It’s Training Season!

That’s right, folks! This past weekend I kicked off my second round of marathon training, and I cannot be more excited! I feel sooo refreshed, (both mentally and physically) after taking a few months off since The Flying Pig Marathon, and I must say… I have been craving some long runs.

This past weekend I got to quench my thirst with a nice and easy 10-miler.


BAM! 10 miles. Done and done.

Sure, it was hot (as hell), but it felt so.damn.good. And even though I started out in the early hours of the morning, I was DRENCHED in sweat by the time I got home.


Say it with me now: “dahhh-renched”

Thanks to my fuelbelt, I stayed super-hydrated. I think I swung by Freedom Park at least 5 times to fill that baby up. Lucky for me, I only had to pee once, even with all of the hydrating (TMI? Too bad. You’ll get over itSmile with tongue out. ) Sadly, the trusted porta-potty I’d always stop at during my last training cycle just a few months ago is no longer there. I was *this* close to popping a squat in someones sideyard bushes the woods when I caught sight of a bright-blue turquoise latrine down a small sidestreet. (Ohhh the stories I could tell detailing the places I’ve peed in public. The bushes of a certain  library in Australia may or may not be one of them. Don’t worry, mom. I’ll keep to myself so that you can continue to think you raised a civilized daughter.)

Anywho, the run went awesome and I can’t wait to “up” the mileage. Conquering double digits is such a rush for me. I seriously love this stuff. (Yes, pouring sweat and all.)

Another thing I love?

A nice cold and refreshing protein-smoothie. Ohhh yes.


The Goods

Throw all of this together:


– Greek yogurt

-1 scoop’o’protein powder

-1 frozen nanner (that’s code for “banana”  for those of you who ain’t down with ma lingo)

-1/2tsp xanthan gum

-1 scoop chia seeds

-Handfuls of spinach

-Oh, and a lot of ice was thrown in there, too.

Blend it all up…


You spin me right round…



…and enjoy!


And enjoy I did. And have been doing all week…because an awesome Swanson Health Products representative, Anthony, hooked me up with $25 worth of free chia seeds and xanthan gum to further enhance my smoothie experiences.  And my ohhhh my, this stuff is kicken’.

Let’s just say, my smoothies are now super-thick power houses, and I cannot get enough of them! I haven’t tried a smoothie with just one or the other quite yet, but I can say that I haven’t really noticed a difference in taste. I’ve only a difference in consistency. Annnnd I like it.

Another thing I like? The awesome customer service that Swanson provides to its customers. Seriously, have y’all ever ordered from them? They’re amazing. If you ever need natural food/health products, I highly suggest their company. Not only did Anthony handle my order like a champ, but he even answered my umpteen questions about their company, explaining to me that they’re a family owned business and sell a huge variety of products ranging from organic foods, vitamins, supplements and teas all the way to eco-friendly cleaners and natural beauty products. Better yet, they’re prices are way better than anything I’ve found in stores. Seriously. I’ve been on a hunt for xanthan gum for a few months now, and was finally going to bite the bullet and test-out a bag for fifteen bucks from my local grocery store. FIFTEEN bucks?! Yick. Needless to say, I talked myself out of buying it and came back home and tweeted about the ridiculous price. And that’s how Anthony found me.

And the next thing I knew?

This baby was on my doorstep…


Presents when it's *not* my birthday? Why, don't mind if I do!

…Filled with these goodies


My Goodies

So yes, I’m talkin’ amazing customer service here, people. And awesome prices (Get this. That Xanthan gum you see up there? Yep, Swanson sells those jars for about 7bucks each. Beat THAT local grocery store.) Needless to say, I’ll for sure purchase from Swanson again.

Do you have a Fall race your training for? Do you start sweating the second you step outside in this summer heat? Do you ever pop a squat in public places if you can’t find a portapotty? Do you order health products online?

P.S. If you have a blog and you’re interested in getting some free Swanson Health Products goodies to review, check out the Swanson Health Blog for all the details.




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17 responses to “It’s Training Season!

  1. Great job on the ten miles! It must feel awesome to get back into training. I’ve always wondered about xanthan gum but I’ve never made the jump to purchase it.

  2. I’ve gotten some of their stuff to review, as well! I’ve gotta get on that review.

    and YAY for your 10-miler!

  3. Damn, that’s an intense smoothie. YEahhhh girl!! Way to start off training season with a BANG!

  4. Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

    Nice job getting out and running 10 miles! I’m nervous about the 8 I have this weekend and you just hopped right in and did 10. You’re a rock star! 🙂

  5. Woo hoo! Yay for training!!! Can’t wait to read all about it!

  6. Woo nice job on the training so far! And I received some Swanson products as well and have been so pleased with them! You are quite right, the customer service is great too
    I tried protein powder (yum) and coconut oil, also tasty!

  7. Lynne

    I am just (and I do mean just) starting to jog/run. I was wondering where you got your fuel belt, how comfortable it is, etc…..It is so hot here I hate the thought of running any distance without water, but am having a hard time juggling an ipod, timer, phone, keys, water, etc….. thanks.

    • First off, CONGRATS on picking up running. Yes, i say running because anything above a walk is running, according to me! I understand your concern about the heat. I highly recommend finding a conducive way for you to carry water around. The type of fuelbelt i use is the “Spibelt” and it has a water bottle attachment, a pouch to carry phone/keys as well as little elastic bands (like, 10 of ’em!) to secure any form of energyGu (i prefer the guchomps). I honestly love my spibelt because it doesn’t bounce. At ALL! I wasn’t expecting it to work so well when I bought it, but when I wear it I hardly notice it’s on. I usually fill the waterbottle up about 5/6 of the way, and then just refill it throughout my runs. This leaves me with zero bounce. Let me know what you decide!

      • Lynne

        Thanks. I guess I will check into the Spibelt. I have solved the problem so far by just running so that I am never more than a block or two from my house, and I have water in a bottle on the porch. Since I certainly don’t run very fast, or very long (at least yet, how is that for optimism) this is working for now, but I don’t really want to run a mile by going around the block a bajillion times.

  8. I’m not sure an “easy 10 miler” is ever in my future. I’m slowly and steadily working my way up though. If civilized= not peeing in public, I may be uncivilized. We’ve all had to do it at some point…right? 🙂

  9. I’m on tap for an easy 8 tomorrow…by “easy” I mean running in an Alabama heat sauna with bugs for protein and snakes waiting to use me as a shade. 🙂
    I’m currently training for the St.Jude full marathon in December. I’ve got my eye on Savannah RNR half because that fits perfect in a cutback week on my training plan. I would love to see Savannah in the fall.

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