Oh, Happy Day!

Happy Memorial Day! Yes, I realize this Oh, Happy Day! post is a day late, but you know what? We’re rollin’ on stay-cation time.


Stay-Cation = daily trips to Freedom Park. Loooove


Artsy, right?


Miss Happy sure is glad to have both her momma and pops home from work. There’s nothing she likes more than having us both within eyesight at the same time. Except maybe… having free range of the house.

This past week, Ryan and I have been experimenting with leaving Happy in the kitchen area while we are away at work. As you know, we went through a period where we felt guilty about leaving her in her crate. Although we resolved that issue and she began to like her crate (she even began to go in it by herself!), we felt like it was time to test drive her big-girl pants and see how she’d do on her own.

Enter: The Baby Gate.

Back when we first got Happy, Ryan and I hit up Target to purchase a gate of some sort that would help keep her in the kitchen area, as the tile-only floor makes for a quick clean-up for, you know…inevitable accidents.

We had the gate all setup before we even brought her home. We thought it was going to be fool-proof and that she’d have a nice, secluded area where we wouldn’t have to worry about her getting into anything (like, uhh… chewing on wires or furniture).

Yeah, well, turns out that our new fur-baby was one skinny-mini.

And still is. To this day.

When we brought Happy home and tested out the “Happy-proof” barricade back in October, she stared at the gate, looked up at us on the other side of said gate, and slid her way right through the bars. She didn’t even have to wiggle her way through. This dog, my friends, is quite a beanpole. (Looks like the Happs and I have even more in common… remember the grays?).  Ryan and I thought that Happy would “fill out” by the time spring rolled around and that we would be able to leave her in the kitchen without any problem.

Yep. That never happened. (And yes, we feed her ample amounts of puppy-dog-food – the stuff is dripping in calories. It seems like this dog burns 1000 calories by the simple act of blinking.)

Needless to say, our little beanpole is stillsmall enough to fit through the baby gate bars.

I present to you, Miss Happy Houdini:


You really think this gate can stop me? HA!


I’ll show you…


I’ll just “play” with my soccer ball until you leave me alone….


And *pretend* I’m going to go take a nap…

****Seven minutes later****


Alright, the coast is CLEAR!


Time to break outta this bitchin’kitchen!


NO I am not trying to escape. I just want to, uhh… smell the smells on the, uh, “other” side.


You can’t seeeeee me!








Just gotta get my ba-dog-a-donk through…


I am just a figment of your imagination! I pinky-swear!

She’s pretty good, right?

Nevertheless, Ryan and I found a way to further blockade Happy in the kitchen.


Seriously, guys… a vacuum cleaner?! This is NONSENSE!





Classy, right?


This idea came from Pottery Barn...


...and this one was inspired by Crate and Barrel.


I officially VETO this new décor!




Can’t. Figure. Out. Escape. So tired -- must...sleep.

So, this is where I need advice from you guys! Obviously, our new and “classy décor” has been able to keep Happy where we want her when we’re gone… But, it’s not exactly aesthetically appealing to the eye.

What types of things can we do to further “Happy-proof?” the baby gate??We’ve tried rope, but she was chewing on it within 5 minutes and getting shreds of the rope in her mouth… and I sure don’t want her swallowing any of that!

Any ideas? We’re all ears. Smile


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11 responses to “Oh, Happy Day!

  1. Oh my goodness! Happy is super sneaky!

  2. Rhonda


    Hey, how about checking out the shelving aisle at Lowe’s or Home Depot…. I’m picturing 4 white shelf boards, about 4-6 inches wide by 3-4 feet long…. you can stand them on end, 2 boards facing each other on each side of the gate…you can connect them together a variety of ways….. screws, clips, straps, etc…. and it would be pretty inexpensive too. 🙂

  3. Haha- my sister’s skinny little pup does the same thing! They’re so sneaky! Maybe a gate like this would work out better?


  4. HAHA so funny!! I use a baby gate for my dog too, but he can’t fit through! The bars on mine seem to be much closer together though, so maybe a new gate…? But I think the blockading is hilarious! 😀

  5. rob

    Futile effort, but nice attempt! By the time Happy puts on enough weight to not be able to fit through she will probably be big enough to hop over.

  6. Hahahaha! So funny! Clyde used to be quite the Houdini too, we have a bunch of different fence options and he used to scale them and climb over. Awesome. Lucky for us, he’s house trained now and we can leave him out in the house. Not sure what to tell you on the baby gate front. I know we have another kind without long skinny slats like that, but you might end up having the same problem we had- with her climbing over if there’s “foot holds”. Good luck girl!

  7. hehehehe I don’t have too many suggestions for how to fix it for you but Happy is so freakin’ cute and stealthy!

  8. OH MY GOODNESS she’s so sneaky!! haahah. oh, happy. she and chloe would make quite the pair. I have the portable baby gate, and that works wonders. I’ll send you a pic of it if you’d like!

  9. Ayyy! I love staycations! And your hair is so cute in that first photo!

  10. That’s exactly how we have to keep our little Clive at bay. One gate isn’t enough. We have two, and then pile all the stuff around it. Needless to say, my idea of perfect decor has since flown the coop.

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