December Babies: The 26th Edition

Happy Saturday!!

It’s been quite some time since I last posted. I know I said I would recap my post-Savannah Marathon shenanigans the next time I wrote, but… life has sort of gotten in the way. And because so much (SO much) has happened in these past few weeks, I just had to pop in and share. (But don’t you worry, I’ll recap the post-marathon activities soon enough. Just let me get through finals, first).

Moving on…

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but the time between Halloween and New Years Day is by far my most favorite time of year. And this year’s holiday season is no different. So far,the month of December has been treating me  exceptionally well. It’s hard to believe we are only 10 days in!

In fact, November was pretty dang snazzy as well. Ryan and I hosted family during the two weeks surrounding Thanksgiving — it was so nice to catch up with everyone. Ryan’s  Dad flew into town and stayed with us for a long weekend the week before Thanksgiving.


And just a few days later, Ryan’s mom and stepdad stayed with us for an extended Thanksgiving Holiday. They helped us cook up a storm in the kitchen for a delicious T-giving meal, and they braved the mall and snagged some pretty good Black Friday deals with us, too (and people watched, of course!).


Our time spent hosting family was so much fun, and so needed. (Sidenote: I’m not sure how this happened, but I somehow managed to stay on top of all my schoolwork while everyone was here. Let’s just call it a pre-Christmas miracle? Yep. Sounds about right). Anywho, I feel so at home with Ryan’s family, and am excited to head to Arkansas over the Christmas Holiday to spend even more time with them. (Don’t you worry though, I’ll be able to spend time with my own mom and step-dad come January, as Ryan and I will be heading down to South Florida to spend some R&R on the beach for a week. I know. We sure do have it rough Smile with tongue out).

In other news, I treated myself to a handy little new gadget. Some call it the iPhone. I call it…life-changing.

[I also treated myself to this new jacket. And took a picture of it with my new iPhone. Oh, the wonders of technology!!!]

Seriously y’all. This little iPhone device is unreal. I thought the Droid was cool, but this? Nothing even compares. Thank goodness for Verizon’s “new every two”… and a credit that popped outta nowhere. Siri is one BAMF, and oh-so-entertaining.

Also. I bought the three books of the Hunger Games series.

I’ve been hearing good things from a variety of different people, so I just had to dive in and see what all the talk was about.


This was not a good life choice on my part.

Considering the fact that I was (and still am) in the midst of “crunch time” for my school work, I knew better. But let’s be real. I have no will power. So even though I *promised* myself I wouldn’t touch the first book until I had all of my assignments turned in… I caved.

I read that first book in two days. TWO DAYS, people.

During those two days, I was supposed to be writing 2 graduate school papers, completing a group project… working, and getting the house ready for our second set of visitors. Because that’s what big-kids do.

So guess what was sacrificed? Oh… you know, just that little ‘ole thing called sleep. But I promise, this was not intentional. You see…usually, I read myself to sleep. But the Hunger Games books do not allow for that. They are just too damn good for you to want turn off the light and get some shuteye. They are the epitome of page-turners. I don’t care if you judge me for reading them. Because I was judgmental, too. And now?  I’ve completed the first two books, and am halfway through the third. I won’t be surprised if I’m done with the third book by the end of the weekend. Did I mention I’m in the middle of finals right now? Don’t worry, I got my priorities straight.

Speaking of finals… I’m actually completely finished with one of my classes – my Program Planning and Evaluation class. This class was all-around amazing. I loved my professors, I loved my group-mates, and the girls in my group were some of the best classmates I have ever had. EVER.

I am genuinely sad that that class is over. But it’s nice to have a little more free time. My group decided to turn in our final group project early (the due-date is this coming Tuesday, but we actually turned it in this past Wednesday)… and we’ve already heard back that we achieved a 99%. AND! The professors have dubbed our project the new “model” to showcase to future classes when explaining the project. Unreal. And to top things off, I just got word that the big individual paper I had turned in this past week for the same class received a 99% as well. Here’s to hoping this streak of good grades rolls over into my other class… At least I can see the light at the end of the tunnel – as this coming Tuesday is the last day of the Fall semester Smile. I’m so close!

Soo yes. As you can see, SO MUCH has happened these past few weeks. So much, in fact, that I didn’t even know where to begin with this post. There’s actually more to the story than this, though (oh my lord I WISH I could talk about it, but for now, I can’t go into it too much). All I can say is… that there are (most likely) some big changes on the horizon, and I am more than ready for it.

I am receptive to this change, and although it is bitter-sweet, I am extremely excited about it. Everything I’ve been through thus far has brought me into this situation, and I feel like it is right. I feel so content in life. Everything feels in place. Sure, I at times feel anxious, nervous, and unsure…but I mostly feel excited… and very optimistic.

Words to live by.

So, I guess this post is my attempt to “freeze time” and bottle up all of the emotion and positive feelings going on this little head of mine. I’ll make sure to update y’all if and when this change happens.

Oh, I almost forgot! There is another reason why I am so fond of this time of year—it’s because I am a December Baby!

Totally not me...

...but totally adorable!

That’s right, folks. Today, I am 26 years young.


Me and all my 26-year-old glory…

Ah  yes, twenty-six…it’s crazy to think, but back when I was a little wee one, I used to think 26 sounded so old. To me, people who were 26 had their shit together. They had a house of their own, a big career, nice car,  401K, marriage, kids…the whole shebang. Obviously, I have none of these things.

But you know what?

I am perfectly fine with that.

Like I said, I have a feeling there is change right around the corner. Change that is going to bring some amazing things. Change that would not have been available to me if the situation would have been any other way. So to me, it is obvious…. I am right where I am meant to be.

And twenty-six is going to be a damn good year.



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17 responses to “December Babies: The 26th Edition

  1. happpppppppy birthday!!!!!! glad you’re loving your iphone 🙂

  2. happy birthday! so glad you loved the iPhone 😉

  3. Happy Birthday! Definitely agree on perceptions of age changing over time. I’m 31 now and while I have a house, husband, and dog…I definitely do not have my shit together!!!

  4. Happy Birthday, Allison! I hope you have a fabulous weekend celebrating.

  5. Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful day and a great start to your 26th year!

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I thought for sure that by 25 people owned houses, had babies, and a job paying the big bucks. HA! Funny. But I wouldn’t trade my life either. I can’t wait to hear about all the big changes. Here’s to another fantastic year for you:)

  7. Happy Birthday! Good luck with all of your upcoming life events and changes!

    26 was one of my best years EVER — and hopefully it will be the same for you 🙂

  8. Rhonda

    Happy Birthday, Allison! So glad to hear you had such a wonderful day!

    Marty & I loved our very special Christgiving (combined Thanksgiving/Christmas) holiday with you and Ryan…. and, I absolutely loved preparing our Thanksgiving meal for you guys… it’s way up there on my “top favorite things” list, preparing a meal for people I love most in life. 🙂

  9. Kim

    I LOVE those books! I read them all in four days and basically did nothing with my life, so don’t feel bad haha. Happy birthday!!

  10. So happy you are doing well and I’m definitely curious about your changes! Keep us posted!

  11. “I am right where I am meant to be”
    love this post! I just turned 26 on Monday and I know exactly how ya feel! Happy Happy Birthday! Cheers to new beginnings and a great year.

  12. Happy birthday! So glad you decided to read hunger games, and when ypu totold me you were going to wait until after your papers to read it I knew you wwouldnt hold’out! Lol!

  13. Happy Birthday coming from one December baby to another. The iphone is absolutely fabulous. I just read about a FREE app called Songify on Hungry Runner Girl’s page. It sounds like fun. I just downloaded. Merry Christmas.

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