Oh, Happy Day!

Ah yes, today is a “happy day” indeed.


Well, because a certain someone comes home today. You see, Ryan has been traveling quite a bit for work recently. He’s pretty much been gone every weekend for the past month.

In early May, he jetted off to NYC for a few days for work. Then the next week he spent a long weekend in Arkansas for his little sister’s graduation. And finally, this past weekend, he was needed in Boston and Rhode Island for work.

Talk about a busy month! By the rate he’s going, he might as well invest in his own private yet…

Huh, well whatya know...

Needless to say, Ryan’s absence means that Happy and I have had a lot of bonding time.

I must say, Happy will be one elated pupsqueak to see Ryan walk through the front door in a few short hours. There’s a neighbor in our apartment complex who has the same exact car as Ryan. Happy, being the smarty-pants she is, equates the “honk” the car makes when it’s locked (via the keyphob) to Ryan walking through the door. It breaks my heart every single time Happy hears that specific honk of the horn when my neighbor gets home from work, and Ryan doesn’t walk through the door. Although Happs and I have had a grand ‘ole time without the mister around, Happy isn’t truly happy unless both of us our home (or rather,  in the same room and within eyesight, ha!).

So what are some things the Happs and I have been up to during the time Ryan has been gone?

Well, we’ve gone on a countless number of walks to Freedom Park


Ohhh how I love the park!


What the *heck* is that swimming there in the lake!??


Quack quack?! Like I’m supposed to know what that means? Psh, y’all are just plain on quack…

We’ve caught up on some ZZZs on the couch (okay, maybe that was just Happs, as I’m a horrible napper.)




Geez, Happs, it’s a shame you can never get comfortable…


Was that a honk??!?

We’ve indulged in DVR marathons of every girly-show possible on the Bravo channel (Real Housewvies of New York/OC, anyone? I ❤ trashy Bravo television Smile with tongue out).

Such quality entertainment. (Ryan would be so proud.)

Happy  has received delicious treats from the neighbor pups.


Well well well, what a pleasant surprise!


Homemade peanut-butter treats? Ohhhh snap.

Happy LOVES peanut-butter!


“To Happy, thanks for being our friend! Love, Jameo & Loki"

Jameo and Loki = Happy’s idols.



Of course, the usual chores were taken care of. We are responsible, after all.


Oh laundry, you are never-ending…

And staring down the door may have happened a few times, as well…


I *swear* the car honked. WHERE IS DADDY!?!?

Breaks my heart…truly, it does.

So yes, Happs has done her fair share of moping around…


I refuse to move until Daddy gets home


Ears = constantly on the lookout for “the honk"

Luckily, we’ve been able to have a few Skype sessions.

Technology = good (...sometimes)

And last night, Happs put on her party-pants and enjoyed herself for a night on the town. She got to be my date to a little blogger meet-up at Menchies, a new froyo place that just opened up a few weeks ago. Happs got to hang with Brittney and Kelly (and her friend Thomas) again, and meet Katy (who was in town for a race — her second half- marathon!).


Brittney, Kelly, Me, (oblivious Happy), and Katy!


You shoulda seen that baby before he dug in, it was a mountain of froyo bliss!


Me and the half-marathon all-star…she placed second in her age-group! BALLER!

Since the last trip Ryan took (to Arkansas) was not for work, Happs and I got to act as chauffeur to and from the airport. So when it came time to pick Ryan up from the airport, Happy and I had ourselves a little late-night adventure.


Leaving to pick up Ry at the airport. At 11:04PM. On a Sunday night.


Personal taxi, at your service…

And this little one could not have been more excited…




schmaaahmigahhhhhh -- I FOUND HIM!

Because Ryan’s current trip is for work, Happs and I don’t have to journey to the airport this weekend. So when Happy hears that *honk* later this afternoon, it’ll be the honk she’s been waiting for.

And it will lead to this:


Daddy’s home!!!!!! (and Happy is officially giving the suitcase the “evil-eye”)




Don’t you EVER leave again!!!!!!!!!


Oh, and I made you something… read it!


"Welcome home Daddy!"




Yeah, I’d be makin’ that face, too…

(These pictures above were taken when Ryan returned home from his work-trip to NYC a few weeks ago).

And I’ll bet you a million homemade peanut-butter treats that a whole lot of this will be happening in the very near future…


I’ll never let go (even in my sleep)!

Now if that’s not love… I don’t know what is.

So yes, today is a very happy day indeed.

And the little pup is about to be all smiles.


Yes, this is a smile. And no, it is not being forced... (Promise).

Do you find that your pet is not content unless every member of the family is home? Does your dog know the *honk* of your car? Do you miss your furball friend if you travel a lot for work? 



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8 responses to “Oh, Happy Day!

  1. It was so great to finally meet you! Thanks for making me feel so welcomed! 🙂

    I love these pictures of Happy! Super adorable! Talk about a dog with a personality! 😀

  2. Rhonda

    Another delightful post….. love it!!! Made me smile start to finish……. still smiling!!! 🙂

    Love you guys,

  3. Aww this is too sweet! I don’t have a puppy:( but I can’t wait to have one in the next year or so…I just have to get out of college first!

  4. Haha, so funny! Clyde is the same way with Greg! Great seeing you last night. We are due for a Happy/Clyde playdate I think!

  5. Lilly definitely wants Tristan and I to BOTH be home…. most of the time, that is. However, this week we are doggy-sitting my parent’s pup, Bella, so Tristan and I are basically chopped liver! Lils could care less… it’s all about the BELLA! Playtime!!


  6. Aww Happy is so cute! My roommate and I are hosting her family’s dog Eddie this week at our apartment so he could avoid a trip to the Bed and Biscuit. 🙂 I love having him here, but you can tell he misses his parents!

  7. What a cute surprise from the neighbor!

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