What’s That, You Say? Another Marathon?!

Umm. How the heck is it JUNE already?!?! I’m seriously in disbelief! The month of May totally escaped me… and the summer heat is definitely here.


I'm seriously melting

The temperatures have been pretty unbearable here in Charlotte these past few days, but I guess this is just how it’s going to be for the summer! I think Mother Nature has officially entered menopause and is experiencing some serious hot flashes… someone better find a way to treat her better. And quick.


Word of advice? Don’t mess with Mother Nature. It’s for the best

Anywho, did y’all know yesterday was National Running Day? (BTW, who declares these “official days”?). I think it’s neat that there’s a day dedicated to running. Too bad it was too hot for me to go out on a run though. In fact, I haven’t laced up in a few days! But don’t you worry, I still found a way to celebrate…

Last night, I was perusing Facebook and saw some people comment on Run With Théoden’s FB page (a really big blogger for the Charlotte Observer who’s big into running )  that they had signed up for the upcoming November Savannah Rock’N’Roll Marathon because of the huge discount.

Shut the front door. Did you say deep discount? On a Rock’N’Roll race? Those babies are notoriously expensive!

It’s no secret that I’m *way* into saving money (um, hello part-time job and low-wages)… so I clicked on over to Théoden’s FB page to check it out, and that led me to the Rock N Roll Marathon website. And that’s where I saw THIS:


What the WHAT?!??

Can y’all read that?!?! No really, look at those prices! That’s right… your eyes are not tricking you. The Savannah RNR Marathon was discounted to a mere $69!!! That kind of price is seriously *unheard* of for a marathon…!!! In fact, the full marathon was cheaper than the half-marathon yesterday!

Once I saw that, I knew I wanted to sign up right then and there. I mean heck, I’ve been eyeing the Savannah RNR Marathon on November 5th for quite some time now (even before I ran Flying Pig!). It’s the first time RNR is hosting a marathon in Savannah, so I just know it’d be a fun event. I’ve never been to Savannah, and it’s always been high on my list of places to explore. Plus, all of the RNR events I’ve read about seem to have such an amazing atmosphere!  The only downfall to the RNR series is the fact that they’re so freakin’ expensive! The cost for the full marathon jumps up to $115 at the end of June, so the $69 price tag seems like a great deal for something I’d be signing up for anyway.

Of course, I consulted Twitter to see if my spontaneous decision was crazy… and sure enough, many of y’all tweeted back to go for it  and sign up.  So, that’s exactly what I did! And now I am officially signed up for my 2nd Marathon!

bring it!

The only reason I was hesitant to sign up for Savannah was because the race is so far away – it’s in November! I didn’t sign up for Flying Pig Marathon until I was two and a half months out. In fact, I was already a month or so into training before I signed up.  I guess I need to keep reminding myself that time really does fly by.. and before I know it, the end of July will be here… and training will begin!

I’ve been enjoying this time off from training greatly since the completion of my first marathon…simply heading out for unplanned runs with zero distance in mind, whenever the heck I feel like it!


In fact, just last week, I met up with my buddy Bobby (one of my future classmates in the UNC MPH PHLP program!) for a run that topped me out at 10 miles for the day. It felt so good to run a longer distance again. I’ve voiced to Ryan a few times this past month that I’ve actually missed the peace and quiet feeling that comes over me during a long-run. I know that once my new training cycle comes around, I’ll be more than ready to go! Especially if I’m already wanting to jump the gun and head out for a long run, like, right now.

It’s a good thing that the weather is so hot to hold me back. I’ll be spending these next few weeks taking it easy and embracing cross training.  Maybe even throw in a little hot yoga. I did buy a Groupon for it, after all – it’s time to cash that baby in!

How far in advance do you usually sign up for a race? If you’ve run a half-marathon or a marathon, did you catch the “bug” and want to run more? Do you have intense summer-heat where you are? If so, how are you staying cool?!?!



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17 responses to “What’s That, You Say? Another Marathon?!

  1. Nice! I would totally do that if I didn’t have my priorities elsewhere right now (ahem- baby making)! I know a bunch of people considering that race though, and my parents live close by in Hilton Head, so I’m thinking I may go down to hang out and spectate that weekend 🙂

  2. hehe I love how much you work on saving money! We are the same way. I probably spend an hour and a half a week looking for coupons.

    So excited for you!!!!!!!! I bet you’re going to love it!

  3. Hi Allison!
    I am so glad you wrote on my blog so that I could find yours! Congratulations on registering for another marathon, and for such a low price! Gotta love them bargains 🙂
    I am excited to read more of your site, definitely adding you to my blog roll and Google reader!

  4. Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

    Congrats on signing for another marathon! Great job finding such a good deal 🙂
    I sign up for races really far in advance. I signed up for R&R VA Beach in like January and the race isn’t until September. Signing up super early got me a free water bottle and box of Gu 😀

  5. akusdfhakf I ran in the 92 degree weather yesterday. In short, it sucked.

  6. For 5k/8k/10k distances I rarely sign up too far ahead of time, usually it is a day of type of thing. (I procrastinate.) For half and full marathons, I usually sign up about two months out. While I train for them longer than that, that’s just how far ahead I sign up…just in case I get sidelined by an injury or something else that I MUST DO comes up.

    Immediately after my first half marathon I wanted to do another one…which I did three weeks later. 🙂 After my second, I knew I wanted to do a full marathon. Literally minutes after I finished my first marathon I said, “Okay, when can I do it again?” My husband thought I was crazy. 🙂

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