Or not to HLS?…

That is the question!

Healthy Living Summit

To be honest, HLS (Healthy Living Summit, for those of you who don’t know the lingo) was never *truly* on my radar once I heard it was far away. I figured I’d have to buy a plane ticket to get there, and right now, that is just not possible. So when I learned Philedelphia is within driving distance from Charlotte (9.5 hours? 8.5 hours? Either way, that’s peanuts compared to my 12-hour drive to Florida!), I figured I might as well give it a shot.

So, that’s what I’m gonna do. (Because as you know, I love spontaneously signing up for things… like my second marathon this coming November!).

Along with probably about 8493853 bloggers out there.

Who knows if I’ll end up getting one of the 200 tickets that go on sale tonight at 8PM, but I’m at least gonna give it a shot!

UPDATE!!! I landed myself a ticket and will be Philly-bound come August! Can we say… EXCITED?!?!???? 

Is HLS on your radar? Have you ever been before? Can I live vicariously through you if  you end up getting a ticket and I don’t? 


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22 responses to “To HLS?

  1. Good luck!
    I’d love to go, and actually have the week leading up to HLS off from work, but am planning a summer getaway with T for that week. Maybe next year!!


  2. Exactly, if this year doesn’t work out, then next year it is!

  3. Good luck! I think it will be a FANTASTIC experience! I’d love to go…but the hubby says I should focus on school and he’s right. But I can still dream!

  4. Hi Allison – I saw your Twitter post and had to come and comment. You were so kind as to offer me Sanibel Island advice when I was planning my vacation earlier this year.
    I am also on the fence about HLS 2011… I attended last year’s conference in Chicago and LOVED it, and also loved the convenience of the location as it was a 2-hour train ride from my home. However… I am struggling to decide what to do this year. I think that I will log on and try to buy tickets as well… and if I don’t ‘get in’, then there’s always 2012. Plus, I’d really like to attend Foodbuzz Festival 2011 and should probably pick between the two.

  5. I’ve heard so many good things about it! I definitely won’t be there because I’ll be celebrating our anniversary on a cruise that weekend. But it sounds like it will be so much fun!

  6. Wow, you’re a champ to contemplate driving from Charlotte to Philly! I am going to drive from Columbia, SC to Charlotte, then fly my lazy ass up there!

    Did you get a ticket?

  7. I just recent;y heard about it and got really excited except then realized it was the weekend before school starts so I couldn’t go…I have a 7:30 am class on Monday and I can’t chance it!

  8. Congrats on getting the ticket – I think it’ll be worth it! There are so many amazing bloggers I’d love to meet…why couldn’t I have been on the wagon last year when it was in Chicago?! 🙂

    • saddddd i was hoping you were gonna be going!! I know, i didn’t have a blog last yr, but i was reading blogs at that time and I was totally wishing i had a blog so i could go (even though ppl w.o. blogs can go anyway… but you know what i mean!!)

  9. Aww I wish i was going with you! I can’t afford it at the time 😦

    • Come next year!!!! (And I say that as if I’m a fortune teller and know I myself have a ticket next year…) But really, I totally understand… traveling isn’t cheap! Perhaps the teleport machine will be invented by then?

  10. Glad you are going to be coming!! 🙂

  11. Hey there! Just found your blog via the HLS fbook page, and noticed you’re from Charlotte! I’m actually heading up from RDU (but flying, southwest deals are SO cheapycheapy).

    Excited to have bit the bullet, and glad you got a ticket too. Who knows, perhaps we shall meet and rep NC so hard in that city of Brotherly Love…

  12. Yayy! I’m going too, excited to meet you!

  13. And I am SOOOOO excited to meet you!!!!

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