Oh, Happy Day!

Hey there, folks. Happy Sunday!

Hope y’all are staying cool Smile And for those of you who are in parts of the world that are experiencing mild temperatures, let me just say… I am  jealous. Because unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re pr0bably well aware that a good portion of the US is suffering from a horrendous heat spell.

Yes, I realize it is summer time. And with that comes hot temperatures.


I know. Go ahead and call me Captain Obvious. It's fine.

But you know what else summer brings, especially to those of us in the good ‘ole South?


Ohhhh yes. Humidity in the South is like none I’ve ever experienced. Trust me. I’m a girl with curls and therefore a walking barameter.


Sometimes... you just gotta embrace the fro.

Yep. It happens.

Let’s just say, the only other place my curls get this curly is when I’m at the beach. You know… at sea-level. Or on a cruise ship. (boats! Swoon).


A girl can dream, right?

Sadly, I am neither at the beach nor on a cruise ship, as I am currently landlocked (for the most part) in Charlotte. And according to my (curly-haired) calculations, the humidity has been crazy as ever this summer.

I’ve lived in the South for a good 7 (or is it 8? I’ve lost track…) years and I’ve learned that you simply cannot fight the heat. You just have to embrace it, and do what you can to stay cool from April through October (because yes, temperatures truly are crazy-hot for an extended period of time down here).

You know what this also means? It means that you pet-owners out there have the added responsibility of making sure your furbabies stay cool. They don’t have vocal cords like us humans to complain when they’re thirsty and whine when they want to come inside. So do them a favor and make sure water is available at all times.



The following are some tips on how to make sure you can keep your furbaby cool and hydrated during this hot-as-hades summer weather…

-Summer is the season for traveling, so if you’re hitting the road with the pupsqueak in tow, make sure you have a water-bowl on hand. There’s even some pretty handy collapsible travel bowls that you can tote along with you to keep fido hydrated during a hike or walk at the park.


We're talkin' high-tech here, people.

-Speaking of traveling, never (ever!)  leave your dog in the car unattended. Even if you think it’ll just be for a minute. Just.Don’t.Do.It. ExclamationPoint.

-Ever play dress-up with your dog? No? Well now’s the perfect time to start! Grab yourself a bandana, douse it with water and stick it in the freezer for a half hour or so. Tie it around your fido’s neck and watch your pup sink into a huge sigh of heat-relief. Heck, this sounds like a great idea for humans, too. (Hello, crazy marathon training long runs…).


Cool dog


Even cooler

22851436_51396ea637 https://i0.wp.com/farm1.static.flickr.com/119/299985464_54eb734fb4_o.jpg

Not so much...

-If your dog is primarily outdoor dog, consider bringing him inside during the heat of the day. If he must stay outside, make sure there is plenty of shade and water available at all hours of the day. Better yet, invest in a kiddie-turned-doggie pool and fill-er-up with the backyard hose. Your dog will love you forever. Promise.


C'mon in! Whatcha waitin' for?

-One word: ice-cubes. That’s right folks, something as simple as a piece of ice can provide cool and refreshing entertainment. Happy loves the damn things, and paws them around the kitchen floor like a wannabe hockey player. It’s quite funny. And if you’re feeling super-giving, you can even invest in toys that are made to be frozen. I’m sure they work almost as well as icecubes Smile with tongue out


-And one last thing I’d like to touch on that I feel can be over looked: walking your dog on pavement/sidewalks. Have you ever been to the beach at high-noon, kicked off your flipflops to dig your toes in the sand only to find yourself wincing in pain from the surprisingly hot, burning, sand? Yeah. Not the best feeling in the world… is it? So do your dog a favor and walk him shaded areas… or better yet, the grass!


Of course, this is not a complete list by any means. These tips are just a few important tidbits I thought I’d pass along. Feel free to share your own advice in the comments! I’m all about new and inventive ways to make sure furbabies are as comfortable as can be in this crazy hot weather.

How do you guard your pup against the heat? Has your pup ever suffered from heat stroke? Are you tired of this crazy heat-wave and ready for cooler temperatures?

[Added to note: Just realized this is my 100th post! Crazy.]



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6 responses to “Oh, Happy Day!

  1. Great tips, Allison! This is the only time of year when my little pup pants at the end of his walks. He loves it when I put an ice cube in his water dish 🙂
    It makes me BSC when I see an animal in a car when it’s warm out. I parked next to one that had a dog in it (it was super hot out) and I was damn near ready to break the window open/go into the restaurant and hunt the person down when I realized the car/air conditioner was on. Phew! (and I’m not a crazy person, I swear! haha).

  2. sara @ the foodie diaries

    It’s been so hot down here in Florida! Not to mention my hair frizzes in the humidity the second I walk out the door!

  3. I’ve been keeping Chloe out of the heat for the most part, but I did buy her one of those to-go water bowls!

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