too much.

    • I’m sure if i combed my hair, i’d break them too!!! The only time I run anything through my hair is when I’m in the shower… and even then it’s only my fingers!

  7. LOOVE the haircut & color! It’s perfect for you!

    I’ve never had any coloring done to my hair – I’m also super low maintenance with the similar brown color- I just never knew what to do with it. But I know one day I will so it’s nice and reassuring to know you had such a good experience! I love getting a GOOD new haircut – it’s such a confidence booster.

    I HATEEEEEE spiders too. I killed 3 yesterday! (Only bad thing about Spring.) One was in my bedroom. Needless to say, I slept on the couch heh

  8. Aww I love your haircut! So fun. You have great curls! My hair is wavy/frizzy/disaster zone in the humidity, so I get keratin treatments to smooth it out. They take a loooong time (3-4 hours), but then I am set for a few months! So, I’ve gotten to know and love the hair salon. 🙂

    • Ohhhh girl I know JUST what you mean about frizzy and disaster zone in the humidity… i call myself a human barometer sometimes b.c my curls can shrink up SO much depending on how much moisture is in the air!!! It’s actually pretty funny…

  9. juniper

    I just found your blog recently and I LOVE it! I’m in my later 20’s and also have some gray hairs, family genetics go! hehe I admit, I also keep them colored because that’s the best part of being a girl, we can do whateva we want.

    Your new haricut looks very lovely, you are beautiful.

    • Aw, I’m so happy that you’re enjoyin my little blog!! I have fun with it 🙂 And yay for people embracing their grays! I know there will come a time when I’ll jet let my whole head go gray, but for now, i agree.. it’s FUN to play with color!

  10. Rhonda

    Love your hair, and love you too. 🙂

  11. Errign

    Cute haircut! I don’t really care either way about getting my hair cut…and I’m the person that just sits down and says “do whatever, I don’t care!”

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