Rewind: Halloween

Happy Halloween… November?

So… I had the best intentions of creating a Halloween-inspired post last week, but life sorta got in the way.

And then I told myself I’d put a post up this past weekend… but Pinterest sorta got in my way. Talk about a serious time-suck.

Midnight already? Whoops, productivity... out the window.

I signed up for that baby in August and somehow avoided wasting my very rare (and precious) free-time to “pinning” over these past few months. Well, that is… until this past weekend. I don’t know how it happened. But it did. And now I’ve pinned quite a number of things to inspiration boards. There are just too many creative ideas floating around on that website for my own good. Oh well. At least I feel, crafty? inspired? refreshed? Why yes, all of the above. And perhaps a little bit obsessed. But you know what? That’s okay. I have a feeling the website will come in handy at some point in the future.

Anyway, as you can see, I’ve been keeping myself plenty busy. And it’s a good thing, considering it’s my taper-time. Did I mention the Savannah RNR Marathon is in FOUR days? Because it is. And I am just itching  to get out there and run. Tapering = one heck of a mental game.

Yep. About right.

So… what have I been occupying my time with? Well, let’s see…

-Work (duh).

-Midterms. Enough said.

-Finishing said midterms and subsequently hitting the “off” button on my brain for a few days. What? You’d do it too. Trust me. Typing on a computer is not exactly my idea of “fun” after busting out  analytical papers on how to increase financial transparency within Local Public Health Agencies in hopes of improving sustainability…  and creating program-plans to decrease the incidence of cardiovascular disease among white males, 40-60 years of age with an annual salary less than $50,000/year. And because I let my brain rest for a few days (thank you, Pinterest), I am completely refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of my coursework through the end of the semester.

-Receiving word last week that I have been awarded more scholarship money for the academic year. My reaction: Homigod say WHAT?!? I seriously was not expecting this at all. Words cannot express how grateful/blessed/elated I feel.  And to top that off? I just heard back that I received a 98% on one of my midterms. Something tells me it’s time for a serious celebration.

What else…?

Oh yes!

-Celebrating the 3-year anniversary of when Ryan and I met (Oct. 23rd, if you’re curious…) by spoiling ourselves with a professional couples-massage (so.damn.relaxing), dinners out, late-night TCBY runs (we’re kinda addicted), and Redbox movie-nights. I highly recommend the movie “Hanna” if you haven’t seen it. Don’t worry, I hadn’t ever heard of it either. But it’s action packed and kept me on my toes. Bridesmaids on the other hand? Totally over-rated. Sure, it was funny. But I was expecting so much more from all of the hype surrounding it.

-Enjoying girly-nights in w/ the Happster because Ryan once again traveled a bunch for work this past month and found himself jet-setting all over the country.


Ima sleep RIGHT HERE. Because this spot, smells just like a certain someone.


So don’t you dare touch me!


He's the man


Markin' my territory.


That’s right, who’s Alpha dog *now*

Okay, so maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration…as Ryan only went to Chicago (twice) and Orlando (once). But still. I missed him. And Happy (obviously) missed him, too. All of that travel within the span of 3 weeks sure does add up to feel like a lot. Perspective, people.

And that brings us to now.

Thankfully, Ryan is officially back in the great state of North Carolina for the time being, and he got home just in time to celebrate Halloween! In fact, I had quite the scare surprise for him when he got back from his most recent trip to Chicago.

On the evening he returned, I was scheduled to get my hair cut. I went to the same girl as last time (seriously love Crystal!) and had the same thing done (dyed, cut)…except, it didn’t turn out the same way. Here is a reminder of how I looked post-haircut last time.


This time around, when Crystal used the hair-dryer diffuser-extension-thing… she was not pleased with the end product. I was one big ‘ole frizzball of a mess (ohmylord I seriously  wish I had brought my camera with me to capture that scene…). I wasn’t really phased by the result, though. I knew my “normal” bouncy, curly self would return once I washed it again back at home and let my hair air dry.

(Sidenote: If there’s one thing I’ve learned about curly hair over the years – it’s that you let it do it’s own damn thing.  I don’t even own a brush or a comb. Ryan finds this amazing).

Nevertheless, Crystal was not having my frizzball ‘fro, and point-blank refused to let me walk out of the salon looking like I had just been electrocuted by her hairdryer.

So what does a hairstylist in distress do? Apparently, forego said client’s normal hair texture and blow the hades out of said hair until a desired texture is achieved.

Annnnd… that’s what she did.

Crystal sat me back down, washed my hair for a second time, and blow-dried (blew-dried? whatever… this is not a graduate school paper, I know you get my point) my hair straight. STRAIGHT, people. I kid you not: I left that place with straight hair. Kinda perfect timing for Halloween… eh?

Anyway, when I got home from the salon… Ryan was already home. He was outside in the front yard walking Happy when I pulled up in my car. He smiled,waved and leaned down to pick up Happy as I got out of my car…and when he returned back upright, he nearly toppled over again by what he saw (read: me. With straight hair).

All he could say was “Your hair…it’s… straight? How did the… wha, whwhat in the?… it’s straight?” I died. Seriously, it was the funniest reaction ever. And the look on his face? Priceless. (SERIOUSLY.. why didn’t I have my camera on me?!?). But really,  I don’t blame him for his reaction. In fact, my straight haired self seemed so different from the usual curls, that I used it as part of a Halloween costume. Check it out for yourself.

But first…I present to you: normal person pictures.


Okay, so maybe not exactly “normal”…


But you get the idea


Yep, straight = a bit strange

Anyway, like I said, I incorporated the straight hair into a (really really cliché) Halloween costume.


Yeah. I know. How original.

BUT! I couldn’t resist. I was inspired by Happy’s costume. And because she tagged along with me and Ryan to Zack’s Halloween party… it just made sense.


Cowdog/bull/bronco? With Farmer Randy (according to Ryan)


Seriously now, who *wouldn’t* want to dress like me?!?!

And thus, I present to you… the Halloween Costume I threw together after work in about 5 minutes flat:


Cowgirl and her bucking…bronco? bull? cow? Happinator?


Oh what a loving beast that Happinator is…

Sure enough, my mighty beast soon turned into a scaredy-cat once we got to Zack’s house. Apparently Happy is terrified of obnoxious festive Trick-or-Treaters.




Shmeeeeee there is so much going on!!

In time though, she relaxed. This was our first time bringing her to Zack’s new house, and let’s just say, Ryan and I cannot wait until the day we have our own home. Hello, over-the-top festive décor, renovation projects, and huge fenced-in back yards (for Happy to roam, of course).



The boys. Doing their thing.


The guys did a pretty good job scaring the rowdy elementary/middle schoolers, and went “easy” on the little ones.


Little baybays. Playin’ it cool.


Julia: the official candy-passer-outer.


Job well done


Sarah: Eerie-Music-Player and Smoke-Machine-Worker Extraordinaire

Obviously, it was a team effort.

And of course, the fellas took the liberty in judging when to go “all-out” with their scare tactics (ie. creeping up to the kids, hiding behind shrubs, using “the rake”). And when a truckload full of kiddos stopped in front of Zack’s house, the guys went all out and even had the moms waiting for the return of their kids in the flatbed of the truck letting out screams. Probably the highlight of my night.


Creepin’ on the truck


So blurry… but so damn funny! That kid was RUNNING for his life! Screams galore.

I’m so glad I got to celebrate Halloween this year (last year I was stuck at home writing a paper for grad school). But… I am sad that Halloween happens only once a year. I love any excuse for a costume party. I just need to work on the whole costume thing.

Oh well, now that Halloween has passed… my sights are on even bigger and better things. It’s  *officially* the Holiday season!


Sara’s excited.


And from the looks of it... these two are, too

These next few months are going to be so jam-packed with fun, family, (work), and play.

First up? The Savannah RNR Marathon! T-minus 4 days, baby.

Did you have a festive Halloween? What’s your best costume to date? Have you ever thrown together a last-minute costume? What’s your favorite Holiday?



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18 responses to “Rewind: Halloween

  1. ahhh i love the straight hair girl 🙂 you look SO pretty! xo

  2. You’re hair looks beautiful straight! Very different though. I would kill for your curly hair. Good luck at Savannah! You’ll do great =)

  3. You look absolutely beautiful either way. I love the reaction. I remember when I got bangs – I went to pick up Anthony at the airport, and he walked right past me. It took him a second to even realize it was me!

  4. Rhonda

    LOVE your straight hair look….. L.O.V.E. your curly hair look….. nice to have options! See you guys soon!

  5. The hair looks really cool straight! I agree with the previous commentor, it’s cool that you have options- I wish I did! Looks like a fun Halloween! See you in Savannah this weekend!

  6. Cute Halloween costume — love that Happy was able to get into the act, too.

    And am I the only one who can’t get into Pinterest? I have an account and have pinned a few things but honestly, it seems really boring to me…

  7. I love those photos of Happy lolling on the couch. So . . . Happy!

  8. What an awesome Halloween! I only wish ours looked like that!

    And I think it’s awesome that your dog likes to sleep on the bf’s head — that’s what my cats do to me…too cute!

    The straight hair looks awesome on you!

  9. I love the straight hair! And btw go to target soon and get Happy’s costume for next year to the tune of like, 80% off aka $5ish dollars!

  10. Wow! You look gorgeous with both curly and straight hair 😀

    I love the photos of Happy too, bless her!

    Good luck for your marathon – you obviously have so much drive, determination, commitment and willpower. I know that will transfer from your fantastic grades to your marathon, and you’ll have a fantastic time as you always seem to do. I wish I had your sunny and optimisitc outlook on everything; it’s lovely to read ❤


  11. You have such pretty hair – it looks awesome curly and straight! I love it 🙂

  12. love the hair! and the costume 🙂 my favorite halloween costume to date has got to be the time a friend and I went dressed as ‘hamburglars.’ we basically wore homemade masks and glued white stripes to black clothing and carried around McDonald’s bags (perfect for burgling ;)). by the end of the night our bags were crinkled and torn and our stripes were falling off but we had a blast.:)

  13. Amy

    Your hair looks awesome, although it looks awesome curly as well 🙂
    Halloween isn’t so big here in Australia, but I made pumpkin cupcakes for work and bought big pumpkins to decorate the house. I even had candy and toys at the ready and then…no trick-or-treaters!
    Oh well. I’ll just eat the candy myself 🙂
    It looks like you guys had a great night and I’m glad you got to enjoy it and weren’t stuck inside writing papers again.
    Good luck with the RNR – have lots of fun!!

  14. I’m so glad you posted! I miss reading, but I completely understand how life gets in the way! …and how Pinterest gets in the way!!! I completely agree with all your Pinterest statements…my creativity has definitely been rejuvenated by the site!
    You look darling in your Halloween get-up and your straight hair! It looks like you had a great time!
    Good luck this weekend if I don’t “stop by” before then!!!


    no, seriously. you need to do it all the time. I adore it.

  16. Aww fun!! Love you guys’ costumes and pumpkins! And I adore Pinterest! Spend way too much time on there, haha!

  17. adorable costumes! I love Halloween!

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