Chapel Hill-Bound!

You heard me right, folks. I am no longer in Charleston, SC. Ryan and I got back late Tuesday PM, picked up the Happster and immediately zonked out at home.

These past two days I’ve been spending my time working, laundering, brushing the Happster’s teeth (she loved it!) and squeezing in a few errands. Oh, and I fit in a 10-mile long run somewhere in there, too. Gotta keep up with that marathon training!

Now? Ah yes, now I am in Chapel Hill.

I am currently attending a lovely little orientation with my fellow Masters of Public Health- Public Health Leadership Program cohortians. Talk about a mouthful. From here on out, let’s agree to call it MPH-PHLP. Yes, much better.

I can’t believe this day is finally here… that I’m actually taking the next step towards my dream. In fact, I pinched myself when I woke up this morning, just to make sure this was really happening. All I can say is… I feel truly blessed.



I’ll be here through Sunday, much to Happy’s chagrin. She’s quite POed that I up and left after only spending a whooping two days at home. No worries, though, as she’ll be having lots of bonding time with Ryan. Pretty sure this is the first time ever it’ll be just him and Happs. This could be interesting…

Anywho, I promise to give y’all an update on our Charleston trip in the near-ish future. Seriously, you’ll want to check out where we stayed: let’s just say we pretty much had an old, historic home in the downtown area to ourselves for 70bucks a night. Cannot beat that!

And if you’re dying to hear more from me in the meantime, hop on over to Meg’s blog — she’s featured me today on her blog for her “Feature Friday” series! Whaaat a dollface for choosing lil ‘ole me Smile

Do you ever have back-to-back (to- back) trips? Do you ever get burned out from traveling? Are you heading to HLS next Friday? Yep, that’s right… once I get back from Chapel Hill, I work three days and then I’m off to Philadelphia for HLS!



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20 responses to “Chapel Hill-Bound!

  1. Ahhhh!! Congratulations!! That’s just the most exciting thing. I was driving through UNC the other day (my alma mater) and was thinking to myself “I wish I was just starting school here!”

    Soak it up, maybe I’ll see you at a tailgate soon!!

    • Giiiirl I am LOVING Chapel Hill!!!! Let me know if you’re hittin’ up Franklin Street tomorrow (as in Sat) night! It’s my last night in town! We hit up “Toppo” tonight (apparently that’s what everyone calls Top of the Hill?” Neat place!

  2. so glad you were featured on meg’s blog, your story is inspiring and you have so much to offer to the blogworld, cant wait to read more!

  3. I just found you on Megs blog! and I am lovin your blog!! 😀 Can’t wait to keep reading more!

  4. Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

    Yay, such an exciting trip for you!
    I can’t wait until HLS next week. So happy it’s finally here!

  5. Yay! I love those Carolina Tarheels!! Can’t wait to hear about your trip to Charleston and Chapel Hill. You will have to share where you stayed for $70. The hubby and I are ready for a little get away!

  6. I am not busy enough to have back-to-back trips, but I can imagine it would be exhausting! And yes, I will be at HLS….see you there!!!!

  7. sara @ the foodie diaries

    I’m so jealous, I wish I was going to HLS!!! You guys are going to have so much fun 🙂

  8. Congrats on UNC! Chapel Hill is the best place in the world, I always wish I could go back and do it all again too! 🙂 Go HEELS!

  9. Congratulations and enjoy your trips! It’s been a while since I did the back-to-back travel thing. It is fun but by the time you get home you are so glad.

  10. looks like you now need to buy my chapel hill wine glass since you’re official and allllll… 😉

  11. This whole summer had been back to back to back trips, it feels so weird that I am going back home in two days! Cannot wait to hear about the HLS!

  12. I have a travel-heavy month too! Chicago was last weekend and, yep, HLS tomorrow! 🙂

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