Oh, Happy Day!

Happy Father’s Day!

I hope y’all have had a wonderful time celebrating all of the male figures in your life (because no, they don’t necessarily have to be *actual* fathers in order to be a father-like figure).

Case in point?

This nuthead…


I'm talkin' about the human, here

I’m not going to put words in his mouth, but I’m pretty sure Ryan sees himself as a “father-figure” to our Little Miss Happster. Of course he verbalizes how much he adores her, and his actions show no different. He’ll hop outta bed at all hours of the morning to tend to her if she’s whining/needing to go outside/having a bad dream, clean up nasty poop that makes me gag on the spot, terrorize chase her around the house and rub her head when she slams nose-first into the couch (because, um,  that’s totally happened… and more than once). Oh, and of course there are the countless number of trips to the dogpark… Yeah. I’m pretty sure that when the time comes, Ryan would make a pretty good human-dad, too.


Love bites

Plus, Happy absolutely adoreeeees him. More than words (er, barks) can even describe.


Ryan makes me allllll smiles alllll the time!

Sometimes I think she loves Ryan more than me. But I know she loves us both the same, because Ryan says the same thing about me when he’s home alone with her and I’m not there. He says she’ll stand at the door for who knows how long whenever I go out for a run, waiting for the moment I’ll come back through. Basically, our little pup is happiest when she has both of her humans at home (and in the same room…and within eyesight).


All under one woof.



On this Father’s Day, Ryan and Happs got to spend ample time together. I sadly have been submerged in lord knows how many research articles and clinical case studies, as I’m in the middle of a monstrous Epidemiology exam.


100% submerged. Someone throw me a life preserver…



Thankfully it’ll be over by Wednesday (hopefully… the teacher actually extended the duedate until Saturday b/c people were freaking out — but I’d rather just get it overwith and outta my hands ASAP!), so I’ll have my life back then. In the meantime, I’m sure these two will occupy themselves with even more bonding time and dare I say…. snugglefests?


Caught ya!

Seriously…what softies! Glad I have evidence of such a tender moment. They’d both deny this ever happened in a heartbeat.

Did you do anything special for Father’s Day to celebrate? Do you have multiple or unconventional father-figures in your life? Do you find Father’s Day (or Mother’s Day, for that matter) hard to celebrate due to hardships growing up? Lord knows I certainly do… but that’s another story for another day.



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5 responses to “Oh, Happy Day!

  1. Oh my gosh,,, Ryan and Happy are TOO sweet together! You can really see how much he loves her. 🙂

    Good luck on your exam, girl! You’ll do great!

  2. Rhonda

    Happy Daddy’s Day, Ryan!

  3. Meg

    Awww! This post made me giggle AND wanna tear up at the same time 😀

    You are extremely dedicated, smart and beautiful inside and out – and I know you’ll ROCK that exam sista 🙂

    LOVE you!

  4. Aww, Ryan and Happy are so cute together! He will be such a great daddy to a human baby some day too. 🙂

  5. Such a sweet post! That last photo of your and your little family is SO cute! 🙂

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