What I’m Falling For

Why, hello there! It’s been a while, eh?

I know I said I would recap my recent trips to Charleston and the Healthy Living Summit (and don’t worry, I will!) but, man… sometimes I wish there were more hours in the day! I feel like I’ve finally settled into a nice routine of work/school/life, and now that I’ve had a mental vacation from, well, everything… I feel inspired to update the ‘ole blog.

So what have I been up to these past few weeks? Oh you know… the usual. I’ve pretty much been busying myself with doin’ what I do best (that’s code for: chillaxin’, schooling, working, playing, Happying, running, eating, cleaning and sleeping. You get the picture, I’m sure).

So as you can see, things have really picked up these past few weeks since my two classes have started. I’ve already acted as moderator for both of these classes, so now I get to sit back and let my fellow classmates have their turn. I truly love this whole team-work collaboration thing that envelopes the public health field. Really, I thrive on this stuff. Interacting with others who are passionate about the same things I am makes my heart go pitter-patter over and over again. And being this busy makes me feel like I have so much to offer… so much purpose. Just wait, y’all. Just you wait. Big things…they’re a’coming.

Want to know some other things that are making my heart-a-flutter these days? Why, of course course you do!


Spill it, sista. I’m all ears.

-School. (duh). Yes, I know I just mentioned this above, but I am the biggest generk you’ll find.

 generk: gaa-nerk (noun)  1. a person who embodies the qualities

of a geek, nerd and dork, all at the same time.

                   My goodness, that Bertha Sue… she studies so hard! She

                  must be one of the  biggest generks I know.

(Note: a few college buddies and I made this term up. Obviously, we are the epitome of  “generks.”)

Seriously. Just ask anyone who went to high school or college with me, and they’ll give ya a big, fat “affirmative” on that one. Anywho, I am absolutely, 100% *loving* my classes. Sure, I liked Epidemiology and Biostatistics alright… but let’s be honest. It was a struggle. This new stuff? Health program planning and evaluation, global health issues, intervention strategies and quality assurance?


This is where it's at.

-The fact that my office has officially made the move to the main area of the fitness floor, and we are finally all settled into our new space. This was a big task. My wellness team is made up of 4 people: 1 fulltime, 2 part-time, and 1 full-time nurse, staffed by the local hospital. It was a lot to get us all moved up there! But we’re finally back in business, and I like it. Things are about to get a whooole lot busier. (Have mentioned that my Y has 18,000 members? Yeah. That’s just my branch. And there are 19 other branches here in Charlotte. Take a moment to let that sink in…)

-New things on the career/home front! Ryan and I spent a lot of time this past weekend talking about our future and what’s in store, and I could not be more excited. One of the things I love about Ryan is that he instills in me the desire to always want to do my best…to be my “best self.” Ever since I met Ryan, I’ve found myself reevaluating my place in life, and whether or not the things I am doing at the time line up with where I want to be and where I envision myself going. Ryan supported me 100% when I was denied from UNC in April 2010 (this was the first time I applied for the MPH- PHLP distance program – the program I am in today, thankyouverymuch). He let me cry on his shoulder, and he listened to me babble about a Crazy-Outta-Left-Field “Plan B. ” After talking through logistics, he supported me when I decided I wanted to actually go for this “Plan B.” He stayed up all night  with me, helping me finish my personal statement and application. As you all know by know, my Crazy-Outta-Left-Field “Plan B” turned into my reality, and has brought me to where I am today.


And that reality? Would be TarHeel Country.

Needless to say, the urge to reevaluate has hit me again. Ever since I returned from my UNC orientation, I’ve been itching for something. Something more. I left there feeling inspired, and that feeling has never left — it’s only grown. What that is? I have no idea. (Okay, so maybe I have a few…). This past weekend, Ryan and I took some steps to get the ball rollin’. And I’m excited for where things are headed.


These two = my biggest fans

-Fall. For obvious reasons. Summer was great (it always is!) but hot damn, y’all. There were times homegirl thought she was going to melt away. Now that the weather is finally getting cooler and less humid (eh, it’s all relative), I’m excited to spend more time outside during the middle of the afternoon…and not feel like I’m going to die. Plus, Fall is a time for apple-picking, pumpkin patches, and hay-rides… and haunted cornfield mazes(!!!!). C’mon. You know you love that stuff, too.


Take me to the land-o-pumpkins, por favor

-Oh, and let’s not forget that the Holidays are just around the corner! I know there’s a whole army of people who hate how stores usher in Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations so early, and sure…it baffles me, too. Truly, it does. But I really don’t mind it too much.


Those sleigh-bells are a ringing...

In all honesty, I actually kind of like the reminder that the festive season is right around the corner. And I may or may not have already listened to some Christmas tunes on my ipod (Nsync’s Happy Holidays is a classic. As is Mariah Carey).  I absolute *love* the Holidays, so the premature décor floating around the stores makes my inner-child want to jump and prance around.


Just like this.

-It’s RACE season!!!! Oh yesssssss. That’s right, people. I have just under 2 more months until my second marathon (read: only 8 weeks are left!). Training is going super, super well. I’m about 6 weeks in, and have had zero issues whatsoever (knock on 1000 pieces of wood). I think all of the strength-training and stretching I’ve done over the summer has really helped my muscles stay strong and balanced. And I’m sure all of the foam rolling I’m doing at the Y has something to do with it, too. I’m trying to make room in my schedule to cash in a Groupon I bought a few months back for some hot yoga, so I’m excited to challenge my flexibility even more.

Oh, and I have my eye on a couple of half marathons for September and October, so weather depending, I’ll be getting in some more race experience. I’m hoping to run the Davidson Run For the Green next weekend to knock out 13 of my 18 miles I have on tap (and do the extra 5 as a warm-up or cool-down). I ran this race 3 years ago as my first race ever, so it’d be really neat to come full circle and run it again. The other half marathon I have my eye on is the old “DowdYRun.”  This is the race that my YMCA used to put on for the past 8 or so years, however…this year, we’ve handed the reigns over to Run For Your Life. They’ve renamed it Rocktoberfest (Caitlin actually just signed up for it!), but the Y is still the main sponsor. This race is 2 weeks out from my marathon, and my training plan calls for a 13 mile longrun that weekend. I figure since I’m supposed to run 13 miles that weekend anyway, why not get a medal for it? Plus, I gotta represent the Y Smile with tongue out.

 Needless to say, I won’t be signing up for these races until a few days before. Sure, they’re smaller races, but race fees do add up… and if the weather isn’t going to be pleasant, well, I’d rather get my miles in on a day that has nice weather. Plus, I already know what it’s like to run a marathon in the rain, so I’m not worried about getting “race experience” in a downpour. Been there, done that.


and I can't wait to do it again 🙂

-New things on the blogfront. I’m hoping to give this baby a little facelift, and create a few new pages. (Anyone know of a ballin’ yet affordable go-to-person for a new header, and maybe some of those button things I’ve been seeing all over? I’m clueless, and need some direction!).

What kinds of things are you excited for this Fall? Do you ever sit back and “evaluate” where you are vs. where you want to be in regards to life? What action steps do you take to make changes? Any races on your radar? And most importantly, what is your stance on early Holiday decor? 😛



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28 responses to “What I’m Falling For

  1. Ah, I love this update! I love reading your blog because it is always so cheerful!
    I probably could be classified as a generk, especially by my husband (as he watched me make about a million notecards last semester). I have loved learning anatomy and physiology for my nursing pre-reqs, and I am currently not taking any classes this semester, and it’s kind of driving me nuts!
    It’s good to hear that your marathon training is going well! I just finished my first marathon about two weeks ago, and now I am itching to sign up for another one!!! Good luck with all your races girlie!

    • I know JUST how you’re feeling! I waited a month after my 1st marathon to sign up for the one I’m currently training for (they’re almost 6 months apart, 4 days off from each other!). And girl, *enjoy* the time you have off!!!! I know i am sometimes wishing for times when I can get home from work and *not* have to dive straight into the text books (hence, why i’ve been blogging so much less now!). One more year til I graduate!! 🙂

  2. Love the update. Sorry I have been MIA! I had a coworker find my blog so i had to change my blog and then I just haven’t been google readin’ it much. You have the sweetest smile – love the pics!

    Early holiday decor all the way! 😀

    Alex (previously – badpassenger blog)

    • Ohhh Alex, it’s so good to hear from you! Glad to know of your new blog (cutest name *ever!*)… hope your job is going okay! You still in TX? And how’s your friend, btw! (The one who was trying to get the position at the Y in Raleigh…)

  3. I’m excited for cool evenings this fall! I love seeing all the kiddies head back to school because it’s also a reminder that Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are right around the corner.

    And yes, I always seem to “reevaluate” my life and think of all of the things I would ideally like to do. So nice to see you doing the same and actually making it happen! Very inspiring 🙂

    • that’s awesome that you re-evaluate so often, too! I think so many people get caught up living in a passive way… and it’s so important to be proactive and actually go out and make the changes you want to see in your life!


    I can’t wait to keep hearing about your training. and your “Plan B.” and your holidays.

  5. YAY for fall, christmas, and race season! I am SO excited!!! I love the way ryan is holding happy over his shoulders in that picture!

  6. Im excited YOU are back with a new post!

    You seriously brighten my day! I love your beautiful spirit!!!

    YAY for fall and pumpkin everything!!!! xoxo ❤

    You are so cute, love the last pic, u look SO proud, as you should!!

    • oh my, that was probably one of the proudest moments of my life thus far — and I can’t wait to do it again in just a few weeks!!!! Thanks for your sweet words (and tweets!), your comments always always alllllways brighten my day!

  7. I am SO itching for Fall — I am ready for skinny jeans tucked in boots, baking with pumpkin, drinking (extra) hot lattes again, and then my fave holiday — Thanksgiving!

    Love the word ganerk 😉

  8. I am so glad you are back pretty lady… I always look forward to your positive posts! You have such a wonderful spirit and it is fabulous 🙂 I am excited for fall flavors, less-humid weather, warm days and cool evenings, Halloween… so many great things!

    • Aw girl, you are seriously so sweet! But don’t you worry, i have my down moments, too! I just don’t have the time to blog about ’em b/c i’m SO bogged down with school and work at times… so by the time I actually sit down to write a blogpost, I’ve usually had time to cope with things and find a silver-lining, Ya know? Anywho, I’m glad you’re still reading, even though I post on such a spontaneous schedule!

      And HECK YES for less-humid weather!!! Seriously makes me grin from ear to ear … like this 😀 x100

  9. wait wait, did I miss it? what are you itching to do? You and ryan got the ball rollin? I want to hear more! excited for you!!!!

  10. Liz

    I know Savvy Julie is awesome at blog redesigns, etc. She may be booked out a bit, though. But someone to keep in mind, for sure!

    I know I’ve said (or at least thought?) it before, but your optimism is purely contagious!

    • Thaaaank you for the tip on Julie!! Other people have mentioned her, too.. and I LOVE her work. Ryan actually just helped me redo my blog-header, so for now, I feel content and like I’ve had a mini-makeover. This should last me ’til Christmas.

      BTW, I always love your sweet comments 🙂 Glad you feel good vibes when you come to my blog, but on that note…i hope I’m not fooling ppl to think i’m all rainbows and ponies. I definitely have my down points (anyone on twitter knows this!!). I just don’t have the time to blog about ’em… and typically just blog when I feel inspired … aka, not when I’m feeling down. I think it gives me time to reflect/reevaluate whatever I’m feeling down about, so that I can make moves to get to a point where I feel okay again.

  11. I love the new header!

  12. I love LOVE this post! And the new header!!! And it is SO WONDERFUL that your man makes you want to be the best YOU 🙂 I think that’s what the term ‘soul mates’ refers to! 🙂

    I….have my first ever powerlifting meet coming up either in December or April, so I am SUPAH DUPAH excited for that 😀

  13. Lee

    I’m running that Rocktoberfest race too. I live in Atlanta, but am meeting a friend halfway in Charlotte to run it together.

  14. sara @ the foodie diaries

    ganerk = my new favorite word 😉

  15. love the new blog look! And I ALSO think Mariah and NSYNC Christmas songs are awesome btw 😉

  16. I totally hear ya about not having enough time to write on the blog! I am writing my dissertation and am so sick of being on my computer typing all day and night. I’ve been bad about doing posts that often.

    Your post also got me so excited for fall races!!!!!! Good luck on your marathon! I’m doing the Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon in December so I still have a few months to go…There’s nothing better than racing in the fall 🙂

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