Oh, Happy Day!

So in an attempt to keep it real on HappyTales, I want to rehash a little incident that happened this past week to showcase that I am not perfect, that Little Miss Happy is not always a sweet, little angel…and that yes,  Ryan and I do actually fight. ‘Cause um, newsflash? Shit Happens. And on top of that? We’re human (well, one of us is a pup…but y’all are smart and can read between the lines, right?).

Mmmhm. That’s what I thought.

Moving on.

This past week was overall pretty normal. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Ryan and I have been letting Happy have free roam of the kitchen area while we’re off at work for the day. Things have been going super well with our oh-so-stylish setup…

Remember this?


Straight outta Better Homes & Gardens

You know you like our stylish décor.

But… take another look at that picture. Do you notice the pink and blue things on the wall there?


Oh yes. That right there hanging on the hooks would be my blue visor, my all-time favorite pink visor (that I ran my 1st marathon in!), Happy’s pink harness for going on runs, and of course…. Happy’s leash.

Here’s a comparison shot of me next to the wall-hangy-devise so y’all can get a better picture of how far off the ground it is…



It’s nearly as tall as I am.


We’re talkin’ *way* up there

You’d think stuff all the way up there would be safe from the jaws of death Happy, right?

Yeah. So did I.

I think you know where this story is going…

Well, while we were both away at work  on Wednesday, Happy jumped up and swatted my two visors, her harness, and her leash off of the hooks they were hanging on. She then proceeded to chew them allllll up. Actually, she only gnawed on the pink stuff. She left the blue babies perfectly intact…




"I’m a surviiiiivor…"

Let’s just say… Happy’s got hopps.


Who? Me????

Ummm. Yes, Happs. You.


I sorry…

Ryan got home first that night and found the remains of all-things-pink. When I got home, he showed me what had happened.

Aaaaand… I cried.

Yes, I am a 25 year old woman, and I cried over a chewed up visor.

I know I know, I am completely ridiculous (immature? pathetic? all of the above?  don’t answer that…) for crying over a stupid visor. But… this visor was sentimental to me – I ran my first marathon  in that baby. I still have yet to throw it out. And really, let’s face it –this isn’t the first time “ridiculous tears” have happened.


Sooooo happy! (exclamation point x100!!)


Soooo sadddd

In fact, I can already tell you that throwing it out is not an option. Tatered or not, that visor will be sticking around. I’ve got plans for that baby. When momma Rice comes to town next (…in October, but at least that’s before Marathon #2!), I’m gonna pass it over to her so she can work her magic, just like she did a few weeks ago to fix Happy’s beloved Donkey. Then it’ll be good-as new, right?

Let’s hope.

(Also, I realize I could get all domestic and do it myself… but I don’t have skills like that. Yet. Go ahead and judge me on this little fault. I know—Ryan sure found himself a winner. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s just me and the ‘ole Happinator in a few months, just sayin’).

Oh well… at least my blue visor fared okay and is still wearable



But still… I gotta say, I was bummed.

Luckily Ryan still loves me. Ridiculous tears and all.  Or at least, he pretends to. (Whether or not he thinks I’m a nutcase? Well, that’s yet to be determined…). But my guess is that’d be a “no”. You see, Ryan has this thing about him where he strives to make things better. No matter what the situation is.

So when I came home from work the other night, I found this laying on the bed…



“Why the heck is the *living room* blanket laying on the bed?”

And then I went to remove said blanket from the bed and take it to it’s normal resting place…in the living room.

When I went to lift up the blanket, I then I saw this…


What the WHAT?!


And then I felt stupid. Truly. I did. Because some minutes after the whole visor/harness fiasco happened the night before, I realized I was being ridiculous (duh), and that, yes, the visor might be sentimental, but it’s just a thing. A materialistic thing. That can be (and was…) replaced.

Thank goodness I have my own reality checks. I guess the next step is actually sharing said reality checks… so that, you know, my loved ones don’t think I’m truly cray cray for crying over a freakin’ hat.

Sure, call me spoiled, whatever. I did, after all, detail my ridiculousness to share with you guys. And yes, I realize my reaction was completely uncalled for. Even if it is that time of the month for me (TMI? Oh well, this is my blog. Deal with it).

Dogs are animals… they ruin stuff. And I know that. But I just wanted to showcase to you guys that this girl ain’t no blogger-auto-bot, and I totally have my up and down days (and even times of day).

Oh, and the crying? Yeah, I still  feel bad for crying. I love my puppy more than anything. No silly visor (or harness) would ever be able to replace her if anything were to happen. Heck, we even have pet insurance to ensure that we can do anything we can if harm were to come in Happy’s way…

I promise I’m a good person.

And I know that puppies trump visors. Always.

Have you ever had a ridiculous reaction to something your pet ruined? Do you have pet’s insurance? Do you get sentimental over materialistic objects? Do you get overly emotional during that time of the month?



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11 responses to “Oh, Happy Day!

  1. Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

    I’m a really big crier – it’s kind of my go to reaction when something takes me off guard (not just for sadness/happiness but sometimes if I’m just really surprised by something and my brain can’t process how I’m supposed to react I end up crying). I can’t judge your reaction to your visor! It doesn’t mean you’re crazy or you love Happy any less, it was just a bummer and sometimes those tears have a mind of their own. 🙂
    It was really awesome of Ryan to get you new visors! What a sweetheart!

  2. I’m definitely over emotional and, though my pups have never ruined something of mine, I make sure to make up for it by crying ridiculous amounts over other silly things… like last night’s episode of extreme home makeover, or any commercial that involves the troops coming home.

    That being said, your visors are too cool and I’m glad you’ve got a new set!

    (sidenote: you’re the only person I know, other than my family and the family from 7th Heaven, with a dog truly named happy! LOVE IT!)

  3. Oh my gosh.. you are not ridiculous at all! We all have those moments; goodness knows I have wayyyy more than my fair share. 🙂

    Ryan was SO sweet to get you new visors! Guys are good at solving problems and seeing easy solutions. 🙂

  4. Gosh your mister sure is equipped to handle women! Max never knows what to do with me when I burst into tears 😉 poor guy. It usually startles him too because he doesn’t anticipate it very well..

    I think it’s funny Happy went for the pink stuff and left the blue. LOL. What the heck?

  5. Aw, sorry about your visor. We ALL have moments we cry over the little things, and sometimes when the little things are sentimental and meaningful, they lead to a bigger cry. I’m wondering what the deal is between the pink and the blue…and why does a dog like one over the other? 🙂 wouldn’t you like to know what was going on in Happy’s head while all this was going on?

  6. Don’t worry about this situation lady, I get crazy emotional over small things too! Like you though, most of the time I do realize that in the grand scheme of things, whatever happened does not matter very much. That’s so nice your man was able to calm you down, he seems like such a great guy and a wonderful person to balance you out a bit 🙂

    And and I am so NOT domestic either! I don’t know how to sew a button back on, stitch anything, patches, etc. I can bake and cook though so at least I got the food stuff covered haha

  7. No worries, I’ve definitely freaked out over puppy chewing incidents too! My sister’s puppy chewed my digital camera and sperry boat shoes…can’t stay mad at puppies for long though! 🙂

  8. What a sweet surprise, it was so sweet of him to replace the visors!

    I definitely get sentimental and hold onto material things. I feel okay with it. There’s some real value to meaningful items, and so far I’m not considered a hoarder so until then, I save things that mean something to me.

  9. Awww, how sweet! I’m pretty impressed with Ryan. And hey, I don’t blame you for the irrational behavior at all. I can definitely be that way, too. 🙂

  10. Oh girl, I hear you on the ups and downs. I have had some ridiculous moments in the last 24 hours. I’m normally so happy and bouncy, but my computer crashed and I lost everything. It’s been rough. 😦

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